Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Statement of Affairs...'08

Liabilities + losses
  • Studies ? The first one ..of course.. Accounts!!!
  • Tax , law, audit..audit sucks
  • Reads - long list
  • Re-inventing music { I hardly remember my previous learnings.By now I've learned 18 Raag out of which there's just ONE which I can play even in deep sleep.I do not sing.Though I really should.And I badly need to be thorough with all that I've been learning }
  • Movies - Rock on, Fashion, Dostana :(( & a dozen foreign flicks.
  • Cooking
  • Dance pe chance {One of my friend's learning belly dancing & I ?? I haven't even started with Salsa!}
  • Loss of frastrack watch
  • Study study study
  • Be good to Bubble. She is good.I've been real mean to her
  • project..on environment lol
  • Coll assignments
  • Old broken cell phone
  • Master plan execution
  • Chess
  • Skydiving
  • Driving [ I still panic ...err ]
  • Maths *glares* Oh yeah maths!
  • Exam is a liability as well.
Assets + Gains in terms of fun
  • New cell phone! {Murphy's Law or any of those Irony Laws - I knew once I'd buy a cell phone ..within weeks something better would launch..something I'd been looking for.So I bought express music 5310 & few weeks later I got to know about the touch screen express music model releasing in Jan hell with you @ laws }
  • Digi cam | Usage -> Not bad
  • Handy Cam | Usage -> Poor Less Depreciation *Warning* Asset turning into a showpiece.
  • I-pod Less Depreciation--> Back-light dead | Condition - Still usable
  • Electronic Dictionary { doesn't work anymore }
  • Mauritius Trip ;) Para sailing , sea walk , walk with LIONS
  • Close Friends
  • New Home smugs
  • The wedding@ Lonawala
  • Shopped wearable clothes
  • Shopped unwearable clothes to be worn after shedding off a few extra pounds
  • Family re-union
  • Black stilettos ..I love them
  • 2 new pairs of Sport shoes one in total black ; the other white + blue
  • Stipend Sad story
  • Cash/Bank savings
My Balance Sheet does not tally.Not only because I'm weak in Accounts talk bout pursuing CA but also because this year has been a sad waste.
I want to do something creative.I want to become a good CA.But I'm going nowhere because I'm not studying.Because I'm lagging behind.Because I keep on postponing.
No resolutions.My liability says it all.
Hope the next year is constructive.


  1. interesting...!
    u r absolutely rite. accounts really sucks....

  2. You lost more stuff and gained less :P *sigh*


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