Wednesday, May 4, 2011


If I were asked to choose between time machine & magic  , I would choose the latter.

Firstly - Not that I don't intend to have a sneak peek into the future but that's something I will get to see anyway.

Secondly - I don't want to go into the past. I may regret a lot of things and wish to change lots too..but somehow I'm not too sure making any changes would have made much difference.

Magic  it has to be for me. I'd mould things right in my present ...the way I assure a reliable future.


Silent Shouts
Tearless cries
Beneath them reside
A volcano of lies.

I agree , understand and very well know that everyone has problems in their lives. Much bigger and gruesome than my own. I mean , heck yeah , but I don't care.Why is this point raised anyhow ?  Just because people are carrying all the tension in the world on their shoulders - is no reason why I should not get rid of mine.

I've reached a saturation point.And I need a closure.


  1. I'd choose magic too. I'd magic myself out of every predicament. You're right when you say changing the past would do no good.

  2. I'd choose magic too so that I can make the world vanish:D

  3. hehee..its nta li'l bit of philosophy doll..its juz 2 much!!:p
    hmmm magic...but cum 2 face reality,,derz nthn lyk it!!:(

  4. All that i can say to you is that you are right..... your problems should not be compared to anybody else's


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