Thursday, June 25, 2009

Message Log

I may not be having the best collection but this is my log of my Fav text messages of the ones that I currently have in my inbox.I'm isolating the non veg / envy msgz because it just makes me sound a lot dirty!

lol I never even am able to fwd such msgz to anyone..not even my female friends..I just find it embarrasing . But I always do feel an urge to reply back to anybody who's sent me such , my reply being ' I loved that one..hilarious' .But again , they'll wonder what I'm upto. :P

anyway am purely listing the pure ones.

1> Love and Friendship are walking together in a village.Love falls down in a well.Why ?
Coz Love is Blind

Friendship also jumps inside.

Why ?

Hoshyari ;)

2 > Heart beats are the biggest hypocrites in the world.They beat in your heart but always dance to the tune of someone else.

3 > Great student like us work on the principle of rockets.Not because that we aim for skies , but we don't start studying until our tail is on fire.. :D

4 > The ultimate fact >> People love you all the time.Its just that they can't love you the way you understand love.They love you the way they know to love. :))

5 > Friends are like fishes. You have to be patient enough to catch a nice one just like I caught you. Better stay nice OR I'll FRY YOU!

6 > 17th century mom to her son. Beta apne religion ke ladki se hee shadi karna. 18th Century > apne caste ke , 19th Century > ane level ke , 20th Century > Apne desh k , 21st Century > Koi bhi par ladki se hee karna :D

7 > Mohabbat karne walo ko inkar accha nahi lagta ,

Duniya walo ke ye iqrar accha nahi lagta ,

Jab tak ladka ladki bhag na jaye...

In zalimo ko pyaar saccha nahi lagta!

8 > Dard na ho jisme wo geet kya hai ,

ruth na jaye kabhi woh meet kya hai ,

Is jahan ki ye anokhi reet hai par...Jo adhuri na rahe wo preet kya hai..

9 > Love : Is not above expressing with heavy words.Its about understanding , a gentle touch & a pure heart!
And Friendship : Is to laugh at the nonsene written above ;)

10 > Adam : Eve darling , do you love me ? EVE : Maybe I don't

Adam ( sadly ) : Then why did you marry me ?

Eve : Oh hello dude! You are talking as if I had a CHOICE ? ;)

11 > There is no good or bad in the world.Only our thinking makes it so.What people call 'congestion' in a train becomes 'atmosphere' in a pub.

12 > Life never leaves you empty.It always replaces everything you lost..If it asks you to put something down , its because it wants you to pick up something great

I cld only choose 12 out of 200 msgz :S which is proof of the fact that my inbox is dull :S OK I just realized that its full of PJs , chat msgz & other nonsense.I had the best msgz ever in my previous cell which broke :(

Feel free to contribute.


  1. I liked 3, 7 and 10 :)

    Hey I remember one :D

    "Kya yaar hamesha pregnant rahtey ho, jab bhi mssg behjta hun Delivary report aa jaati hai"

    ROFL =))

  2. good ones..i really smiled :)
    sms 11 is soo soo true


  3. sometimes the funniest msgs are pjs!


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