Friday, February 17, 2012

Chuck it.

If what goes around , comes around...then whoever having the authority to make sure the chain revolves - is going to have a hard time deciding what to do of me.

Wasn't it a little too complex ?

I'm half guilty. For that matter  , I do not believe I did anything wrong even though it would appear so in books. In words. In facts. In statement.

It wasn't rational. It wasn't driven with an intention to deceive.
So I might as well be forgotten.

Or maybe I'm already facing the repercussions.
And frankly , dearest 'authority' ; whoever and wherever you are (  don't like to drag 'god' everywhere ) - I do not have the energy to offset it.

Kindly ignore me for a while and then maybe we could have a nice fight once I've restored all the vigor.

Let me be a little happy , yeah ?

Irrationally Yours
Overly emotional fool.


  1. Whatever it is that is disturbing you, I hope it is sorted out peacefully. Sometimes being pushed out of one's comfort zone is a terrific thing because it places you in a new realm to reflect,analyze and decide what may have been a better way to do something.

  2. I strongly believe in Karma - what goes around comes around..But I don't think you the kind of person who wud consciously hurt someone or 'deceive' for that matter...

    Take care..

  3. I'm alwaya half-guilty. Then I tell myself that I'm at least better than the other party. I convince myself thaat I did much less harm. and then I feel good again. :D

    Hope you find a way out too. ;)


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