Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Extra Attention'

 Its tough to impress dad. I don't make much of an effort to get noticed ..but somewhere I'm desperate for him to appreciate & acknowledge ONE damn thing that I've done or  that I do.
OK I'm aware there isn't anything *very* impressive about me either . .  .but only so much for my creative inputs!!

I still follow what he says...'you don't need certificates from need to certify yourself..that's more important' 
But I demand to know what harm would a little active encouragement do ?

And he asks me why do I need extra attention ?!
Booom boom boom!

Of all the things that I dislike the most is that he NEVER appreciated my music skills.
My music sir may praise me , tag me fav & talented student ( which I genuinely feel is an exaggerated form of encouragement ) but dad ?!?


Whats more annoying & hurtful is when he declares I'm yet to have proper sense of music.
Where as I'm good enough! I know that because I can feel it in every beat of my heart when I play it!
I know how to play , what speed to play with...and I can harmonically balance the taal and raag. That's what sir has always appreciated me for!!

Agreed..I stopped giving music exams. I haven't learnt a new raag since two years. But I still enjoy playing whatever I've learnt. And I am pretty good at it!


I've given up on this episode though. I avoid touching the piano or harmonium when he is around.
I like to play when I'm alone. Without any listeners. Without being judged. ( Except if its appreciated :P )
Just for myself.

Wow! And do I even need to mention the power of music ? Its splendid!


  1. My dad is exactly like your dad :P

  2. 'you don't need certificates from need to certify yourself..that's more important'

    Good piece of advice. :)

  3. It would be wrong to say that it does not matter whether your father appreciates or not coz I know it really matters but then hiding away from him will not help the cause either... so i guess you should not shy away from playing in front of others... but then doing what makes you happy is also important :) :)

  4. Sometimes when you have unexpected guests at home, you have to conjure up feasts from thin air - its painful, hard work but at the end of the day, you've just had the best day of your life, and you'll realize it only when you look back.

    Whether your dad appreciates your talent or not, you shouldn't give up the talent in you. That is what is most important. Keep practicing, work constantly towards excellence and one fine day, when the unexpected opportunity comes your way - you will know it's finally your glorious moment and your most important day. No one can ever take that away from you. For starters, you shouldn't take that away from yourself.

    All the best, buddy! Believe in your music? That is your secret power.

  5. My dad has always been the doting kinds..the one who wud overlook my mistakes too!!

  6. he he he he...this post just made me smile :)

    and i didnt know about ur music passion..keep playing :)

  7. Maybe it is his lil way of motivating you to do better - to be the best :-)

  8. My dad is like that. I remember years ago when i became a Prefect in school, he asked me why not House Captain :P
    I guess dads always hold us to a high standard, and in their minds we are truly brilliant, just not reaching our potential or somethin like that.

  9. u play music? that to me, is VERY impressive.. :-)

    Dont mind your dad.. criticism is his way of appreciation..and anger is his way of showing "concern" .. communication patterns.. !


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