Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Extra Attention'

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 Its tough to impress dad. I don't make much of an effort to get noticed ..but somewhere I'm desperate for him to appreciate & acknowledge ONE damn thing that I've done or  that I do.
OK I'm aware there isn't anything *very* impressive about me either . .  .but only so much for my creative inputs!!

I still follow what he says...'you don't need certificates from need to certify yourself..that's more important' 
But I demand to know what harm would a little active encouragement do ?

And he asks me why do I need extra attention ?!
Booom boom boom!

Of all the things that I dislike the most is that he NEVER appreciated my music skills.
My music sir may praise me , tag me fav & talented student ( which I genuinely feel is an exaggerated form of encouragement ) but dad ?!?


Whats more annoying & hurtful is when he declares I'm yet to have proper sense of music.
Where as I'm good enough! I know that because I can feel it in every beat of my heart when I play it!
I know how to play , what speed to play with...and I can harmonically balance the taal and raag. That's what sir has always appreciated me for!!

Agreed..I stopped giving music exams. I haven't learnt a new raag since two years. But I still enjoy playing whatever I've learnt. And I am pretty good at it!


I've given up on this episode though. I avoid touching the piano or harmonium when he is around.
I like to play when I'm alone. Without any listeners. Without being judged. ( Except if its appreciated :P )
Just for myself.

Wow! And do I even need to mention the power of music ? Its splendid!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Leave the leftovers.

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~ Never get sentimental with guys. Its just not their cup of tea!

~ You give great advice. Only problem : 'you' never stuck to it all your life :P

~ Your friends really 'understand' your way , the complications you web around when you least expect them to.However they just don't GET some simpler to understand issues you put across.

~ One must have a heart-to-heart talk once in a while. It doesn't guarantee a solution.But the entire matter suddenly seems to be washed :
shot ,
into the grave.
So much relief!

~ Never interfere in a verbal fight. If you cannot stop the feud -- at least do not attempt to pacify. The quarrelers can deal it their way ; in whichever way & get things back to normal without your help.

~ Its OK to be a bitch sometimes. There is absolutely no need to apologize.

~ When there is no guilt . . . it doesn't necessarily mean something done/said was not wrong.
Likewise , when there is guilt . . .it doesn't mean something done/said was not right.
Right or wrong doesn't matter sometimes. Nor does guilt . If you've strongly felt for something - just do it & be content with it.

~ Procrastination is like diabetes. No cure. YET you keep hogging on the sweets.Its only after you have a mild heart attack that you realize you must really get into action.

~ Haven't read anything compelling since ages which with its words would holler "Lets get lost"

~ Chocolates are freakishly therapeutic.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pyaar Ka Punchnama ;)

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First of firsts : Girls are not like girls made to see in the movie!
I agree there are the ones who JUST want to shop & who bicker ALL the time.
Then there are also the ones who treat guys like puppies or turn them into one.
And the third kind who change boyfriends like buses :P
( In fact at numerous instances I personally felt the urge to slap the three girls in the movie since the guys weren't doing the same :| )

But not EVERY girl falls into the above mentioned categories.
But anyhow..the movie really is more about the 'space issue' that today's gen face. And how a guy's single status beats the mingled one :D

The movie is FUN! The dialogues are hilarious. Although most of them mock women or woman's behavior . . . but given to the storyline & all fits too well!
The trailer seemed too promising. The movie does slack a little in the 2nd half. . . but there is no way you can miss out the 10 minute monologue from the character 'rajju' ! :D  Its freaking funny! :D
I liked all the male actors. Very natural with the acting.
Just go & enjoy this movie!


I also happened to see Pirates of Caribbean : On Stranger Tides today itself :D

Jack Sparrow is all you want to see this movie for!

Not much of action.

And story..well who cares about the story of fantasy-adventure films anyway ?!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For my Soul Sister

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My dearest Sugar Free . .

We've come a long way...

...from playing hopscotch to fighting to secure the 'queen's chair' on dining.

From forcing you to eat sweets to skillfully coaxing you to reveal your secret shopping places :P

From the endless jokes that we cracked  to the inexplicable conditions we never complicated.

 From the secrets that we shared to the trust that we built rock solid.

From my non stop grumblings to your endless patience.

From our mutual complaints to that smile & charm that never diminishes your zeal.

In between and among all this... what has always remained untouched & uncorrupted  is our

unconditional love.

And I just want you to know that -
You are not just my sister. You are my soul sister.
I heart you. I miss you. And I absolutely love being around you.
The bond that we share is overwhelming.
There are no explanations ..and no demands in our relation.
Silence between us is comfortable...
Wait....for that matter...there is NO silence when we are together :P

I like how you console me.How you never judge me.
How you never give up on my rants. How you always manage to make me smile.
How you take my place of being 'elder' and support me.

 Its my previlege & great luck to have you in my life.
Stay the way you are ..always.And also always stay with me :)

And please learn to be punctual :P

***  Happy Twentieth Sugar :)
Won't force you to eat cake today :P
It'll truly be your sugar free day :P Giving you just one opportunity  in the whole damn year ..:D
make the most of it :D lol ;)

Love you lots :))

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No time for time

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3 days without the internet and it feels good.
I had no time. And I like it when I don't have time.
Playing monopoly till wee hours in the morning.
Watching the A.R.Rehman concert live. ( poor arrangements :-| )
Eating as if I was starved.
Straightening things out.
Making efforts to be good .
Pretending to be happy.

Almost in a state of trance. 

Sometime long back...someone said to me that losers blog. Losers who are frustrated in life - blog. I'm one of those. I;m that loser who likes to blog out all her ire & grumblings. I still don't get it what sort of pleasure I derive from the same. Sometimes I feel maybe I should STOP --- If you're writing something , then it shows that you've been thinking about it. Giving it time. So why give useless over -thinking any time??
But expressing in some form just makes thoughts float better in mind.Its like my mental recycle bin , which I visit  from time to time to recover trash. Or for the better - to completely erase it from the system.

I don't always write to be read. I write because I want to be heard by someone other than me.It makes me feel lighter.

I spoke to dad. He thinks somewhere my thinking process is going terribly wrong.
I agree with him . And I'm fighting to correct it.
Huh ...damn...again trapped in writing what should not be written.

Anyhow ...people drink alcohol when they're sad , depressed etc. Or when they party.
I have had numerous opportunities to get drunk. But I haven't done that...because I want to be euphoric when I drink.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fast & Furious 5

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Dubbed English movies are outrageous , silly  & an insult something known as 'translation'.

However the wacky dubbing can be hilarious.

Dialogues from Fast & Furious 5  >>

"Ek baar mai commitment kar do..toh phir apni bhi nahi sunta" :P  LOL
The entire audience was in splits !!

And then the usual chahu , mamu and bheedu that went on and on and on...

What is wrong with the people who dub ??
What is wrong with INOX to not have ONE  English show of a Hollywood movie in my city!!

Anyhow...coming back to the movie minus the dubbed dialogues - it was really fast and furious ;)

I've been a fan of the FnF series. But I liked the 4th one a lot more than the 5th insatlment.
The action is crazy in good ways.The story is crazy in bad ways.
In fact..don't even think of the story. It makes sense but its highly unrealistic with too many errors.
But then again..action movies are always unrealistic.
No complaints though.
Awesome visual treat.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

You have an affair.

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So I finally went to the thumb print guy.
He tells future and such crap after taking thumb print.
I say 'crap' really was ridiculous! But it had to be the most funniest conversation I've had with any future teller so far.

First they extract some information. According to their 'shastra' , everybody's future was written some 3000 years ago on leaves or branches.  He picked two bunch of these 'leaves' which looked more like thin wooden plates scribbled with a South Indian language.
They asked random questions ...or made statements which I had to agree or disagree.

"Are you muslim?"
"Your father married twice?"
"Had any operation?"
Hell no!!
"You're having a affair"
Yeah..pretty sure! I don't!
"Had an affair??"
*Giving the I- thought -I -was- here- to- hear -about- my -future look*
"'re bday month is Sept Oct Nov or Dec"
After some time..
"Bday month is April May June July Aug"
After some more time..
"Bday month is Jan Feb March"
*Like I should be surprised :P*
"Birth date falls before 20."
"Falls before 10th"
" Its on the 5th"
*You really think I'm gonna jump in joy for getting that right?? Probability dude!!*
"You're 22."
"You're studying"
*LOL.. as if that would have been hard to decipher. You must have calculated that a 21 yr old must be doing her graduation. But poor you..I'm already done with it.*
Done with it.
"You're doing nothing right now"
*Really ? lol*
"You're tensed and worried"
* Like seriously..anyone can tell that!!*
"You have an affair"
* You're slow man! I said No already*

He asked my friend to go sit outside and then he again asked me if I had an affair , lol.
My reply was the same. So he asked "Nahi hai ?? To affair karne ki iccha hai ??"

Few more questions here and in fact a lot of questions here & there after which he rightly told my parent's name! ( I'd only given my name ) I was wondering if they have contacts with the passport or license department ..wherein they just give away the thumb print and get all of their 'I'm gonna surprise you' information. :O

Coming to the actual prediction part . . . There's hardly anything I'd like to believe. Or atleast only the part that I liked. But I'll filter everything to mention his funny analysis :
" You and your husband will fight a lot. Very much."
He must have said that at least 4 times.
"But you won't get divorced"
"He'll start drinking in 40s"
*I was late??*
"You'll be very suspicious of him"
In the end , he said " you'll live a satisfied life" :D lol which is such a contradiction to his above mentioned statemtents! I tried too hard to keep myself from laughing.


It was worth the money though. For entertainment :D I'm really jobless !
I maybe making fun now...but who knows? His entire prediction was recorded and a copy of the CD was given to me :O
I was even told that I had some previous birth sins ! :P

But yeah I had gone to him with high expectations . . .I was really desperate to know something good.
Don't question my belief in such things. My dad is the best future teller. However , its ironical he never says anything to me!! I had started wondering if there was something majorly wrong written for me. Which is why I went to this thumb print jyotish. But I've made a resolution I'm never gonna ask for it ever again!
Except that I must really dare to ask dad :O

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


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If I were asked to choose between time machine & magic  , I would choose the latter.

Firstly - Not that I don't intend to have a sneak peek into the future but that's something I will get to see anyway.

Secondly - I don't want to go into the past. I may regret a lot of things and wish to change lots too..but somehow I'm not too sure making any changes would have made much difference.

Magic  it has to be for me. I'd mould things right in my present ...the way I assure a reliable future.


Silent Shouts
Tearless cries
Beneath them reside
A volcano of lies.

I agree , understand and very well know that everyone has problems in their lives. Much bigger and gruesome than my own. I mean , heck yeah , but I don't care.Why is this point raised anyhow ?  Just because people are carrying all the tension in the world on their shoulders - is no reason why I should not get rid of mine.

I've reached a saturation point.And I need a closure.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Message Log 7

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 Girl 1 : I'm in love.

Girl 2  :  who is he ?
Girl 3  : how does he look ?
Girl 4  : how tall ?
Girl 5  : What is he doing ?
Girl 6  : Who are his friends ?
Girl 7  :  Total wealth ??

After full inspection.
All girls  : Be careful..he might be a bad guy!
Girl 1  : Ok

Same situation.
Boy 1  : I'm on love.

Boy 2 : Bhai party!
Boy 3 : Bhai party!
Boy 4 : Bhai party!
Boy 5 : Bhai party!
Boy 6 : Bhai party!
Boy 7 : Bhai party!


A guy sitting outside his home after divorce and notices a crate of beer bottles.
He takes out an empty bottle , smashes it into the wall swearing
"You are the reason , I don't have a wife"

Smashes 2nd bottle
"You are the reason , I don't have my children"

Smashes 3rd bottle
"You are the reason , I don't have a job"

Notices 4th bottle is sealed and still full of bear.
"Stand aside my friend , I know you were not involved" ;)


Some translations in Hindi you're surely love :D

Yo baby! Wassup?
> Arre munni...upar kya hai ?

Listen buddy , that chick is mine
> Suno dost , wo murgi ka bacccha mera hai

Are you nuts ?
> Kya aap akhrot ho ?

Rock the party baby!!
> Patthar maro , jasn mein..bacchi!

Lets hangout !
> Chalo bahar latakte hai!


Friendship between Girls
A gal came home late and told dad she was at friend's house.
Dad called 10 of her friends but all told she wasn't there.

Friendship between Guys
A boy didn't come home one night and told dad he was at friend's house.
Dad called  10 friends
8 confirmed he had slept at their home and
2 claimed he is still there.

Source : My inbox!