Saturday, February 25, 2012

Only expression : '!!!???!!!'

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My biggest turn off isn't unpunctuality anymore.
Nor is it the weight issues. Those few extra pounds.
Not the monotonous 'hmmm' and 'hello'.


My biggest turn off is when I know I can screw the exam in the first glimpse that I catch of the paper , I know I can totally bang it..

and yet I take over wrong values.

Just that.

I know the answer isn't right. I know something somewhere is wrong.
I check again. And I STILL don't find my mistake.

Entire solution wrong.

Of all the turn offs ever..THIS is the MOST annoying.

Reverse effect.

Its like the question paper telling me ,  it screwed me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mario , I tired saving your princess ; giving up all my lives.

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Its quite amazing how a video game that came into market about 20 years ago gives the same thrill of playing as it did a decade back in summers  !

I've been hooked to PS2 and Wii ..but there's something very unique about these old video games.
The sound effects..the levels...the tricks! They have their own novelty.
And the best part is despite so many would enjoy playing it just as much.

Did you know you could increase the life upto more than 100 in 3-3 stage of mario ? :P
I didn't know that all these years :D

Then there's Islander , Circus , Pipeline , Tetris  etc and its so much fun!
 Specially if you're competing against the second player :P

Thanks to my kiddo brother..for reminiscing the good old indoor games.

Btw we even happened to play HIDE AND SEEK in college campus.
 All the non players were quite bewildered as to what exactly we were up to ! :D

One should never 'feel' old to play outdoor 'games'.
Its super refreshing.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Chuck it.

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If what goes around , comes around...then whoever having the authority to make sure the chain revolves - is going to have a hard time deciding what to do of me.

Wasn't it a little too complex ?

I'm half guilty. For that matter  , I do not believe I did anything wrong even though it would appear so in books. In words. In facts. In statement.

It wasn't rational. It wasn't driven with an intention to deceive.
So I might as well be forgotten.

Or maybe I'm already facing the repercussions.
And frankly , dearest 'authority' ; whoever and wherever you are (  don't like to drag 'god' everywhere ) - I do not have the energy to offset it.

Kindly ignore me for a while and then maybe we could have a nice fight once I've restored all the vigor.

Let me be a little happy , yeah ?

Irrationally Yours
Overly emotional fool.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I too had a Valentine's day!

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While there is contempt and in other cases mush regarding having to dedicate one special day out for love , parents , children etc etc..I personally feel such things don't hold any spunk . And I find it cheesy for those who celebrate. Specially Valentine's day.
I'm not one of those who goes by " Each day should be a valentine's day for your lover..."
Nor do I subscribe attaching importance to one particular day.

You will love the same every single day. ( That is if you love. :P )
14th of feb shouldn't solely add any extra weightage to your love.

Having said that..I do not judge my friends who gift or receive gifts from their lovers specially chocolates on this very day.. ( partly because we are more than half the beneficiary of those chocolates :P ) ; to each their way of expressing love or whatever they think it is :|

So apart from taking custody of chocolates..there is the issue of handling bouquets too. Its obvious. You cannot con your parents into saying its a gift from 'friends'.
And it does kill to chuck a nicely decorated bouquet within a few hours from its receipt.
Therefore when my friend said she'll give away flowers to children..I suggested her to visit orphanage. And so we did.

Distributed chocolates and gave roses to some 20 kids in a orphanage near college.

Those kids immediately re-gifted the flowers to their caretaker :)

-- I've been on an over-doze of chocolates for 10 days now. And there's no aruging that chocolates do make you feel happy!
Also , I've observed , no matter which chocolate you eat ; those  home made or rochers or basically any of those expensive the end of the day a 10 bucks dairy milk beats them all :D

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ek mai aur ek tu

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If you're bored..really very bored and have nothing else to do..

then maybe


you could go watch ek mai ar ek tu.

..To get even more bored :| huh

didn't expect such a slow casual movie which was supposed to be a copy of hollywood's what happens in vegas.

While there are people I know who have liked it..and I bet they liked it in little parts ( humor ) and so baring apart  those few scenes which will make you laugh..*
this is essentially a movie you should watch for free.
And then ,  like I said - IF you are bored AND have nothing else to do in life.

* anyone rekon the dialogues ?
"par chopsticks mein kya burai hai ??" :p 
Kareen's grandmom : "Shameless. Amitabh is watching you." Lol
The bathroom scene when Imran goes on date.

 Imran Khan = blank face.
Kareena Kapoor = Jab we met hangover.

Time pass but not paisa vasool ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Twenty Two.

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Turning 22 couldn't have been any better. I had the most awesomest bday till date!
Right from the midnight bday blast in train with friends , cutting 4 cakes ,  dinner plan to the dvd having clips from family and friends wishing and making fun of me :P

Spent an amazing time with everyone in a short trip to Pune. Had gone for a case study competition ( which obviously was an excuse to go out and have fun :D )

Was awfully drained out on my bday due to lack of sleep and yet my friends coaxed me for giving them bday treat. Glad I turned in..totally made my day =)

Special thanks to T. You are the best!!

-- So 22 , huh ? Doesn't feel like.

I had a mental list of the things I wanted to do/fulfill.
The ticks haven't made their place in the list.
As every year...I reflect upon myself ..of what I am the day I turn an year older.
All I can say is - I take responsibility for my actions.
I do not crib and drag the same rugged topic over and again.
I have stopped blaming my parents for the decisions that I've made.
I've learnt to adapt to the conditions. I've learnt to be good.
I've let go off the things that weren;t important and consumed most of my time and energy.

And am all set to improve.
To become better and well eventually the best !

I want to make dad proud.
I want to keep pursuing what attracts me. I do not want my zeal to diminish.
I want to travel more  with friends.
I want to keep smiling and laughing.

22 is big!! Haven't done anything significant in life yet..but I guess am on the track now :)
I'm writing quite randomly :D

One of the 4 cakes that I :D