Thursday, June 18, 2009

Demons & demons + Vampires

Its been a week or more full of demons & vampires.I have no idea where the angels are.Haven't seen any around.

To begin with..I watched Angels & Demons.I'd say its good & yet would want to complaint.
The first demon being the dubbed version.For God sake..why do they have to translate EVERY single word in Hindi ? I would have to take a MA in Hindi the next time I ( sadly ) end up watching a foreign movie dubbed in Hindi. I read the novel almost two years back & its still my fav. The movie was too fast to grab inspite of knowing everything.The highly sophisticated hindi words made it all more difficult to figure out how were they moving about with whatever they were!

Demon no. 2 > I'd say the casting director.Who-so-ever thought of casting that lead actress.Her lifeless face was no reason I spent something for. I read in an interview Tom Hanks was complaining of how he did not get the chance of smooching the actress in the movie. Am glad he doesn't! And God bless him anyway!

Demon No. 3 > I liked the demon of the movie /villain.He had a better screen presence than that of Tom Hanks.

Ok coming to Vampires now.I happened to read Twilight.
I liked it
If vampires are supposed to be so damn sweet , caring & dazzling like the one in the novel ..then I don't mind dating one either.Actually I wonder if I can ever find a human version of that creature ..he is way too good to be true ;)

Towards the climax ..I was waiting for Bella to be bitten by Edward but he did not.Then I realised the novel has sequels.I don't like to read fantasy as it is & the sequel thing makes me all the more anxious. To hell with my friend to be summarizing the sequel...

Bella leaves Edward :(( Grrrr...I was almost jumping on the couch & yelling..
"Noooo whyyy...why does she do that ? " As if it were a true love story of my best friend.
Edward Cullen , the vampire isn't anything anybody ever needs to leave.

This is the worst part about sequels.With so many possibilities of the story getting muddy ..the one you expect least & the one that actually hurts the most is written.Grrrrrr

The movie isn't as good as the novel - I was told.The writing style is really amazing.The description of every emotion while falling in love for the first time is elaborate.Neat.

I read more stuff.
Deception Point
This was too heavy for me.Interesting plot fanned in Shidney Sheldon style ( blown out of proportion ) .It was intellectual as always but with a lot of things ..that did not make any sense to me.

Not a penny more , not a penny less
It was OK.The plot is witty but the writing style is boring.I don't know how people find it great.Or maybe I've read better stuff from Jeffery Archer earlier ...umm ..False Impression being one of those.


  1. heard a lot & now I so want to watch it :(

  2. the whole world is reading the twilight series and even though i am not attracted to it, i will definitely give it a shot now.

  3. whts with the book!!Seriously, the whole world is hooked on to it :)

  4. => Anshuram
    Which one ? :S

    => Peter
    Angels & demons is worth a read ..the movie isn't all that.You haven't missed much :P

    => Rima
    Its the twlight movie that has made the novel an instant hit.But am sure the novel's better.
    Enjoy the read :)

    => Swats
    Its not the usual silly stupid romance..the conversations between Edward & his lady love are witty with good humor.
    Read it sometime :)

  5. Hi Sugar Cube
    have to see the movie, read twilight series..But I think I'll read the novel instead of watching the movie..


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