Monday, June 30, 2008

Sun , Sand & Sea..

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I still visualize beach all around me . I still see some really pretty sunsets as I close my eyes. I can feel the breeze with my hair frizzling all over . I can vision the roads , the calm & cool environment & peace all together. I'm so high on my feelings that its going to take me lot of time to overcome the same :)

Wonderful is how I'd describe my short & sweet trip to Mauritius. Its not a very beautiful place , but one of the nicest place on earth to be at ! Family & Ankita , technically a far cousin but emotionally a very very close friend of mine, & myself flew down to this island .

I enjoyed every second of what I had spent there. Even losing out money. Ah , I'm not habitual of carrying purse & I didn't know where I'd kept it ..Ankita was asking me if I'd dropped it on the road while we were walking down towards the market that evening . Dumb I thought she must be to ask me that & dumb enough I must be to drop it & not to pick it up again ,lol. I was actually not in my right state of mind. Too tired , perhaps. I just kept it at the desk of one of the stores while checking out some stuff there. We went ahead & 15 mins later , I realized I didn't have the money to buy dad's T-shirt. Dad wanted me to keep the track of money , so the purse with some 2500 Mauritian Rs. was my liability. The rest along with the passport was at the Hotel locker. Thank God ! The purse I was carrying was pretty small . So I didn't realize when I left it. When we came back to that store where I presumed I might have left the purse , we found some pity in the eyes of shopkeeper. Two ladies in fact , the best actresses not to act in any films. People are so clever when it comes to stealing & hiding later. Damn ! My mom constantly taunted me . And I constantly felt a heart-beat-skip every 30 seconds. Damn again !

We searched a lot & couldn't locate it. Dad didn't say a word against me. He was actually quite cool. Dad said " That's ok. What else was there in the purse ? Just money , right ?? Relax Kids." I took a deep breath. Ankita later asked me " Your dad is really cool , isn't he ? I have never seen him going mad on ur messed up things !! I would have been in a fix if I'd lost that" .

I said , "Well , yeah , he is cool . And actually I already thought I was in a big mess after being so careless.But feeling safe now! What I feel bad about is , we looked at so many things that we liked a lot & we didn't buy it thinking why to spend money on it. And now when we've lost the money , I feel it would have been much better to buy those things in the first place " . She chuckled & nodded. I actually intended to say that I could have invested that much sum in buying a new cell phone . tut tut !

Day 2 - Port Louis
This was a city tour. We spent 4 hrs at a shopping hub after some sight-seeing.It was a very hep place & now it really did look like we weren't in India anymore*.Only window shopping was the theme my brains were to set in I put down the clothes & things after checking the price tag.
* How ? & why so far did it look like we were in India ?
Because so far , we only met Indians at the hotel & the shopping area we visited the day back and In spite of the beautiful beach being opp. to the hotel , I couldn't convince myself that I'm on an fantastic island.So after visiting this place , Anks & I took a deep breath , for we knew , that yes we are in Mauritius! Of all the crowd , my eyes were fixed on Mauritian guys with spiked hair. Cute ? Nah !!! Not at all ! . Those were extremely funny-looking & weird as well . I've seen guys fancying the gel-spiked hairdo , but these seem to be going way beyond one's imagination.I pity for not capturing them in my cam even once , lol ! It looked like as if some porcupines had captured their little heads & made them shorter. And that's not all , many of them had pierced at several places right on their face. Some had even put kohl in eyes + made some design with apparently the same or may be that was a real tattoo...! Designs on face ?? Tattoo ?? On face ?? I've never ever seen such guys who seemed to have come from some other planet or precisely some other galaxy. But such funny & exceptional incidents did make up for an hour's conversation at the hotel , for us to laugh over them when at 6 in evening every shop , pub , discotheque etc closes down!

Day 3- Casela Park
Won't get much into details like we all saw Zebra & turtles like 3-yr-old toddlers or that we missed Quad biking & Tango jump ..whatever the latter one was but it looked fun , and we missed it & yes we missed it !! grrrrrr . But I had my remarkable adventurous day! Walked with 2 lions for half an hour , touched them & got myself photographed with them ! The only thing I can tell bout lions is that - they aren't photogenic ! [ like hell , they look so dummy in the pics , damn!] And for the video , I appear with the lions for split-seconds for I was the only one to go ahead with this "walk with the lions". There were 3 couples with me & one Indian family & of course the guide ,whom we considered our protector .Mum dad least interested. Ankita said she was scared of dogs , so how on this earth could she walk with lions ?? I wanted to kick her , punch her , slap here - left right left ! The lion surely wouldn't have attacked her , but I knew I'm not gonna leave her for she left such a nice opportunity! It was an extremely good experience but I wish I had a personal camera-man or photographer to shoot me along with the lions ! :P
Ok and finally I do have something to brag about..
Look hey , I walked with lions :D

Day 4 - Sky & water
No , that's not the name of a water park or hotel . We were literally in sky & in few mins , in water. Para-gliding with a landing in water.It was quite windy & it looked like it would rain just any moment.So Anks & me decided to go together for para-gliding. Amazing it was ! The beach was spectacularly beautiful & greenish blue. Both of us were so engaged in looking here & there across the beach that we didn't notice the instructions those people out there on board were giving us.They yelled , four of them , asked us to pull the strings but both of us were in our own world. And actually we were wondering how could they land us so early ? So well , with no regards to instructions , we swiftly dived in water , also wetting the parachute. They didn't care if we fell in water , all they wanted was the parachute to be safe.
But bang bang ! lol , they were so mad ! Those black men , one of them actually looking like a real-life example of phantom with his blond hair , green eyes & black black ultra black skin , sharp features , [ No i really have no idea if thats how phantom is suppose to look , but that's our version of phantom ] just yelled out & asked us why we didn't pull the strings .

We said..err..yeah..we couldn't pull it , Anks even bruised her hands

But the man who was riding the speed boat said " No I see , I see , you not pulling , I see "

loll !! Most of the Mauritians are Indians but they speak Hindi horribly . And even their English is pieces. Haha ! We just laughed & guess what ? I was just joking before take-off & said to Anks that we must land in water , what great fun would that be ?!! Oh yeah , what great fun it was after we really did fall in water , lol.

Next , we went for sea walk. Not very enjoyable for Anks as she stepped out in just 30 secs after being under water because she started having massive pain in her ears.I stayed for few mins.They clicked my pictures. I was given something in hand , some fodder , & all the fishes came kissing my hand.Black & white fishes which we could see even w/o stepping inside water . What was the use of going inside then ? , asked mum . lol she never went inside but yeah mom , point to be noted ! But the use of going inside for me was , never ever to try that again . Also , to give up my plans of scuba-diving. I can hardly swim anyway & if I felt suffocated due to the oxygen mask , so I shouldn't try that for sure . The speed boat was great fun . It even drizzled , adding more fun to our water ride.

Day 5 - South Tour
Went to see a million yr old volcano , which now had the shape of a crater. A forest was made out of it , & it looked like a forest-valley w/o water . I wanted to push our travel agent into this volcano , for he had hyped bout this place so much & sadly it wasn't very impressive , lol.But it was a nice place , the weather was very pleasant & the cool wind was blowing powerfully.Mr. Agent ,you must thank god ..because you are safe.We went ahead to see a waterfall , lol , & here as well Anky & me were just joking that look what a waterfall it is. Both of us are greedy for extreme fun & cannot compromise on that , so of course these things are nowhere on our agenda ! Next the seven color sand , quite an exceptional thing it was.Also went to a temple & the spot where the MOST beautiful scene of Mauritius can be seen.It was difficult to say where the sky met sea or if it was sea or sky that we were looking at ! It actually merged so well. Quite a visual treat ! And we visited few more places like the ship factory & some malls.

Day 6 - Turtle Park
Turtles & crocodiles , that's all it was. Actually we had planned for Sub marine , but due to bad weather it was canceled. And to kill time , we choose this place.I was a little freaked out that day.Because when I checked all the pics , my pics were pretty less . Those pics looked like a film made on my younger bro.So I thought , firstly I need a personal camera which I'm not gonna co-own with mum & also I'd hire a prof. photographer next time onwards wherever I go :P. Had lunch , a little more sight seeing & off to hotel. Then spent the rest of the evening at the beach.

The Mauritian trip made me a very good listener. When Ankita starts talking , you just have to listen.Once she even spoke for non-stop 3 hrs & I carefully listened to everything she said.Then when my turn came to speak , she almost dozed off.It had struck midnight , but I wanted to wring her neck.Damn , why doesn't anyone listen to me ??

In all , had great fun ..loved the place & would like to go back there again.But it isn't a family destination , lol. On the beach , there were usually only couples & Anki said she felt like kicking them in water . Haye! Ye ladki ..bheja fry case hai ekdum.But I agree , it really got irritating at some point loll.

...some special & funny moments cannot be penned down but I re-live them every time I think of Mauritius :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Tribute

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I read To Kill a Mockingbird a couple of months back. And I read it again after a gap of 3 months because I didn't follow it well the first time I read it . In fact , it happens with me every now & then. I read any interesting novel or classic , I hurry a lot to finish up reading it . Mostly out of excitement. So I do ignore lots of things , that being the reason I haven't been able to follow some stuff that I read. And for the mockingbird..I don't think I still have answers to all my questions. I mean , yeah I did understand it better than before but I still have too many doubts and issues. Its a classic. So why the hell am I so serious ? Because it is a classic !! Not some Sidney Sheldon crap where everything & anything happens & it really doesn't matter what's what by the end of it . I might not understand the classic yet..but I've got the essence of it. At least a part of it is something I felt in my life & can relate to it . So its not really fully 'bout understanding what you read , its more 'bout being able to apply it in your life & juicing out the crux of your issue. And so far as my story goes..its all for mom !

I felt very hurt because of some major emotional setback . Ok it ain't that major & that's why I'm not even going to state it . Its about complications in relations with people whom I love being with ! Unfortunately , there's not much that can be done now. And I seriously don't want to create any drama just for the heck of it ! All I know is , I bursted out crying after I realized what's been going on. Its a little too complicated to explain so much so that even I'm myself unable to sort it out just to know the reason behind it . But anyway , I know what I felt that time. I couldn't believe I was crying. That day I felt so bogged down that even a pizza & chocolate cake wouldn't have been able to offset the feelings. Mom added her part to it & I had butterflies in my stomach. I always mocked bout her anger , but it seemed like my entire argument-session with her revolved around my eyes . I always said that I look out at things from her point of view but No ! I don't ! I never did ! It was a fallacy on my part & it just broke . I really for the first time ever in my life realized what it was by viewing things from her eyes. All I did so far was looking at things from her angle but not her eyes. Now I know what the little kid in the classic meant by stepping into the shoes of her dad & looking out at everything. [ OK no I ain't so dumb not to understand that phrase ..I know what stepping into some one's shoes means ]
I finally understood her feelings , her anger , her frustration this day because I myself was hurt. I could imagine how much hurt she was when she went through that bad phase of her life. And she still is. Because she is a mom . Because her perspective bout life isn't like my dad. But I don't have any problem with that. She just cannot make herself forget the past & I know why !! That is where I know what it is to be looking at things from someone else's point of view. Its not just about the different interpretation of the issue , but a lot about understanding the feelings on the same front. I have paid a tribute to my mom . No I didn't start learning up cooking which she badly wants me to nor did I make her veryyyy out-of-the-world happy ! But having understanding her correctly & respecting her for the same , is my tribute !!

Ok , a lot being sappy now ! The tribute doesn't mean that things have suddenly changed & I listen to all all all that she has to tell me . It also doesn't mean that I've started behaving differently towards my mom. I'm all the same . We still argue a lot but What makes me happy is the fact that I finally finally realized what it is being my mom . And its making me feel a lot Free as well . Cheers to the Freedom ! though I ....Wonder what captured me anyway ?

And it seems like its been a month of tribute . I paid tribute to my music sir as well. I think I've been doing that since long least every time I play harmonium in rhythm & stupendously ! But that's a sense of Joy that a teacher feels when his/her student performs well. My sir is a poor old man. He is poor that he cannot afford a land line phone connection. He is poor that he manages two meal a day for him & his son & that's all that he wants ! I' never really got to know him a lot personally but the day when he was rejoicing over the fact that I'm his Fave student because I adopt the technicals of music pretty quick & all that jazz...he got a little sentimental & told me that for him life is music & music is life ! There are many music -lovers I've known but none like him who can create a handsome fortune out of his talent ( he's old & poor but a man of extraordinary talents ) & yet has done nothing to coin money. I had an urge to ask him why did he not earn much or why didn't he even ever try to use his talent on a big scale . I did ask him that . He didn't have much to say ..nor did he seem to regret anything. What impressed me a lot was that he wasn't running for money in spite of the fact that he is actually running out of money !! This topic pops a lot many times & he's happy all the time for what he is ! There are few things which cannot be explained & few emotions that cannot be made to emote on paper. And there are few questions which will always be left unanswered. All because emotions cannot be rationalized ! And I respect my sir more & more as each day passes by ..
When I feel bad for and about someone & I step down in his/her shoes to watch out for all that has happened , is happening & will happen. ....& I pay my tribute !

Gifted my sir a cell phone :)

Did you notice , I gave a very calm cool "awwww-so-cute-humble-smile" . lol looks fake , doesn't it ? Did you notice I just smugged ? Only because I'm so proud of what I've done ! But the fact is I ain't all that good ..& let me just put down the bad side ..Sir asked me a hundred times to buy him a cell phone as he could not afford to spend so much amount at one go ! And I ignored his request a hundred times ! I just heard him ..never listened ! Why I did so is something indescribable..I really don't know what made me not do him a little favor for so long ! But I'm amazed by his talent ! He plays the musical instruments Harmonium , Tabla & Flute so fine that you feel as if he has just spell a cast on you ! The mojo of music when he plays the instrument is superb !

There are still many people to whom I have to pay my tribute but I'll do that only when I strongly feel for it because that is when it will honestly come out.There is something really Great about Genuinely offering Gratitude to the people who matter a lot in your life !! And well my tribute to my dad is an on-going process which has to be re-processed since I haven't followed him well lately.

On its way dad ...A Tribute !