Friday, June 26, 2009

Requiescat in pace

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What is it like dying off out of the blue leaving a million souls numb ?
What is it like looking down , the amount of stardom never to be felt again ?
How does it feel to be one of the luckiest to have become 'King' for the people ?
And then all gone.

It takes years to gather fame , money , respect & a minute to lose it all ...lose it forever when you breathe your last.

All celebs are human.They maybe the most busiest people on earth shuttling from one part of the world to another putting their health on stake.But they all are weak somewhere.
They all fall prey to emotional suffocation.They all suffer.

The latest news coming in is that MJ was on painkillers & other drugs for a month which may have resulted in a cardiac arrest.
So many of them have knowingly or unknowingly killed themselves with drugs before , haven't they ?
Elvis Presley , Kurt Cobain to name.

Life is not fair. The entire irony is like a cobweb around the stardom.
Its daunting.It gross.It suffocates.Its a mayhem!

I just wish the most popular, famous & worshipped people in the field of music , sports , entertainment in general or any field for that matter ..never fall off the cliff they took years to reach to.
Its very painful to know that a great legendary artist abandoned the world at an early age , living a traumatic & defamed life a few yrs before that.

His concert at London could have diminished all the past flaws.But then...

Crap happens!

I just wonder - the way we say that people live with us even after they die - that how must MJ be feeling like to watch the world mourn ?
Or more so be not able to do a moonwalk again on earth ?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Message Log

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I may not be having the best collection but this is my log of my Fav text messages of the ones that I currently have in my inbox.I'm isolating the non veg / envy msgz because it just makes me sound a lot dirty!

lol I never even am able to fwd such msgz to anyone..not even my female friends..I just find it embarrasing . But I always do feel an urge to reply back to anybody who's sent me such , my reply being ' I loved that one..hilarious' .But again , they'll wonder what I'm upto. :P

anyway am purely listing the pure ones.

1> Love and Friendship are walking together in a village.Love falls down in a well.Why ?
Coz Love is Blind

Friendship also jumps inside.

Why ?

Hoshyari ;)

2 > Heart beats are the biggest hypocrites in the world.They beat in your heart but always dance to the tune of someone else.

3 > Great student like us work on the principle of rockets.Not because that we aim for skies , but we don't start studying until our tail is on fire.. :D

4 > The ultimate fact >> People love you all the time.Its just that they can't love you the way you understand love.They love you the way they know to love. :))

5 > Friends are like fishes. You have to be patient enough to catch a nice one just like I caught you. Better stay nice OR I'll FRY YOU!

6 > 17th century mom to her son. Beta apne religion ke ladki se hee shadi karna. 18th Century > apne caste ke , 19th Century > ane level ke , 20th Century > Apne desh k , 21st Century > Koi bhi par ladki se hee karna :D

7 > Mohabbat karne walo ko inkar accha nahi lagta ,

Duniya walo ke ye iqrar accha nahi lagta ,

Jab tak ladka ladki bhag na jaye...

In zalimo ko pyaar saccha nahi lagta!

8 > Dard na ho jisme wo geet kya hai ,

ruth na jaye kabhi woh meet kya hai ,

Is jahan ki ye anokhi reet hai par...Jo adhuri na rahe wo preet kya hai..

9 > Love : Is not above expressing with heavy words.Its about understanding , a gentle touch & a pure heart!
And Friendship : Is to laugh at the nonsene written above ;)

10 > Adam : Eve darling , do you love me ? EVE : Maybe I don't

Adam ( sadly ) : Then why did you marry me ?

Eve : Oh hello dude! You are talking as if I had a CHOICE ? ;)

11 > There is no good or bad in the world.Only our thinking makes it so.What people call 'congestion' in a train becomes 'atmosphere' in a pub.

12 > Life never leaves you empty.It always replaces everything you lost..If it asks you to put something down , its because it wants you to pick up something great

I cld only choose 12 out of 200 msgz :S which is proof of the fact that my inbox is dull :S OK I just realized that its full of PJs , chat msgz & other nonsense.I had the best msgz ever in my previous cell which broke :(

Feel free to contribute.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's happy :-)

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Dad seems to be so content.He always is.
He doesn't just say things..he really means it.So yes he is celebrating every day of his life in spite of all the other things that add tension in life. I wish he knew what celebration meant to me.
Dad pleaseeeee lemme go watch Wolverine , lol

He'd been to this all men party yesterday given by one of his club's friend.
And he enjoyed A LOT
He was telling me how everybody was singing ..talking..& the joy with which he said made me very happy.
People even complimented him when they heard him sing.
And today in the morning he was all praises for music which is going to help me make my efforts stronger to sing ;)
yup , am back to mujik.Trying to sing
I'm not at all good with high & low notes which is everything about singing lol
And then I sing in a way that is inaudible to myself :-
But sir's been encouraging me so am gonna do my bit - make some genuine effort.

Coming back to my daddy dearest..Happy Father's day pitashri! :P
You're the best!!! Thanks for being so kind when I've been my worst.
Thanks a lot.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Demons & demons + Vampires

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Its been a week or more full of demons & vampires.I have no idea where the angels are.Haven't seen any around.

To begin with..I watched Angels & Demons.I'd say its good & yet would want to complaint.
The first demon being the dubbed version.For God sake..why do they have to translate EVERY single word in Hindi ? I would have to take a MA in Hindi the next time I ( sadly ) end up watching a foreign movie dubbed in Hindi. I read the novel almost two years back & its still my fav. The movie was too fast to grab inspite of knowing everything.The highly sophisticated hindi words made it all more difficult to figure out how were they moving about with whatever they were!

Demon no. 2 > I'd say the casting director.Who-so-ever thought of casting that lead actress.Her lifeless face was no reason I spent something for. I read in an interview Tom Hanks was complaining of how he did not get the chance of smooching the actress in the movie. Am glad he doesn't! And God bless him anyway!

Demon No. 3 > I liked the demon of the movie /villain.He had a better screen presence than that of Tom Hanks.

Ok coming to Vampires now.I happened to read Twilight.
I liked it
If vampires are supposed to be so damn sweet , caring & dazzling like the one in the novel ..then I don't mind dating one either.Actually I wonder if I can ever find a human version of that creature ..he is way too good to be true ;)

Towards the climax ..I was waiting for Bella to be bitten by Edward but he did not.Then I realised the novel has sequels.I don't like to read fantasy as it is & the sequel thing makes me all the more anxious. To hell with my friend to be summarizing the sequel...

Bella leaves Edward :(( Grrrr...I was almost jumping on the couch & yelling..
"Noooo whyyy...why does she do that ? " As if it were a true love story of my best friend.
Edward Cullen , the vampire isn't anything anybody ever needs to leave.

This is the worst part about sequels.With so many possibilities of the story getting muddy ..the one you expect least & the one that actually hurts the most is written.Grrrrrr

The movie isn't as good as the novel - I was told.The writing style is really amazing.The description of every emotion while falling in love for the first time is elaborate.Neat.

I read more stuff.
Deception Point
This was too heavy for me.Interesting plot fanned in Shidney Sheldon style ( blown out of proportion ) .It was intellectual as always but with a lot of things ..that did not make any sense to me.

Not a penny more , not a penny less
It was OK.The plot is witty but the writing style is boring.I don't know how people find it great.Or maybe I've read better stuff from Jeffery Archer earlier ...umm ..False Impression being one of those.

Friday, June 12, 2009

L'il Geezer in Likes

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I feel stupid right now thinking of this & quite foolish too.Moreover , I'm both shocked & surprised at the same time and that too over such a small issue.
Ok so the point is that..there are times when having known a person/friend for a long feel triumphant over knowing everything about them..their tiniest likings & dis likings & then all of a sudden they reveal something you'd never known ( no great secret as such ) and you wonder HOW THE BLOODY HELL you didn't know ?!
I felt an urge to ask my friend " Ah , you never told me"
And I could imagine the reply being , "Oh , you never asked me!"

But then..when my friend told me of her likings in things that I thought she was least interested in..I could see a smug on her face.As if she outwitted me. That made it worse.
Damn! 4 years ??? And I didn't know! Such a close friend on top of that!

Anyway it was just regarding novels & English movies , lol.
But I still feel so defeated!

Damn you T !! Damn you!!
Lol! Heck! Its funny I'm bothering 'bout it.
But the lil geezer of the moment is that - No matter how long & well you a person ..there comes a time when you are ready to bet dollars to doughnuts over some aspect of their personality about which you are so confident - that turns its back on you so that you end up losing dollars or the case may be ! :P
Not always but at times.
I still hate to remember the smug on my friend's face ! Damn you T !!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Confession carried from beach

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I still visualize beach all around me . I still see some really pretty sunsets as I close my eyes. I can feel the breeze with my hair frizzling all over . I can vision the roads , the calm & cool environment & peace all together. I'm so high on my feelings that its going to take me lot of time to overcome the same :)

Wow! Its been exactly an year & I remember everything to the very detail.The picture , the beauty of the trip is so clear in my head that I could paint some moments if only I were a good artist.

But , I have to make some confession.
It was all good , definitely..but somewhere down the line there's a REGRET.
I could have taken a close friend along.I did not even ask her once :(

Also , it wasn't completely a very euphoric trip.I cribbed so much.Nagged even more.

Honestly ...I wish we'd spend more or maybe managed to stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel + few more ppl together.It would have been PERFECT then.

Am checking over pics again.Completely forgot I'd even uploaded few in a post.
I love the captions I've put : Pics

PS - If you ever go to Mauritius , in case with family..make sure you are a LOT of ppl & also that you stay in an expensive hotel :P
If you're out there for honeymoon..well it doesn't matter anyway.Stay anywhere! :D
But yes again , 5 star resort would be gr8.They serve dinner at beach with champagne and all :P
Super romantic!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fuck off !

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Just one day , am over the moon
the very next goes gloomy dull & dry
then again , all's so great
back to the boring dull gloomy fucking boring life

"Just yesterday I was so incredibly happy over nothing at all & today everything seems to be lacking meaning"
This was what I was going through yesterday & even penned down.
Also , I wrote something like Fuck off whom-so-ever it may concern.
It was to nobody , by me.Just wanted to loudly scream FUCK OFF.

But seriously these days I'm happy for nothing & again sad for no reason at all! :S

Hallucinating or something ? No! I don't think so! And well , to get over my melancholy state of mind..I called everybody I knew on this earth.Ok , not everybody but few people.Friends & cousins.Thankfully everyone had something good going in their life to share with me ..otherwise another stress story would have made me hit my head on the wall.

There's some emptyness in life which I felt yest.Maybe , everyday can't be a happy one.Or I cannot be happy everyday & yet that is all I really want! There should be a medication for temper.For my kind of temper. My mood swings can be very dangerous.

Coming to noise pollution > There are some people who have weirdly sounding horns installed in their vehicles.Some other morons play a tune with the horns.Its deafening! Nothing in world can make me so mad as can some idiotic noise. If I were the Transformer for a real one..I would have crashed those vehicles in one second.Crumbled it like a piece of paper & threw it near a pile of garbage. Do transformers laugh ? haven't watched the movie..but regardless of that..I would have laughed cunningly after destroying fucking irritating vehicles. Poor vehicle.What was its fault ? Only that it had annoying horns.And some fucking morons driving them!

Ok , I want to swear now! Real bad! !#$%^&*(@

Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Job in the World

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The job of an island caretaker was tagged the best job in the world & in a alot of ways it really is one of the best.More than 34,000 people applied for this & the lucky one who nabbed it is a Brit , Ben Southhall , 34.
What makes him lucky or the job the best one ?
Well the luxury of working only 12 hrs a MONTH , swimming , snorkelling , living in a beach house
Collecting a cool ..supercool $ 100,000.

Other best jobs in the world are known to be that of a -
Brazlian body painter , wine maker etc.

Personally , I think the best job in the world is that of a globetrotter ; one where all your trips are funded AND you are paid to travel !
Couldn't get better , isn't it ??