Friday, June 26, 2009

Requiescat in pace

What is it like dying off out of the blue leaving a million souls numb ?
What is it like looking down , the amount of stardom never to be felt again ?
How does it feel to be one of the luckiest to have become 'King' for the people ?
And then all gone.

It takes years to gather fame , money , respect & a minute to lose it all ...lose it forever when you breathe your last.

All celebs are human.They maybe the most busiest people on earth shuttling from one part of the world to another putting their health on stake.But they all are weak somewhere.
They all fall prey to emotional suffocation.They all suffer.

The latest news coming in is that MJ was on painkillers & other drugs for a month which may have resulted in a cardiac arrest.
So many of them have knowingly or unknowingly killed themselves with drugs before , haven't they ?
Elvis Presley , Kurt Cobain to name.

Life is not fair. The entire irony is like a cobweb around the stardom.
Its daunting.It gross.It suffocates.Its a mayhem!

I just wish the most popular, famous & worshipped people in the field of music , sports , entertainment in general or any field for that matter ..never fall off the cliff they took years to reach to.
Its very painful to know that a great legendary artist abandoned the world at an early age , living a traumatic & defamed life a few yrs before that.

His concert at London could have diminished all the past flaws.But then...

Crap happens!

I just wonder - the way we say that people live with us even after they die - that how must MJ be feeling like to watch the world mourn ?
Or more so be not able to do a moonwalk again on earth ?


  1. a very candid post indeed ..
    may his soul rest in peace

  2. No offence to MJ or his fans..but I sincerely feel tht wen a celebrity dies, media goes berzerk.. a public figure, esp those associated with the entertainment industry r literally worshipped!!

    its not adulation or honour, its madness!!

    how many of us know about the death of BABA AMTE??? did he get this media coverage? forget tht, some of us don't even know BABA AMTE!!! he deserved to be honoured, to be acknowledged..the nation shud have mourned HIS death..alas, he wasnt MJ!!

  3. really really REALLY i soo wish he had been alive to do those concerts.....

  4. Yet another icon gone! Your "about me" section is what brought me here - esp. the first crush :-) Will frequent more!

  5. => Peter

    => Swats
    I understand what you are saying but there can be no comparision. I do not feel that the media does any wrong when it worships a great artist.You know artist specially a musician or singer who is very popular is like a second God to people.
    Baba Amte has done a lot for leprosy patients & his contribution is remarkable & yes the media should have paid a worthy tribute to him but we can't blame the media overall.There isn't much of awarness among us.How many of us really bother about protecting environment ?

    Whereas music unites every individual , it heals the soul of the world.Therefore as for MJ ..I'd say he deserves this madness =)

  6. => Rima
    Aw yes! I was eagerly waiting for it.

    => Ghost Rider
    Nice to hear form you! Keep visiting :)

  7. u said it beautifully Sugar, I cried reading this. I cant take it anymore..Im mourning MJ's death more than I hv mourned a loved-one! Its amazing.

    **It takes years to gather fame , money , respect & a minute to lose it all ...lose it forever when you breathe your last.

    very mum said the same thing last night while watching a doc on MJ on TV.



  8. U seem a big fan of MJ. Actually my sister is...she even had 2 minute silence for him...

    just 12 yrs old.

  9. => Keshi

    => Shrey
    Thank you.

    Nah not really.You didn't get the essence of this post.Or Maybe I did not completely express the way I feel.
    12 yr old..2 min sil ? Certainly a big fan!


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