Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Key words.

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I broke the screen of my nokia x6 :| Its cracked coz I stupidly kept it on the desk , quite close to the edge and it fell after a slight touch of my own hand! I'm worse than a diaster to my cell phone. I just can't handle it right , can I ?
My mom said to me that I shouldn't buy cell phone at all. And even when I do - not one costing more than 5k.
Others are making fun too.And I've been laughing along.
But the truth is - I feel very pathetic about it.
My cell's working in parts. Half the touch is working , and the other half is dormant.
That has saved all the tears so far.

Somehow I've also formed a new theory.
My phone was jinxed.
Zee never liked me buying it. She told me I should have got a BB.
And she has been constantly asking me to sell x6. Looks like her wish is soon going to be executed :O

Anyhow..this is certainly not how I would have liked the curtains to drop for this year.I've been tagging it as the worst thing to happen to me.
but  hey..a joke there too. "Not yet...4 more days to go."
Ya right , as if am gonna break it into two pieces.

But ofcourse , there's a point.
4 more days to go.
And a lot can happen.

Rewinding this year minus the 4 days to come.. here's a snapshot of the things I reckon the most , of the lessons I will never quite learn :P

Each word is a key to locked stories which links to other doors.
Its an ocean of flashback for me.
A lot of keys haven't been put in this box. I don't have the energy to edit this now.As simple as that huh

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hell and Heaven

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 Hell & heaven are two most commonly used words or phrases.
On an average cursing involves sending someone to hell as if it were allowed and feasible by law.
And heaven covers picturesque beauty , scrumptious food , chocolates , friends & all the stuff that one finds pleasant.

Now coming to the actual meaning of these two imagined destinations , popular mostly through various religions which define them exponentially - there's a hell lot of stuff that you gotta be knowing!

So I'm quoting through my religion.[Hindu] One of our religious books which I read a couple of months back..describes hell so badly that for a moment I didn't want to belong to my religion. Its scary even if there's no proof of grantee of  your ticket to hell.

And then there was this whole list of what happens if you commit a sin.What happens in hell that is.
I can't point out a lot from what I read  - all I can say is it scared the hell out of me!

Strangely there's no major description as to what awaits you in heaven!

Back in Aug when I'd been to Mathura..we went to this temple where there were paintings all over the wall with one part talking about sins and the other its repercussions.
There was the usual..with what if you lie , what if you kill animals and eat ( two monsters roast you ; possibly just in the same way you had your barbecue )
The funny part is there was something about what happens if a wife mis-treats her husband!  and of course what if the husband mistreats his wife. Equal rules.
Then quite surprisingly - there was one painting talking about infidelity. First time I've seen or read anything close to that in my religion!

Ok so the whole point I'm trying to make is - none of us are saints! We all have our share of minor sins and we all somewhere have also done something good to someone else. So where does that put us ? I mean..hypothetically if we were to be send to one of these , where would we go ? Stranding between hell & heaven , I guess ? I know nobody knows how much of this is applicable. I mean all these talks are obviously a result of hundreds of thousands of old stories. And then nobody comes back to confirm any of it either! But I feel such kind of stories were made & written so that people were afraid of committing 'sins'. Which nobody to this day is!  If lying or eating non veg food is sin...then hell ought to be large enough ;)

I'm not 'superstitious' or supremely religious. This was something I had always been thinking of.
In my opinion , the concept of hell and heaven is just overrated.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Surviving 'our' party!

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I'm back from a sexy party which was at my uncle's farmhouse.
Sexy as in not 'sexy'.
Sexy for the awesomeness and the fun :D
Ok you do get it..I just wanted to fit that word somewhere in my write up , lol

It was just  a family affair . . . full of surprises and warm wishes.
So it was the 25th wedding anniversary of my maternal uncle and aunt. Their two sons and fastest friend took the initiative to make a video of about one hour ; recording clips from most of the family members and close friends without the couple ever getting any hint of it.
There was a chain of admiration , love , praises & a pinch of humor  for the wonderful couple in that small film titled ' 1985 , A Love Story'
The video editing was fantastic!

And just like in movies..some of the rough unedited clips were rolled out during credits. :D It was hilarious!!
Worth mentioning - the first credit
Make up
By themselves

lol :D

I wonder when we would learn to click a lot of snaps!  I'm usually the most devoted shutterbug :P
But nobody listens to me..and the clicking is delayed for no good , the end result being sulking over an almost empty folder.

That night we stayed awake till 6 in morning. Uptil 2.30 -3 - the elders were along with us too. Then they made a wise decision of moving out so we could have our hookah session :P

These mini slumber parties that we cousins have are  funnier than barrels of monkeys.
Ocean of madness.Limitless insults.Filthiest jokes , lol and of course harmless ( so far ) Hangover.
I survived the last party :D That's how I'm now a member of this coveted club. *smugs*