Sunday, October 28, 2012

It kills.

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I'm unable to WEIGH what has been happening.
Constantly trying to figure out what exactly went wrong.
Sometimes I feel everything did. Some other times it feels nothing at all.

Its as if the parts and parcels of our lives were inside a box..which were shaken so badly , some precious things fell out. Just like that.
And while I've been trying to pick those things and get them back into my box...they're probably replaced or broken. Or well ..don't want to be in that box anymore.

I am desperate to know to what extent have I been what extent am I to feel guilty. But it doesn't sink in. Never felt so hollow and empty.

When you have a go cry to your friends.
But when you break-up with your friends..whom do you go cry to ??

I wonder if I should have spoken less..or whether that could have gone terribly wrong too.

My patience was killed.I lost my temper. And I was blunt.
Even then..the problem really is that of Perception.
And it is annoying , displeasing and unconvincing how much things can change 'coz of the same.

Not much that can be done.

The outcome of the events is ultimately disastrous.

We'll be friends only in pictures now. Pictures of wonderful amazing time we've had.

Pictures , which I doubt will ever turn into reality again.

Apparently , it kills.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nobody likes it.

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The same stuff all over again.

Human behaviour is something you can do nothing about.

Ego is a parasite

Sometimes all you need is an answer for WHY.

I value my friendship more than my friend's ego. And yet it feels like am being blamed for a non existent fight.

Friends forever sadly has a shelf life.

And writing ? What happened to writing in all this chaos?
Turns out  all I was left with to submerge all the deafening screeching voices in my head - was to write.

Write it off.

Maybe after a while things would be normal but it wld not be the normal normal .

The same lesson again...
Things change. People change.
People change. Things change.

( only god knows why at such prime moments common sense & emotion evaporates ! )

But whatever the case the end ..nobody likes losing friends.