Wednesday, July 1, 2009

$ Richie Rich $

"Don't you sometimes feel like marrying a rich guy & living off on his expenses ?"
"Not that I didn't think of that one..its just now that I've decided to keep that option open."

I cried few days back ..all of a sudden because I realized how super jealous I am of some people in particular . Some rich people :P

I cannot digest the fact that am not having an opportunity to enjoy life the way I want to. And its sooooo envious to watch others making most of their times.I'm certainly happy for them as I'm close to the people in question here...but I'm still jealous.

Confession maybe good for the soul.
However its not helping ease the pain.

I can't wait to be rich. Who doesn't wanna be rich ? Thats not the issue.I want to be!

I've even built up hope on the basis of a family palmist's predictions on my life :P
I know its stupid to plan life that way.And moreover he can be wrong.Just like he said I'd get married at 22.
The latter one should turn out to be untrue but I have no complaints with the former one - being very rich :P

I do not want all the money in the world to brag about it to others.
I want it for myself . I have an exclusive wish list & I wanna make it!

My mum's sis can never stop talking bout the money she has :P Its so funny! I do not idolize her at all :D loll
And then totally opposite to her is my maternal aunt ..who is 10 times richer & yet she doesn't have an ounce of arrogance . She NEVER brags.
I love her for that!
And I love G too , her son. He is sooo unbelievably down to earth!

To the point now

To the $ Riches $

$ I'm joining your league soon $ :P


  1. hey you changed the blog title!

  2. Yup..'Many a little makes a mickle' was a bit too long :P

  3. u spoke my mind :)
    i want to marry a rich two ways about it!
    u know i believe money can buy happiness..who cares if its not 'lasting happiness'..

    money talks! it really does..

    Marry for money, my little sonny, a rich man's joke is always funny :P

  4. "Don't you sometimes feel like marrying a rich guy & living off on his expenses ?"

    # No never, I can't change my taste. I am born this way and I thank Heavens for that :P (I am talking about marrying a guy btw)

    "Who doesn't wanna be rich ?"

    # I think .. Gates, TATA,Birla,AMbani,Mittal ..these people told me that they don't wana be rich :D

    "I know its stupid to plan life that way.And moreover he can be wrong.Just like he said I'd get married at 22."

    # Arey those guys told me that i wud get married by 12 ..and i am 22 and single, Holy Crap !

    Ok on a serious note, I want to be rich and then you can marry me, ask your other friends who are interested too or You can get rich and I can marry you Or we both get married to rich people and then kill them to get the money.
    See so many options :D

    OMG .I don't believe i just typed these lines ..i guess this boredom has made me sick :(

  5. Aww..u'd marry at 22?..Ok gud, soon all yr expenses wud b a problem of som1 else :P..Can't really digest da fact dat u believe in astrology n stuff..n hey, hope dat "G" ain't the 'G.' I'm thinkin about :-)...dnt tell me u know her!! u lazy bum, try studyin n puttin in relentless toil to make perpetual money rather dan waitin 4 yr richie rich prince charmin (u neva knw of tom :'-( )

  6. => Swats
    Yup! Money buys comfort > which buys money buys happiness ;) & now I'm more openly able to confess that I want a rich guy :P

    => Peter
    OMG! lol! You're so funny!
    I'd date you if not marry you! :D :D

    => Candy
    Hey! Hi! :D lol bahut din k baad darshan diye apne! Shukriya :P
    I believe in astrology & simply astrology because my dad's a great astrologer ;) Infact I just do not blv but I completely RELY on my stars which havne't been twinkling well since few months :P so now am in confusion :D
    G's not the G you are thinking of!Jeez No! :D
    G's my hottest male cousin :P
    Lol you are right! I better not dream of richie rich.

  7. Actually...i can't marry a rich guy na!
    OK, govt. is making my way about, but i'm still the 'seedha-sadha' thype, u see...
    So, no two-way plans. And i dnt mind marrying a rich girl, only she shouldn't talk about her money before marriage. :P

  8. Being rich will be boring!for sure!
    Im not from lower middle class.
    but think what if you have everything at sucks.
    I love to work all through my life,yet the thing to be achieved should be like bone hanging out of reach for a dog running on treadmill.You can get it anytime,yet you work hard in desire that you will get it one day.But once you get it,you have chance of turning lazy.
    And,I will marry a girl irrespective of anything but love.


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