Sunday, January 9, 2011


You lie A LOT.
- First thing said. Spontaneously ; on viewing my handwriting.
True. I do.

You are emotional. And you debate a lot between your mind and heart.
Well ... we all are emotional.
The second one is true.

You don't want to get committed right now.
Spot on :P

Not so good with multitasking.
Umm ok. I cannot focus on two things at one time. If that's what it is meant to be ?

Not much of a traveler.
Don't get much of a chance :-| But love to.
But you do not like traveling for mythology/culture sake , say you'd chose Goa over Khajiroa Temples.
Heck ! Anyone would!! :-|
But I'm too much into historical places. So if it were Goa VS Rome/Greece/France , I'd go for the later one even if I was supposed to travel alone. Historical places in India would be second only after Goa.Sorry :P

You build on your ideas based on previous ideas.
:-|  okayy...( not creative huh ?? )
No its a good thing..meaning to say that you prefer finishing one task before you start another. Similarly for the ideas.
Ok :) ( I need to think on this not sure if it holds true for me.)

You do not argue 'much' with your parents.
I cannot.
If I could , I would have.
But I cannot.
True , anyway.

Don't get into business.You'll do awful.
Oh what ?!?!
Yeah AWFUL. gonna get my handwriting changed by then ;-)


So that's one of the quite talented co-volunteer I had an interaction with. Its amazing he told a lot of things about me only by viewing a handful of my handwriting.I had heard of graphology but I thought it would be quite general.Not so impressive. However , this guy really surprised me and I guess he would have told a lot more had we had the time.
One of his friends even put a FB status 'Stay away from M. The guy can really freak you out'
Lol..seems like he's pretty good with this stuff.
The best part is that this guy doesn't know me too much personally. So his interpretations were unbiased.And like I've mentioned , quite true to a large extent.

Next thing I know..I'm going to this man who tells you everything seeing your thumb print :P
Belief no belief. Doesn't matter. Its good as long as it isn't freaky. :D


  1. hey thats...gr8 i wana meet this guy...and for the thumb print i have also gone through and result is pretty decent...

  2. Heheheheh

    It's fun when you KNOW the people in the blogpost :D
    Am gonna have to go to M myself now and get my
    handwriting analyzed too! :D

    Good post Suga! Keep believing :)

  3. Wud love to meet this person. I remember getting my handwriting analysed quite sometime backm it was pretty accurate.

  4. lol !
    nice read!
    My writing is really bad and scribbled. I bet, Mr. M would be like this guy is confused as shit and needs to intermingling things :P
    Keep writing :)

  5. there was this girl in my class on whom i had a crush and she could read tarot cards. one day she told me to pick 3 cards.

    i picked and gave her the 3 cards.. n she hasnt talked to me ever since !!

    i tell u these ppl r freaky !

  6. This sounds fun! I need to get this done. Once a friend of mine had 'claimed' to analyze my handwriting but I doubt he had any real skills :P

  7. LOL!
    This is quite flattering! :D
    Thank you for the honorable mention in you blog. I never expected you would put up the whole episode up online. If i did, i would've been even freakier by giving freaky freaky examples and putting you in imaginary situations. LOL!
    A good read! Cheers!


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