Monday, March 29, 2010

Counselling is a MUST.

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Rads : You know girls in my coll are so dumb.
Me : Why ? What happened ?
Rads : You know why their parents got them to do interior designing ?
Me : Why ?
Rads : Because they were good at drawing rangoli and heena



My mum too wanted me to do interior designing and I would have done it for the fun of combination & permutation of colors , furniture and creating superb ambiance ..not because I could draw heena :P
and I bet I would have been GOOD at it!

But then I knew it wasn't my calling.

I still don't know what is!

Double tragedy.

*** Peer pressure sucks.Can never get out of it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Scadal of Scandal.

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Everyone says they hate everybody else who talk rubbish.
of them form a part of gossip mills.

Basically regardless of whether you're a good or bad person ( definitions variable to situations ) , whether you care for a person or not , whether you know that person or not - at some point or the other you've talked bitched about somebody.

Its a  vicious circle.
Everybody wants everyone else to mind their own business.
And yet nobody does it.
So universally , the chain goes on independent of each others activity.

Which is why..scandals never end..

'Coz nobody wants them to :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hardly heartless

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such a
of an 

And Life's a b@#$% too.
Therefore, a hurtful life is a @#$% of a @#$%^


**Text Msg for the week : 

Once in life , do fall in Love.. 
Not necessarily with a person

but with an Idea ,
a dream
an ambition

More often than not

It will be a reason to wake up with a smile.

To me - more often that not , it will be a reason


Monday, March 22, 2010

mental blogsphere

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I'm a victim of mental blogging.
Oodles of sentences / catchy self made phrases flow through my head while am mentally blogging.But the same never seems to transpire over my electronic personal page.And give to that , this annoying PC which faints off every 15 mins blocking the transfer process of thoughts from my head to the fingertips desperate to thump the keyboard!

And now that the PC is back to its normal senses , I don't remember half or even 1/4th of the things I wanted to blog about.

When you want  to write down hundreds of things - you do not manage to have the time/resource/device for it.
And when you do have the time to blog - you have no freaking idea WHAT to blog.
Such is blog life! :P

I miss my mentally blogged posts though.

Anyway , on a different note all together -
I so very much love the following PostSceret from this week -

                                                [ ]

Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting to Know ??!

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Ever wondered HOW you and your best buddies became the most nondetachable souls ?

I bet there's no answer to this and I've figured why ..why is it that you never realize how  you've become so close to someone without ever planning it in advance.
Of how you CONNECT so well.
Of why it doesn't happen between you and everyone else that you know.

And know what ? Its because you never deliberately try to 'GET TO KNOW' after you've crossed the comfort level stage.

You let it happen all by itself.

Take for example the virtual world.The more effort you make into asking each other 'about themselves' , the more the chances it wouldn't strike.
You understand a person BETTER when you know them through natural conversations.Something that happens in friendships with our best buddies.

Do you remember ever initiating the first talk with your friends ( who now are the best ones ) by asking them "Tell me about you?"
Or asking their Favs ??

NO! A spontaneous natural conversation is all that did the magic.

And that's why you know more about each other through the other talks that you've had than directly asking them about those respective topics.

Funnily , sometimes you do not know of ALL of their true likings and dis likings.And its perfectly allright.

 I strongly feel one must not try too hard to GET TO KNOW the other person.

Move with the flow.And you'd never know how much you do know =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exam Talks

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My friend Rads never pick up the phone.She would either be on her way to coll or home when any of us call her.And she doesn't even bother to call back after seeing dozens of missed calls and messages! The other day I tried my luck and she 'accidentally' picked up the phone , just after two rings.
I was tempted to ask her how come there were changes in her call taking protocols.

"Yaar..I keep cell near me during exams.Pata chala paper postpone ho gaya toh koi inform toh kar de"
lol :)

This is just one of the things.The exams have just begun , and we are already planning what we are going to do on the last day of the paper ;) Its kinda funny.

And then the other day .. I was highly irritated after studying the same thing over and again when my friend asked me 'what else' , I said -
"Yaar..can't wait for the exams to END"
" They haven't even STARTED yet!"

lol :) Kinda cracked me up.

We can be so hopeless.Wanting for exams to end even before they have commenced.

Hopelessly expecting for the exams to get canceled.

And discussing everything else on earth which ain't even remotely close to exam.

And here's a text message I got few days back :
The most ridiculous thing a student can ever ask to another student.
"I have finished all the studies!
Have you ?!"
lol :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Short Surprise

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Just when I was calculating the rate of surprises in my life (  being surprised to be specific ) and the calculation showing a negative figure with me sulking over the same ---- just then , I was  surprised. Couldn't get better!

One of my fav cousin.( although I think ALL of them belong to the same category ) - came down here for 3 days w/o letting me know of his arrival in advance.
Two of them.Needless to mention - I had a blast =)

> We saw three movies back to back in 3 days.
Maut ke Farishtey :P [ Legion ] which I found scary :|
Road , Movie  - Disaster! When the movie ended , I wondered if they still have few prints to roll.Or that there was some kind of technical issue.But that was the end.And there was nothing more to watch which didn't make much sense to me.
Alice In Wonderland - which made for a good watch.
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is wonderful.Although I never get what he speaks :P
The Red Queen's "Off with her Head" dialogue makes you grin.Fantastic character to watch.Helena Bonham Carter was simply excellent !
Also loved this dialogue by the Hatter which went something like -
If you dream of me being half mad , then you must be half mad!   Correction , anyone ? 

> I don't think I'll be eating popcorn anytime soon.I've had SO much of it.

> Mom cooked the best meal till date.It was just so perfect and the fact that I wasn't even a 0.001% help to her - made it difficult for me to eat but I couldn't hold onto such penance for a simple reason that scrumptious food isn't meant for sacrifice !

> G is as adorable as always.The more time I spend with him..the more I admire him.Ankit was more easily adjustable to , since the last time.

> I took these hookah crazy guys to Mr Beans which is the only hookah joint we have here.They found it nice.I found it strange that they found it nice :| But then they explained how the sitting arrangement was cool and different unlike those innumerable places in Pune.
"Success trip" , I said :P

> Of course , I had a drag or two which made me dizzy.
Like G says it - Kick lagi gayi :D

> G got his hard drive :D And I copy pasted all the movies he had. Been waiting forever to get movies from someone.
Therefore , honestly , this was the best part :D apart from the fact that I watched movies at a stretch in a long long long time =)

Surprises are one of the best shortest elements in life to experience.Maybe that's the reason it happens only once in a while.


Saturday, March 6, 2010


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I played Holi after some 5 or 6 years and it was just GREAT!
Ours wasn't a violent Holi , something I define as the one where all sorts of colors are smudged upon tidy faces giving no chance to the victim to run away.
No we don't do that.

Instead , we hit each other with water balloons :D which hurt like hell.

We were 5 of us and got ourselves divided into two teams 4-1!
My team was Fantastic 4 and our opponent - the sole member of his team - was named Home Alone team :P
And this entire water balloon fight was named Balloony Tunes! :D

For the record , Home Alone team won ! :o


I saw Teen patti which is a slutty movie.Seriously sick.
No base.Random.Poor presentation. Poorly crafted sentiments.
21 was so snazzy.Dazzling.Teen Patti ain't even 1/100th of it.

As for Karthik Calling Karthik...I found it OK.They had a good subject to tip on.Although it wasn't much of a suspense to me as I've previously read a lot about Alter Ego , thanks to the movie Fight Club.
Have always been fascinated with that topic + having had watch the movie with my psychology friends knowledge was only updated.
My friend told me that there was a case somewhere abroad where a woman had 100 different personalities :|
Scary , ain't it ?

When we were watching KCK , my friend and I said in unison , that its alter ego
It ain't important but just to note - I then told her after my...ahem..*analysis* that the protagonist is recording his own voice.
I was so proud to figure that out :P
Unfortunately ..I couldn't ruin the climax for my other friends.
How I wish I could do that!

I've already been a quite movie spoiler earlier.
It works this way - If its suspense : let the cat out of the bag.
In case of a much awaited movie on the go : give a false storyline.
An invitation to all sorts of abuses and death threats :-)