Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things have changed...

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Because we all have grown up.

The last time I had spent such a vacation with these bunch of funny idiots was when brat , Nik and Ankit were of my height.Now all three of them are at least 5 feet 8 inch tall.And I'm still 5'1 :|
That's the most basic difference with which I can relate to the two phases.

A lot of things have changed during these few years.I'm having trouble absorbing it.
To begin with  - Bubble is married.It still hasn't sunk in.

The wedding was superb but the food wasn't.That minimizes the length of this post as I cannot stick to the description of one of the most important elements of wedding ( the food - in case you don't get it ).I feel bad that I couldn't come online and write to my heart's content about the  excitement and mention the scandalous episodes.As of now , most of it has evaporated from my head.So , I'm not left with much to talk about , which is really sad :(

What is worth mentioning is the DJ party we had two nights before the marriage.It was the most awesome dj night I've had.Amazing tracks played over not making us stand still even for a second.
 I absolutely loved the way Brat danced! :)
The guys in our family were hitting on the girls from the groom's side :D Its funny given that few of them are already dating. ;)

My stomach dropped during the vidaai ceremony.I didn't cry because I was groggy and also because this particular ritual never makes sense to me.But to be there when every else is crying and the bride is so red-eyed...kind of makes you feel sick.

After the wedding , I extended my stay for more than a week.
We had in- house parties..which was crazy.
We went go carting after ages.
I went shopping -  after ages.
Worth mentioning - the Oreo shake at mochas.Its one of the best things of my trip.
We had silly discussions on nonsense topics which were hilarious.
The guys danced like maniacs.
It seems I wore the best sari.Got compliments for my outfit from EVERY ONE.I'm not exaggerating.
got a tan :( went swimming in scorching sun at uncle's farmhouse just 2 days before the wedding.The tan spoiled my mood for the rest of the days.I hate the pictures.Mine.

Away from the may madness...I spent a supercool time with my maternal family.
When everyone left , I cried.Felt like a fool for doing the same because nobody else was crying :|
That's exactly how sentimental  I am despite strongly resisting any display of my vulnerable side.

I had wished to scribble about all those things that have changed amongst us only to get it all out of my system but I'm already over it.I didn't even think much about it.That's majorly because I didn't have the time to think.I managed to live each moment instead of interpreting and analyzing.

Bitter sweet juggle of emotions.
Folds of difference.
Varied opinions.
Things may have changed.
The magic remains.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Awesome things

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Glad to have stumbled upon this page - 1000awesomethings

Am picking up my most favorites from the list.
  1. Dancing when you’re home alone
  2. When you learn a new word and then suddenly start seeing it everywhere
  3. The night before a really big day
  4. When you open a book to the exact page you were looking for
  5. That separate compartment in your stomach for dessert 
  6. When you’re in the fastest moving lane in a traffic jam
  7. Letting the waves bury your feet at the beach 
  8. Getting to the light at the end of the tunnel
  9.  Realizing you still remember your childhood friend’s phone number
  10. That one person who laughs when you tell a really bad joke 
  11. Eating the ice cream stuck to the lid of the carton
  12. Figuring out the plot twist just before they reveal it 
  13. Swapping driver’s licenses with a friend and laughing at each other’s photos
  14. Setting the new high score on a video game
  15. Walking on grass with bare feet 
  16. The feeling of brushing your teeth with a new toothbrush
  17. When the person at the store tells you the thing you’re about to buy is going on sale tomorrow 
  18. When it feels like the lyrics to the song you’re listening to were written just for you
  19. Finding something you lost a long time ago after you already gave up looking for it
  20. When batteries are included
  21. When the phone rings and it’s someone you were just thinking about 
  22. Using any item within reach to help grab the remote control so you don’t have to move
  23. When someone compliments your new haircut 
  24. When you get to your seat just as the previews are starting
  25. When you meet up with a group of friends and they stop talking to celebrate your arrival 
  26. Placing the last piece of the puzzle
  27. That feeling in your stomach when you go really high on the swings
  28. Popping Bubble Wrap
  29. Slurping hot soup on a cold night 
  30. When you arrive at your destination just as a great song ends on the radio
  31. Nailing that perfect move in a board game.
The list on the site is half way through.I've picked only a handful out of it and specially the ones that I found pecuilarly interesting + the kind I haven't read before.
Awesome , ain't it ? ;)