Monday, March 29, 2010

Counselling is a MUST.

Rads : You know girls in my coll are so dumb.
Me : Why ? What happened ?
Rads : You know why their parents got them to do interior designing ?
Me : Why ?
Rads : Because they were good at drawing rangoli and heena



My mum too wanted me to do interior designing and I would have done it for the fun of combination & permutation of colors , furniture and creating superb ambiance ..not because I could draw heena :P
and I bet I would have been GOOD at it!

But then I knew it wasn't my calling.

I still don't know what is!

Double tragedy.

*** Peer pressure sucks.Can never get out of it!


  1. You...Know life is such a thing...we need a whole life span to find out what we good at...coz we hardly know the real us and our core strength.. Finding the real Us itself is a mammoth task..I am going through the situation so can say so..he he he

  2. yeah feels sad when u r good at something and u r unable to pursue that as a profession....ideally i wud hav loved to be a singer.

  3. Damnnn..

    This thought bothers the heck out of me too Suga..
    I really REALLY dont know yet what I am cut out for.. and then suddenly something comes along and holds my attention and the first thing I'm thinking - hey is this it!


    I know EXACTLY how it feels!

  4. this reminds me of you becoming a 'Director' in Bollywood. :D

  5. thank god for comment subscriptions! i thought i had lost your blog forever! when did you change the name of your blog from powerdrunk7 to squaring-a-circle? in my efforts to track you down, i checked and thought that was you(!). the site subsequently led me to and i actually left a comment over there asking why you had made the shift to wordpress and where your posts were. god i feel like a total ass at the moment!

    why didn't you just update the name of powerdrunk7 to squaring-a-circle? that way people would be automatically redirected to your new blog address.

    anyway, i received an award a long time back and wanted to pass it on to you. you can get it from my blog over here-

  6. Hey follow ur heart...after all u should enjoy what u would be doing for most of the time of ur life.

  7. Heylo!
    Piece of advice from somebody who is probably more confused than you are.
    I figured it out.
    You will too :)
    Keep thy eyes open.

  8. - Neeraj
    Very true.But the sooner we get to know ourselves and our strengths ..the better.
    Good luck to you! :)

    - Ria
    Oh wow..really ? Didn't know you sing as well! :)

    - Firebolt
    Omg! If YOU too are going through this..then I'm in deeper trouble than I think I am :P
    Seriously yaar..5 years after school and no freaking idea what we are best at ?! Terrible!
    And I can so much relate with how something holds attention for a while and then passes away.
    You wldn't believe what all I have thought of as career prospects :P

    - SD
    lol! THAT is what I categorize as 'building castles in air' :P

    - Rima
    Omg! :O
    I didn't know how to update the blog url..I just changed it.
    And I had no idea you were reading my blog all this time as I hadn't seen you around.Wld have informed you otherwise :)
    Thanks for the award!

    - Shas
    Its difficult to interpret your heart's advices sometimes :|
    If I could figure that much out..I wouldn't have been so foxed at the moment :P
    And priority is to do something I would enjoy :)

    - Lavender
    Ah lucky you! Thank you! :)

  9. of course i was following you! if i don't comment it doesn't mean i'm not reading you! love your posts. :)

  10. Follow the heart! Do what it says..
    nice read!

  11. I know that feeling!!!
    I agree with sorcerer above! :)
    Always good to listen to what your heart says! :)

    Lol @ drawing henna and rangoli :P
    NIce post! =)


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