Friday, January 28, 2011

Damage Control :P

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I hosted the party thrown to celebrate my sister's recent achievement - She cleared her CA final exam =)
This was the first time I got the chance to be at the center stage. And I'm proud to have managed pretty well :D

To make the party interesting and more fun...we decided to dedicate songs to our family members.

To my grandmom..
'Hum sath sath hai...' :P

The uncles and aunts..and my mom dad were dedicated old love songs.

'Ae meri zoharzabi..tujhe maloon nahi '

' Kya khoob lagti ho..badi sundar dkihti ho'

' Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi...yuhin dil lubhata nahi'

' Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si aadyein hai'

For my aunts ( dad's sisters ) -
Phoolon ka tarron ka..sab kehna hai...ek hazar mein meri behna hai

Cousins :
Just married  - ' Tere mast mast do nain'  and  'Tum jo aaye zindagi mein..' :P

For my brother ( first cousin)
"To the most eligible bachelor...."
Bachna aee haseeno .. ;)

"To our fashion sensation.."
Fashion ka hai ye jalwa.. :P

For my darling sister.. [ The one who is a Chartered Accountant now ;) ]
Few days back she told me how she always wanted to be a choreographer to which I was like :O what ?!!
And then we thought why not reveal this secret desire of hers to everyone ? :P
So I announced and let the cat out of the bag :D
But..there was a problem. The song didn't play. which I was like " Ok..looks like the song skipped.. now thats quite a secret"
And before I knew it...I sang for her :D :D  
Damage control :D
Dance pe chance mar le..

Then she dedicated a song to us sisters.
Tere jaisa yar kahan...kahan aisa yaarana :)

Next..the best dedication :P --- to this cousin of mine who talks with such etiquette & all that jazz...that his usage of hindi words can absolutely stump you :|
" Agar aap inse baat karenge ..toh lagega ki aap kisi shehenshai duniya mein pohoch gaye.... when you talk to him the background music would be something like this.."
Aazim-o-shaan shehensha :D
lol..he was darn embarrassed :D
 ( And the idea was mine ahem :P )

To the Wikipedia ( this guy can talk about anything!! and you cannot beat him with his knowledge update!)
 ' I'm the best..I'm the best :P'

Last  to our youngest lil brat
'Bum bum bole..masti mein dole' :D

So much fun!! :D
Oh yea..the food was awesome!
This was one of the best family get-together :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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Now they're talking about the 13th Zodiac!
As if twelve kinds of people weren't enough ;-)

I've never been intimidated by sun signs. It has been ages since I stopped reading  horoscopes based on zodiacs.For one..the English & Hindi calenders are different. And sun signs only reveal personalities. They do not foretell your future.

Have you ever noticed that two people belonging to the same category of sun signs might have diagonally different personalities ? Or they might be like two peas in a pod.But its never wholesome. Its never 'equal' for ALL the people associated to that particular sun sign.

Consider this -
Do All people belonging to the sun sign , say Capricorn get a job together in a stipulated time as the zodiac horoscope suggests ?
or do ALL  of those bunch of people get married during the same phase ??
So how does it makes sense to 'know' your future that's not exceptional to you ;-) but instead given in a generalized form.
Its actually quite funny if you see it this way.
There are only 12 categories and millions of people belonging to each one of them.
The possibility of the same thing happening to one such particular group together is very low.
Logical , ain't it ?

I'm an Aquarian. And I like being one. That's because I've mentally associated myself as being an Aquarian. And now since the rumours of a 13th zodiac entering the cycle has zodiac would accordingly change to Capricorn but I wouldn't accept that because I only like being Aquarain ;) Its a long time    ' connection' and a hard one to break.As simple as that.

My zodiac doesn't tell my qualities.
Or to put it the other way round -  my qualities , strenth & weakenesses are not based on my zodiac.
Its me , who I am as a person that makes all the difference.That makes me who I am.
Not the sun sign.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kite Flying Trial and Error

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And I still haven't learned to fly kites!
I did try though and thankfully got 'sufficient' number of chances unlike otherwise.
My 'idiot' cousin who was flying right next to me..cut off my kite...TWICE ! tsk tsk :|

--- Best way to have fun on birthdays is to attack everyone through snow spray :P

Sunday, January 9, 2011


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You lie A LOT.
- First thing said. Spontaneously ; on viewing my handwriting.
True. I do.

You are emotional. And you debate a lot between your mind and heart.
Well ... we all are emotional.
The second one is true.

You don't want to get committed right now.
Spot on :P

Not so good with multitasking.
Umm ok. I cannot focus on two things at one time. If that's what it is meant to be ?

Not much of a traveler.
Don't get much of a chance :-| But love to.
But you do not like traveling for mythology/culture sake , say you'd chose Goa over Khajiroa Temples.
Heck ! Anyone would!! :-|
But I'm too much into historical places. So if it were Goa VS Rome/Greece/France , I'd go for the later one even if I was supposed to travel alone. Historical places in India would be second only after Goa.Sorry :P

You build on your ideas based on previous ideas.
:-|  okayy...( not creative huh ?? )
No its a good thing..meaning to say that you prefer finishing one task before you start another. Similarly for the ideas.
Ok :) ( I need to think on this not sure if it holds true for me.)

You do not argue 'much' with your parents.
I cannot.
If I could , I would have.
But I cannot.
True , anyway.

Don't get into business.You'll do awful.
Oh what ?!?!
Yeah AWFUL. gonna get my handwriting changed by then ;-)


So that's one of the quite talented co-volunteer I had an interaction with. Its amazing he told a lot of things about me only by viewing a handful of my handwriting.I had heard of graphology but I thought it would be quite general.Not so impressive. However , this guy really surprised me and I guess he would have told a lot more had we had the time.
One of his friends even put a FB status 'Stay away from M. The guy can really freak you out'
Lol..seems like he's pretty good with this stuff.
The best part is that this guy doesn't know me too much personally. So his interpretations were unbiased.And like I've mentioned , quite true to a large extent.

Next thing I know..I'm going to this man who tells you everything seeing your thumb print :P
Belief no belief. Doesn't matter. Its good as long as it isn't freaky. :D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


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What a waste of time, the thought crossed my mind
But I never missed a beat
Can't explain the who or what I was
Trying to believe
What would you do?
What would you do?
Do you know?
I once had a grip on everything
It feels better to let go

I'm not over
I'm not over you just yet
Cannot hide it
You're not that easy to forget
I'm not over
When will I ever learn ? Why is it so difficult to let go ??Emotion is a paralyzing bitch.  -------------
'D' used the term 'relaxingly Jealous'  I like that.
---------- PAINTBALLhappened on Sunday. Awesome fun.Made up for my long due exciting and unusual weekend promise. ---------
And yah , I was right. A lot did happen pre and post new year.
Starting from playing around with Frisbee or 'indoor cricket' :P ringing in the new year at a supposed- to- be- an -awesome- party that which didn't turn out to be so good * my brother's birthday celebration. the unending discussions and bloody night outs that made us owls.

* The soul of any party is the DJ. And if he chooses to play clubhouse music ( on a new year's eve party for crying out loud ??) - he's ought to get a cold response.
 the DJ couldn't hold the  crowd together , nor could he add magic to  the dance floor :-|
I danced for a much lesser time in comparison to my energy stats.
ate the best hot brownie ever!
And wore a sexy dress. Feel-good factor ;-)

Year end is always eventful - both the sexy and bitchy ways.
I like Decembers.