Sunday, May 8, 2011

You have an affair.

So I finally went to the thumb print guy.
He tells future and such crap after taking thumb print.
I say 'crap' really was ridiculous! But it had to be the most funniest conversation I've had with any future teller so far.

First they extract some information. According to their 'shastra' , everybody's future was written some 3000 years ago on leaves or branches.  He picked two bunch of these 'leaves' which looked more like thin wooden plates scribbled with a South Indian language.
They asked random questions ...or made statements which I had to agree or disagree.

"Are you muslim?"
"Your father married twice?"
"Had any operation?"
Hell no!!
"You're having a affair"
Yeah..pretty sure! I don't!
"Had an affair??"
*Giving the I- thought -I -was- here- to- hear -about- my -future look*
"'re bday month is Sept Oct Nov or Dec"
After some time..
"Bday month is April May June July Aug"
After some more time..
"Bday month is Jan Feb March"
*Like I should be surprised :P*
"Birth date falls before 20."
"Falls before 10th"
" Its on the 5th"
*You really think I'm gonna jump in joy for getting that right?? Probability dude!!*
"You're 22."
"You're studying"
*LOL.. as if that would have been hard to decipher. You must have calculated that a 21 yr old must be doing her graduation. But poor you..I'm already done with it.*
Done with it.
"You're doing nothing right now"
*Really ? lol*
"You're tensed and worried"
* Like seriously..anyone can tell that!!*
"You have an affair"
* You're slow man! I said No already*

He asked my friend to go sit outside and then he again asked me if I had an affair , lol.
My reply was the same. So he asked "Nahi hai ?? To affair karne ki iccha hai ??"

Few more questions here and in fact a lot of questions here & there after which he rightly told my parent's name! ( I'd only given my name ) I was wondering if they have contacts with the passport or license department ..wherein they just give away the thumb print and get all of their 'I'm gonna surprise you' information. :O

Coming to the actual prediction part . . . There's hardly anything I'd like to believe. Or atleast only the part that I liked. But I'll filter everything to mention his funny analysis :
" You and your husband will fight a lot. Very much."
He must have said that at least 4 times.
"But you won't get divorced"
"He'll start drinking in 40s"
*I was late??*
"You'll be very suspicious of him"
In the end , he said " you'll live a satisfied life" :D lol which is such a contradiction to his above mentioned statemtents! I tried too hard to keep myself from laughing.


It was worth the money though. For entertainment :D I'm really jobless !
I maybe making fun now...but who knows? His entire prediction was recorded and a copy of the CD was given to me :O
I was even told that I had some previous birth sins ! :P

But yeah I had gone to him with high expectations . . .I was really desperate to know something good.
Don't question my belief in such things. My dad is the best future teller. However , its ironical he never says anything to me!! I had started wondering if there was something majorly wrong written for me. Which is why I went to this thumb print jyotish. But I've made a resolution I'm never gonna ask for it ever again!
Except that I must really dare to ask dad :O


  1. LOL @ affair karne ki icha hai?
    This was hilarious :D

  2. So let me get this straight. You're not having an affair?

  3. Lol.. o ma that was totally hilarious.. the guy seems o b a total gone case..

  4. What a post! So u r not havin an affair. :D

  5. This guy is a pro..
    After goofing to that extent, he could still carry till the end..
    BTW, by his confidence I am doubting you actually have an affair 0_0

    Loved the read


  6. LOL! What a flirty proposal. "Affair karne ki iccha hai?" Haha!

    Good one sugar :D

  7. I guess desperate times make us resort to desperate stuff like this :) anyways these future tellers are always good fun :)

  8. Haha! You should've told him that you were having an affair just to see what he'd say. :P


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