Friday, October 30, 2009


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Lil brat , 11 yr old , got a cell phone.
I was particularly concerned about this & quite against too.
But I don't have a say.
Spoil your kids!

So the brainy sweet lil brat chats to me online & tells me about his new cell , gives me the number & then texts me right then "How are you ?"
I had to tell him that we are already chatting there was no need for him to seperately text me and ask how I was.
But it was excitement of owning a cell phone that was driving him to text messages.

I logged off.He texts me after an hour
"You are sweet as a flower"

My first reaction was "WHAT?"
Second : I had to laugh.
Third , to text him back
"Thank you lil brat..I didn't know flowers are sweet :P"

Lil brat : Hahahahaha

:| Ok I need to teach him some chat protocols.Never do the 'hahahaha' Unless something is so insanely funny that it practically has you rolling on floor laughing.
But anyway..I'm sweet as a flower for now :P


Cute Littlest brat , 5 yr old.
Me : You don't like your sister [ me] , do you ?
CLB : I like you..wait..I'll tell how much
Me : mmhmm
CLB : I like you A LOT
..A LOT..
more than the Flower Pot #
Me : 1 > WHAT ???
2 > *Laughing*
3> What ? :|
CLB :'re my fav.More fav than the flower pot
Me :'re saying you love the flower pot ??
I had to ask that to ensure if the flower pot meant the world to him.It would be a fair deal then :P
CLB : No noo..I love you much much more than that.
Me : no no no..I'm asking if you like those flowers A LOT ?
CLB : Yes..Yellow's my fav color & I like those flowers
Me : Ok
CLB : But I like you more than that.

So between me & a flower pot , cute littlest brat would choose ME.


# By flower pot , he meant the yellow colored artificial flowers.
And yes ..he always has a 'measure' to tell me how much he loves me.Like usually he gives me a number : I like you 3000 crore & I like mom 5000 crore , lol.
Did I not mention he is cute ?

Anyway , at the moment :
I'm sweet as a flower And
I'm liked more than some artifical yellow colored flowers :D
Applaud please!

Monday, October 26, 2009


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=> I cannot dance like no one's watching.Because even when I'm dancing alone - I look at myself into the mirror which means that I'm watched by someone and that makes me conscious.I just am not able to dance in front of the mirror and its bothering me.The second reason being that I just realized I don't dance so well.Dancing was one of those things I always held high about me and I'm quite shattered to know I'm not so good at it.
Saw the video of my cousin's wedding where I danced.I was terrible.I couldn't believe my hand moments were such a mess.
No wonder why set B of my cousins never force me to dance , lol.
However Set A cousins always drag me to dance and shower a lot of praises that explains why I over-estimated my dancing skills.

=> One of my close friends hops down to Mumbai every weekend & will continue hopping for few months which is making me feel bad.I told her how my weekends are gonna be dry to which she said her weekends are going to be extra dry - only studies.
And then I said "No! Away from home is Rain dance!" :D
I wonder why that didn't make her laugh because otherwise she laughs on every second thing I say , because otherwise we both laugh on every second damn thing.

=> Spilling cold water on face every now & then is refreshing.But brushing teeth in a smilar pattern can also make you feel extra fresh.Sometimes I happen to brush my teeth thrice a day.
Oh and I love how colgate tooth powder tastes.

=> I'm tired of keeping 4 different email accounts.Isn't there a way to merge them all ? Huh

=> Quenched my thrist or my thrist was quenched is the most overused phrase I've come across.Don't we have a substitute?

=> Without falling in love , I understand now what 'Don't change in love , let love change you' means.It basically hold for any kind of love.There's just a simple way to it : Don't frame how you want others to be.
Someone told me this long time back and I could never completely get the essence of it.I'm content that I do GET it now.
To add my theory on it : Save surprises in life.Because sometimes you meet people you never imagined and unknowingly you start fancying them even when those are not the kind you've ever framed in your mind - to be around with.

=> I have created a seperate blog to scribble more to avoid being judged.Its funny how this blog came into existance to be my outlet for expression and now I'm feeling the need to run away to a new place just so that I'm not read.My hideous dwelling is giving me a sense of freedom.There are some things thats cannot be left unexpressed and the kind that you don't want people who already know read.

=> I want to change my blog URL.The other day someone marked 'powerdrunk' is manly , lol.No wonder it scares a lot of people + I wonder why I ever chose that :|
And then I want my Set A cousins to read my blog too which means that some stuff from here needs to be edited , and some more to be shifted to my other blog.

=> I don't think I'll get over the remixed version of the song 'summer jam' ( which happens to be almost a decade old ) even by the time winter is gone.

=> If you haven't read Message Log 4 as yet >> its your loss :P

This is such a non hyper , non depressing post.Normal.I like myself for that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Message Log 4

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1] What's the difference between people who pray in the Church and those who pray in casino ?
> Those in the Casino...are more serious ;)

2] What's Globalisation ?
> Diana's Death > An English Princess with an Egyptian boyfriend in a German car driven by a Dutch driver crashes in a French Tunnel while being chased by Italian paparazzi on Japenese bikes !

3] Where was love invented ?
> In CHINA > Chale toh chand tak

... nahi toh shaam tak :P

4] A mind blowing Fact : No matter whether guys buy 220 cc pulsars or 350 cc Royal Enfields ..It is used only to follow a 80 cc Scooty pep / 125 cc Activa ! :P

5] In a bar , one guy says to another : I slept with your mom last night.

Whole bar was waiting for the other guy's response.He laughs and says "Lets go home dad , you are drunk!"

6] What is more difficult ?

Getting a pregnant woman in Nano car

OR getting a woman.. pregnant in the Nano ?

7] When you have done something wrong and you are in trouble > Go to your parents for a sound advice.'ll get..

99% Sound ,

1% Advice :P

8] Mom of the Millineum >

A girl tells her Mom : I want some Fresh Air. Can I go for a walk ?

Mom : Alright..but ask your Fresh Air to leave you home by 9 ;)

9] Some of the Best Moments : To laugh untill it hurts your stomach

To wake up & realize its possible to sleep a couple of hrs more

to clear you last exam

Unexpected calls at the midnight which last for hrs

To see an old friend & feel things haven't changed

to hear a song that makes you remember a special person.

To have somebody who tells you that he/she missed you a lot.

10 ] Height of fashion ? > Dhoti with a zip

Height of secrecy ? > Offering blank visiting card

Height of craziness ? > Photocopying a blank paper

Height of stupidty ? > Looking through a keyhole of a glass door :P

Previously : Message Log 3 , Message Log 2 , Message Log.

I didn't want to post a message log so soon but this being my 101th post since Dec'07 , I wanted it to make for a good read.I have so much to share , I feel like writing all day long.My theories are doubling everyday & I have a lot of other random things to mention.Wanna finish up transferring these pack of thoughts on here , asap!

Monday, October 19, 2009


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I had to write this.I wanted to bash a movie since a long time ( just for fun ) and now that I've found the perfect victim..let me just sprinkle all the spices! :P
I'm talking about the movie BLUE.Let me just get to the points -

1> Kylie Minogue is wasted.She does have some dialogues in the movie reserved for her talk with Akki ..but god knows what that was!

2> 'Ciggy Wiggy' song lyrics are the most dumb lyrics on AR Rahman music.And I'm disappointed with Rahman's music!

3> There are so many bike stunts in the movie , I felt like I was watching dhoom 3 trailor.Liked one or two of the stunts.One thing is guaranteed - when there' s a chase going on - the bikers are on some unhabituated land with a railway track nearby AND they jump over the train no matter what ! Kinda sick of this scene.Its so usual now.Just so repetative!

4 > the music score in the beginning of this bike mania was similar to that of Tokyo Drift's.I'm not cent percent sure but I do feel so.In fact , they tried to copy the 'feel' of race just like it is in the Fast & Furious movies.

5> The story line is hopeless.The direction even worse.The editing : catastrophe.

6> The dialogues go haywire.There's no intellectual connection between anything that is said among the characters.

7> Lara Dutta is sizzling.Looks dazzling and so does Katrina Kaif but I feel bad for both of them since they are given roles which make you sigh.tch! Katrina still needs to do something about her accent!!

8> Now the most important thing..who's the casting director ?? I mean to hell with him/her! Why Sanjay Dutt of all the people ?? And why Zayed Khan ?? Both of them acted so dull as if they weren't paid.

> Akshay Kumar : I feel bad for him too.Such a wonderful actor ..what's up with him ??! ..Not his fault I guess...All blames pinned to the director who seems to be half-witted.

10> Do appreciate the underwater action but it doesn't bother you for a min.It all looked so easy - as if the sunken ship and just floated up or the sea level drained.

11> In short this 100 crore movie is not worth a penny! Don't bother watching it even for free.

12> And yeah..marine life : Watch Discovery or Nat Geo instead.They have some mind blowing treasure hunt stories :)

I saw the promos/trailors of London Dreams.God! Why do they have to tell you the entire story in short ?? Argh! Why do they kill the excitement with such lengthy trailors ? :(


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I'll be lying if I say Diwali was Great but it was fine & fun.No complaints.No grumbling from my side.Its been too fast like always.And some muck-in-your-face moments just made it worse.There are such unimaginable characters around ! Some people are really sick.But then , I don't care.The problem is : its a disaster when some really close people have something very hurting to say.

Its getting too much for me to get over so many emotions at one single time.So many decisions.And so many comparisions.However , somehow I didn't feel that pang of guilt , rage or regret anytime.Maybe I'm just too tired - to react , to boil my blood over or to shed tears.

Anyway , Diwali : I socialized a little bit.Stepped into my neighbour's home which otherwise I wouldn't ever do.I mean most of them are useless or pathetic or DUMB! And then I'm not quite fond of anyone except my extended family.Family's family.Simply great ! Neighbours are neighbours - they spy , they gossip , they are never there for you for even a tiny help if required , and they are just not your family.Why would they care for you ?!

I do LIKE to interact with people , talk to them ; wanting to keep a sensible conversation going on but my neighbours are not sensible enough.I mostly feel like I'm surrounded by strangers.People seem so busy to respond to a smile.To say a hello once a while.Act so weird.Its pathetic.But anyway , not all of them are that way.There are FEW nice people too.And its always good to talk to them.

One of the reasons why the non sensible ones are categorized into that field is because of their patent dialogue : "Kitni baadi ho gayi!" As if I'm supposed to be 10 yrs old - forever!

I didn't fire crackers.I'm not crazy about it.I like watching people do that.I like watching the sky glitter.But I hate the noise.Some crackers sound good , others- most - are deafening!

I wonder why am not hyper with festivity.Why I'm not over excited.I haven't been whole-heartedly mentally PRESENT in last couple of days in any of the activities around the home.
I'm just not me.Not the hyper me.Not the normal me.Not the shy one.Not the sad one.Not having stupid crushes either.Just someone I haven't ever been.So lifeless.

Somewhere I know what's bothering me...

and ...

we are back to square one - Its bothering me , AGAIN.

I would have been able to keep the troubles at bay..had I figured a solution which I just don't see coming to me.Whirlwind of Trash!

* BB : Wanted to see Inglorious Bastards.

P2 : oh..I didn't hear of that movie.

BB : You just say..we are going for Inglorious beep beep.

And then , we actually laughed =) I love it when I laugh at something which isn't a 'joke' but timely funny.Love the moment.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Default equations

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Oversmart = Stupid
Have two dozen medals/certificates to show off ..and yeah that hell as might be 'intelligent' , but in the end if you're oversmart + weird , you are stupid.
Therefore , K - you suck!

I'm so glad I could say this after all these years.
I always thought it sucks when my opinion about you flips every now & then.I mean yes , EVERY time.
But I've figured it out ( finally ) that I'm not to be blamed of being fickle minded or of having varied opinions if you're a CHAMELEON!

M you suck too! Ek reason ho toh bataon ? You just suck.Without knowing you or knowing you little that I do , I can say so.
Because weird = weird.
Nobody can do much here!

This is the default list.
I'm gonna put more people in my list who suck so that I can chuck them out of my life.

I'm quite miserable these days but do not intend to make others around me miserable .Therefore I don't talk much.Not of my problems.Everyone has problems.And add mine to that..its like evergreen problems.Gum like.No solution.Life se chipki huyi.
Fevicol ka jod :P

Haha.I'm laughing right now which is good.Because when I intended to shower my misery on my blog - I was assuming it to be highly sad.
Maybe the chocolate fantasy I just had at ccd is making my day.
And also talking my heart out with T.
Feeling good momentarily.

STILL.I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to feel bad with whatever it is.
With whoever it is.I have to tell myself to be composed.If not calm.
And I also have to scream to myself : not to get attached.Not again.For no reason :
Expectations I keep.It only sucks when my imagination gets 'pathetic'.I weave wonderful stories.That's where it gets pathetic , specially since none of that is going to be true .
So naive of me.

Anyway , penning this is such a liberation.

And I also have a theory on pampering :
It feels incredibly great - to be pampered.But don't pamper someone so much that they become habitual to it.Don't make it a habit for them.Because some day when ya stop , it hurts.It bloody hurts a lot.
I feel , its somewhere equivalent to betraying : when you stop.Untill then its probably heaven.
Therefore , Do not pamper much.Limits.
And if it is so..then for the being-pampered party , I have an advice : Don't pay much attention.
Know to keep all the heart-breaking bullets at a distance.
Resistance is necessary.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A4 size chit to cheat

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Nothing beats the feeling of scoring good without studying!
It used to ..sometime back..make me feel not so great.Detached.As if it were plain luck.But NO..exam results are never luck dependent , not unless the checker is half-witted to give you marks for free or its an online exam where you mark intelligent flukes.

It happened with me in 10th exams results.I scored more than that I probably had solved & I was so happy that I all I did was kept wishing the checker all the goodness in life.
I must have said a dozen time "checker k muh mein ghee shakkar" which these days I replace with "xyz k muh mein pizza , sizzler , paneer tikka , chocolate cake : one by one"

The previously written as Red As tomato with embarrassment situation ; let me elaborate :
So it was a time pass exam.Term exam in 11th grade.
Physics paper.
I have always had the great privilege of being surrounded by the mosttttt dumb exam partners EVER..who btw , I know not why , would think I know EVERYTHING.
This time , we were made to sit randomly.Like we wished.
And so , beside me was the Professional expert at cheating.
She carried chits in each exam.
Now we had this 16 mark question which was a theorem & I KNEW the answer.But since she carried that page ( from the book ) which had the theorem on it , I delightedly took over.Can you imagine ? An almost A4 size chit to cheat from ??

I was carefully managing to take a look at the chit and then I have no idea how the invigilator figured out what I had.He walked slowly towards me.And ...and..I knew I'm having a heart attack.I was so nervous , all I could do was to calculate what is the next possible thing I could do ?

DISAPPEAR off the face of earth ??? : I wish!

He asked me , "Give that to me" And I looked at him BLANK faced.

I first gave him the question paper.I mean , what else could I do ?

Then I slid the chit in my answer sheet right in FRONT of him.

Guts :P

He looked daggers at me and said , "Not this.Give me THAT"

And then..I had to give up.I gave him the answer sheet with the chit inside it.He took the chit off , returned the answer sheet & WALKED AWAY.Didn't say a word more.

I was dancing in my head at this point , lol So relieved!

BUT..ALL heads were turned in my direction.And since I was sitting at one corner of the class - it just got worse.So that was emmmmbbaaarraaasssiiinnngggg.I was literally red in the face.And the professional cheater next to me was like.."oyeee! bach gayi ! "

I was like Why ? Why did it have to be me ? I mean here the girl who cheats in EVERY damn exam isn't caught even once ( what a record she carried :P ) & I..who was cheating at full scale for the first time - was to be caught cheating so badly.

But anyway , Invigilator k muh mein choc cake! Sach mein bach gayi!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Must you Know

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1] You know what fire in your stomach burning through your chest means ..when
a ) your best chums makes better friends.
b) you are subtly kicked from the 'best buddy' frame after the buddy in the frame owns a bf.
Lesson : Never take best friends for granted.Never ever!

2] You must know you are being innocently mean & sweet at the same time.. when..
You fight with your spoon to have the larger chunk of the choc cake which you are sharing with your friend.
Lesson : Just take action.Eat fast.Eat really fast - with other eatables as well.It gives the impression that you usually eat fast & that's why even if you've eaten the major portion of the cake - its understood :P

3] You must know that you're fantastic ...when..
You don't feel like punching your close friend for concealing a secret for 4 goddamn weeks!
You instead laugh.
Conclusion : No big deal.Better late than never!

4] You realize what tearing your soul apart means
When you are ridiculed by your near & dear ones.
Reaction : Love them , still.

5] You get to know what being as red as tomato with embarrassment means ..when ..
you are caught cheating in a time pass exam in a class of some 70 students , half of which have this vague illusion that you are intelligent.
Lesson : Relax! Time pass exam.Cheat smartly next time.And clear all myths

6] You know you are a music-crack-pot ..when..
You have sleepless nights because of the lyrics playing at the back of your mind.
Lesson : Give music a break for a while.

7] You firmly believe that there is a spy blogger gadget ..when...
Someone or many-some post a thought of yours that's laying neatly into your drafts since ages.
Lesson : Post spontaneously.Don't keep drafts!

8] You get know how much you love a language.. when..
All you do is fit as many phrases & idioms you can in as many situations you counter.
Conclusion : you drink , eat , sleep , dance language.

9] You know what butterflies in your stomach are..when..
Do I even need to mention when ?
Lesson : Deception point.Do not rely.

10] You must know that you're getting ridiculously hyper when
You speak nonsense at length = you speak things you actually don't believe in!
Lesson : Don't be over-yourself.

11] You know you're being a saint when..
You let the other person boast about some of their possessions when you can brag twice as much!
Lesson : Flaunt what you have! Spell it out! Stop downplaying!

12] Know that you're shameless & funny when..
You laugh seeing others cry on a wedding at the time when the bride is being bid farewell.
Conclusion : You like weddings only for the food, clothes & the other nice ppl you get to meet :P
Who gives too hoots about the 'vidai' ?

13] You must consider your instinct which is asking you to stop from doing something..when..
you are too nervous & shaky + you tell yourself you are right while being too skeptical about it.
Lesson : Always follow up with instincts.

14] You ought to know that your whacky obsessions do not count for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..
like when you wash your hands again & again or check inbox every 10 mins in hope of a new email or etc , etc , etc.
Must you learn : OCD is anything you obsessively condition yourself to , which is painful and yet gives you pleasure.Tattooing , for example.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

History : Evaporating

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Yesterday I was watching the movie Gandhi on Fox History. It made me feel so bad that I couldn't remind myself the sequence of the Indian struggle against the British.
I mean that why we are taught history ?? That after being brought up in the land of some great leaders , kings et al , one cannot write 10 lines on the Indian Freedom Struggle :|
I really cannot.

The problem is history is my fav subject but they made me hate it in school because all we were required to do is mug it all up!
Is that how history should be learned ? No!
Why not such a wonderful subject interesting ?
I never studied about the French Revolution because it was omitted from our syllabus.Instead , we had more of Gandhi.Three yrs in a row or something.
And then back in couldn't just deal with being told about someone you had actually read enough about.

But I realize it now..that if we were taught a little methodically , interactively & in proper order..I would have been able to write the summary of the last century's history - world history.

I do this random exploration on my encyclopedia now & then.I was amazed to read the Roman history.That too wasn't in our syllabus :|
Not that..we needed to learn the history of every square inch place on the globe , but they should have included some of the European History.Its fascinating!
As a matter of fact , I didn't know who Julius Ceaser was until I got to know about him through English Literature.

As for the movie Gandhi - its wonderful how someone could brilliantly present the subject 2 decades back.
As for Gandhiji , I think we all have lot of myths about the iconic figure.I know so many of us who do not find Gandhi a great leader , who think he was one of the people behind the partition.
Maybe we all need to dig for some proper historical records.

They had series of documentaries played over on Fox yesterday.Just a while before the movie began , I happened to watch one such.
For the first time ever , I saw the rare clips of Ghandhiji's funeral.A large herd of people surrounding his dead body : screaming , crying at the top of their voice.

*I love watching these infotainment channels.