Monday, November 18, 2013


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This movie is so complicated a point it felt like a stupid TV serial. Overdose of drama and too much of revenge which was going haywire. When something happened , the rivals made sure they did the same and then ? You are left thinking what the hell just happened ? And what the hell is happening now? :/
Nobody cares to clarify things.

If Sanjay Leela Bhansali was trying a Romeo and Juliet , I question him - where was the romance dude  ? A love-lust-bullets story with non happy ending doesn't make it an eternal love story. He hardly gave any scope for the romance to bloom.

Deepika is very impressive. Her playful eyes , her clothings , her dance ..she's the blood of the movie. Ranveer was a natural too but for the first half of it with all the sleazy dialogues and the body language of a mawali , he isn't much likeable.

The dialogues are hardly catching. Infact very stupid at times. The songs in the movie which played every 10 mins - were hard to differentiate. :/

The sets are ofcourse too colorful. After Sawariya where the director stuck to blue and black , Ramleela is full of Red.

Ranveer and Deepika are so hot and so desperate throughout the movie ( I'm 100% they must have made out for real - they were so horny :P ) - wish the director stuck to their romance or lust itself because otherwise the movie was hardly making sense. Also ,  together they simply sizzled on-screen !

Rating : 2.5/5

Monday, November 11, 2013

I failed you.

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My music sir passed away a month back. I got to know about it last evening. It is extremely sad and painful to hear about his demise. I hadn't met him for around 2 years. I avoided or procrastinated whenever he asked me to continue learning. I always thought..there's always time. The same thought wrenches my heart with so much regret today.

Whats more hurtful is that I tried to contact him only 2-3 months back. In all the mess and negativity , I had found some peace and happiness with music. It was refreshing to tickle the ivories with my old notes. Almost nostalgic. And thats when I missed my teacher the most. I was just feeling restless and desperate to learn as much as I could and compensate for all these wasted years.

His phone was switched off. There was no other way I could contact him. I don't know why but I seemed to call him persistently for a couple of days. Later on I convinced myself he'll definitely turn up after Diwali.

And he isn't there anymore. I just can't believe he's gone. Like I could have done something had I been able to talk to him or meet him. I feel so helpless , so pathetic and regret not taking more efforts to  contact him just anyhow ..maybe through some old sources and students.

 But most of all..there is this burdening feeling of failing him as a student. He wasn't asking for much..was he? Only encouraging me every time to pursue music. When I made it clear that I wasn't interested in giving exams..which he really wanted me to - he coaxed me into singing. And I was all in for classical music. I wasn't getting trained particularly..but every now and then he would give me gazals and songs to sing while playing the harmonium. I enjoyed it a lot. Even today I sing and play those same tunes for some soulful connection I have found in them. And many more which I could have learned...

I failed him as a human being too. I hate to recall but the truth is at some point I disrespected him. I disrespected his sheer expertise and talent. I took him for granted.

It is difficult to find a teacher like him again. Someone so knowledgeable who would come home and teach. Someone who wouldn't be reluctant to adjust to his student's demands!
 He may have been poor. But he was so rich with his music.

I wish he had come home just once if he needed more money. To let us know he wasn't doing well. Somebody from his family could have told us..just one time! And we'd have done anything to save him.

I'm so apologetic but 'sorry' can far from justify the mistakes I've made. I wish wherever you are.. you forgive my nonchalance.
I wish I could have made you more proud of me.

I'm dreading to open my books and play the music YOU taught for I will sob inconsolably.

Its a huge loss to our family :(
May your soul rest in peace!

Learning music will never be the same for me...without you.