Tuesday, December 11, 2007


4 Cuppa coffeee [comments ]
I came into the blogger world more than an year ago & had a blog too.But I started deleting my posts one by one..and then I finally deleted the blog!
The one reason that I deleted the previous blog was that it envolved more of frustration & bitching 'bout the things I don't like.
I realised that whenever I read the posts - I felt miserable.
Its then that I decided to write more of events and actions rather than emotions.
And also decided to avoid writing anything that envolves me being upset 'coz when I read it at some other time - all the sad memories wind up!

So here I start putting my thoughts into words..the most exciting & fantastic moments of life ,anything amusing that come across ,anything & almost everything that I love 'bout me and my life..& so on...

Happy Blogging to me ! :P