Sunday, February 15, 2015

4 Cuppa coffeee [comments ]
* Just because you idolise someone or look upto them ..doesn't mean you have to approve or agree  with them on everything.
 They can be WRONG too.

* Secrets are best remained secrets with yourself.
They are your worst weakness.
 My biggest lesson has been that NO MATTER how close you are to someone - never share something that can be backfired at you.
People irrespective of their importance to you ..are always waiting for an opportunity.

* It isn't always the best thing to call a spade a spade. Or atleast not the best time.
Immediate reactions can be lethal.

* Everything is good from a distance. Even friendships.

* Yes , you just have to learn to ignore few things in life that are  running around you. Because you cannot do anything about them.Even when it hurts..even when it bothers.
Don't take it to heart. Wear it off.

* Smile. Talk. Smile. Talk less but smile.