Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Statement of Affairs...'08

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Liabilities + losses
  • Studies ? The first one ..of course.. Accounts!!!
  • Tax , law, audit..audit sucks
  • Reads - long list
  • Re-inventing music { I hardly remember my previous learnings.By now I've learned 18 Raag out of which there's just ONE which I can play even in deep sleep.I do not sing.Though I really should.And I badly need to be thorough with all that I've been learning }
  • Movies - Rock on, Fashion, Dostana :(( & a dozen foreign flicks.
  • Cooking
  • Dance pe chance {One of my friend's learning belly dancing & I ?? I haven't even started with Salsa!}
  • Loss of frastrack watch
  • Study study study
  • Be good to Bubble. She is good.I've been real mean to her
  • project..on environment lol
  • Coll assignments
  • Old broken cell phone
  • Master plan execution
  • Chess
  • Skydiving
  • Driving [ I still panic ...err ]
  • Maths *glares* Oh yeah maths!
  • Exam is a liability as well.
Assets + Gains in terms of fun
  • New cell phone! {Murphy's Law or any of those Irony Laws - I knew once I'd buy a cell phone ..within weeks something better would launch..something I'd been looking for.So I bought express music 5310 & few weeks later I got to know about the touch screen express music model releasing in Jan hell with you @ laws }
  • Digi cam | Usage -> Not bad
  • Handy Cam | Usage -> Poor Less Depreciation *Warning* Asset turning into a showpiece.
  • I-pod Less Depreciation--> Back-light dead | Condition - Still usable
  • Electronic Dictionary { doesn't work anymore }
  • Mauritius Trip ;) Para sailing , sea walk , walk with LIONS
  • Close Friends
  • New Home smugs
  • The wedding@ Lonawala
  • Shopped wearable clothes
  • Shopped unwearable clothes to be worn after shedding off a few extra pounds
  • Family re-union
  • Black stilettos ..I love them
  • 2 new pairs of Sport shoes one in total black ; the other white + blue
  • Stipend Sad story
  • Cash/Bank savings
My Balance Sheet does not tally.Not only because I'm weak in Accounts talk bout pursuing CA but also because this year has been a sad waste.
I want to do something creative.I want to become a good CA.But I'm going nowhere because I'm not studying.Because I'm lagging behind.Because I keep on postponing.
No resolutions.My liability says it all.
Hope the next year is constructive.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


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I spoilt my x-mas.
Went to a nearby club which although arranges a party for kids , has the maximum no. of teenagers.I did not wish to go anywhere this year.Not even Church.But then at the last moment , I thought of going to this club...just for the food they provide.Its delicious! Too tempting to let go.
But the food was the worst I had this year.Worse than the Indian food we ate in Mauritius .
On top of this , the party was such a kiddo freak type.There were just bees of kids around running from once place to another.And some stupid games arranged for them.
The music I'll blame the DJ..who probably didn't have the sense not to play a song like 'I wanna F you' on X-mas Party.So loud.So clear.Nobody was deceived.
The crowd was disappointing.I mean there should have been at least one cute guy around ??
My bad , none!
I joined some 15 yr olds for dance.That was the stupidest thing I could have done.I should have sticked to the fact that I was there only to eat the food.But I danced! Like hell I did! grrrr! Thankfully nobody my age whom I knew was would have been embarrassing otherwise.

The funniest thing was that the children tore Santa's clothes :P lol!
And what I found much more funnier was that these 15 yr olds consider them self the queen & king of the world.I wanted to slap one or two of them .We weren't so silly at 15 , you crack brained young adults! :P
I seriously was in the wrong place at the wrong time.With wrong music , wrong food , wrong guys & a miserably wrong Santa.

Not my way of celebrating X-mas.Next year I'm staying home. :X

Monday, December 22, 2008

All that jazz..

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=>So after all the family re-union & stuff , I'm receiving shocking news about few people I know.On one side I was so happy & on the other I'm nothing but SHOCKED.Not dumbstruck.No nervousness.No kind of rage. Just a light side of shock.

Its about the two-faced people. :|
Its sad.I feel sad for them.

All I need now is a pool of money to spool them up with!
Can't wait for life to give an opportunity to enable me to shower money on some...some...yeah those people.Those really cruel ones.Snake in the grass!

Vengeance !

=>Prayers !! I'm losing faith in I not ?? I have to make myself pray.It doesn't come naturally any more.Or may be I'm just too ashamed to ask him for anything.

=>Diabetes has started its work.Attacked my dad's eyes.
I've become stone-hearted.I somehow wanted to feel my pulse racing.I wanted to cry.
But it didn't happen to me!
Have I become too selfish ? Or is it just that I was sure every thing's gonna be fine ?

=>Even though I haven't started earning yet ..not even my bloody stipend , I've decided what I'm gonna do with my first pay & all that follows.
Donate to a Diabetes research centre.
That won't be much but haven't we heard of the phrase...Many a little makes a mickle ;)

=>I'm going to be a great cook! No more postponing now.I need to get started with cooking.Its gonna be lots of fun.I loved making tomato soup yesterday. Chopping is fun too :P

=>I hate braggarts.But I hate over smart people more.Stay away you fools!

=>I've started working out finally! I had decided to work out somewhere in the month of April but then being me what I am , I kept it for some 'later' day.
Its good to sweat out.Its even great to have a feeling of guilt while gulping a molecule of sugar.

- Time to look for a good choreographer.I want to dance in the next wedding!! -

Monday, December 15, 2008

United We Stand!

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Blood relations are happy, healthy & strong.No matter what happened , & what could have happened - together we create a sea of twinkling contentment & joy. I never thought or even wanted to think of the time we could be together but now that we are feels like routine.Its been 4 years now that we had stopped all possible communication with my second elder uncle & their family.Correction* - They cut off all kind of contact with us. Reason still unknown.But thats not important.The good thing ..the great thing..they are back :)

Its going to take a lot of time for the ice to break between my parents & my uncle & aunt.But for my two sisters & me , it couldn't be a problem.12 years of togetherness + the 2 yrs of fun that we'd had after separation , overshadowed 4 years of abandonment.
I don't wish to know why they did what they did.I appreciate what they have done now.Past is dark , hurts & induces rage among us but the present & the future prospects are just equally bright.I love my sisters as much as I did anytime before & its great that we don't have to wait for any common event where we could be together & talk endlessly.

I went for dinner at their place after 4 years & it seemed like just yesterday when I was last there.
Thats blood relation...fragile but healthy.
We talked , laughed till our stomach started crunching.Priyanka & I can go laughing about any damn silly thing.Sometimes we laugh in silence as well.
Thats blood relation - sappy & happy.
We shared secrets.Yes , after a long time.I'm the listener ..always.So basically Priyanka spoke her heart out.And others too just generally discussed a lot of things.
Thats blood relation...strong enough to have an automated trust system.

I'm happy.Not overjoyed as I didn't ever expect that the coldness between us would never end.I somehow knew we all are going to be together once again :)
I had a wonderful time being with everyone.It was our new home's vastu pooja on the 12th.And the entire occasion passed peacefully & joyfully.Thanks to my 4 first cousins.And of course a special thanks to my sweet little brother who has been the bridge & key element in uniting our family.

The importance of big family is realized only in its presence.It gives a feeling of pride , strength & confidence.Lots of happiness & support alongside.Thank you so much all of you!! I'm so excitedly looking forward to spending time with all of them again.
In fact what could have been a better start than 24 of us going together for a late night show ? :P Yup , we watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.Now as far as the movie is concerned ..I just kept laughing all the time as I was sitting next to priyanka.This younger taller sister of mine is crazy.Prachi is never done with her sarcasm.She's funny too.My cousin elder brothers also have the best damn sense of humor on this earth.Complete package of fun :)

I finally bought a cell phone as well.After almost 2 months lol.Thats icing on the cake!