Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fuck off !

Just one day , am over the moon
the very next goes gloomy dull & dry
then again , all's so great
back to the boring dull gloomy fucking boring life

"Just yesterday I was so incredibly happy over nothing at all & today everything seems to be lacking meaning"
This was what I was going through yesterday & even penned down.
Also , I wrote something like Fuck off whom-so-ever it may concern.
It was to nobody , by me.Just wanted to loudly scream FUCK OFF.

But seriously these days I'm happy for nothing & again sad for no reason at all! :S

Hallucinating or something ? No! I don't think so! And well , to get over my melancholy state of mind..I called everybody I knew on this earth.Ok , not everybody but few people.Friends & cousins.Thankfully everyone had something good going in their life to share with me ..otherwise another stress story would have made me hit my head on the wall.

There's some emptyness in life which I felt yest.Maybe , everyday can't be a happy one.Or I cannot be happy everyday & yet that is all I really want! There should be a medication for temper.For my kind of temper. My mood swings can be very dangerous.

Coming to noise pollution > There are some people who have weirdly sounding horns installed in their vehicles.Some other morons play a tune with the horns.Its deafening! Nothing in world can make me so mad as can some idiotic noise. If I were the Transformer for a real one..I would have crashed those vehicles in one second.Crumbled it like a piece of paper & threw it near a pile of garbage. Do transformers laugh ? haven't watched the movie..but regardless of that..I would have laughed cunningly after destroying fucking irritating vehicles. Poor vehicle.What was its fault ? Only that it had annoying horns.And some fucking morons driving them!

Ok , I want to swear now! Real bad! !#$%^&*(@


  1. ur not the only one Suga...I feel this way alot of the time. That searing emptiness and meaninglessness of my existence. Thats why I stay in touch with my happy n funny side. Cos if I lose that, I'd be one big dark hole on legs :):)

    **Just yesterday I was so incredibly happy over nothing at all & today everything seems to be lacking meaning"

    it happens...relax. do something happy...go out...take a bike ride or the birds and the sea...listen to a beautiful something nice for may not make u feel the best but I know it helps.

    FUCK OFF offers an instant sense of relief...I so know what u mean. That word is therapeutic lol!

    *HUGZ* feel better soon :)


  2. it hapens yaar.. dnt worry.. Dont u knw that "this too shall pass."
    Anyways fucking off seems to be an easy option for staying happy!! ;) :P lol

  3. scream it loud..real loud..abuse ur lungs out..u know tht scene in METRO wen Konkona Sen Sharma cries her lungs tht

    nw even im tempted to swear..coz I completely identify vit ur post..

    v all go thru these phases :)

  4. oo if u feeling low...say fuck off in caps lock (suggestion given by a blogger frnd to me :P)FUCK OFF bolo or mast raho :P
    chill re

  5. - Abhinav -
    Kuch bhi toh nahi =)
    yuhin..gussa !

    - Keshi -
    Yup blogging bout happy times & reading it later kinda helps.
    And yes *fuck off* is therapeutic! :D
    Thanks! Hugs

    - P G -
    lol yup screaming out fuck off makes a difference ;)

    - Swats -
    Oh yes , I remember that scene.Its awesome.Works in every case - frustration , tangling of thoughts , irritation etc.
    Its actually truck loads better than any kind of sympathy!

    - Ams -
    lol ..I did that already ;)


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