Monday, July 28, 2008

Blue eyed bloke

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My friend invited me for lunch yesterday.Actually she took all the old mates for lunch.B'day treat it was.I didn't turn up yet again! Its so pathetic to be unable to meet up school friends over a lunch in rain.I haven't met this friend since an year now.Just another week & its going to be an year !! Whereas we stay in the same city , around 12 kms away & I usually go for tuitions in the area where she stays.She had been a very good pal of mine since schooldays.But now she & everyone's scattered.I have made several new friends But the old ones are the good damn old ones.

This girl whose luncheon I could not attend is pencil thin.We used to call her Olive.The other girls of my school group are also as thin as thread.No matter what they eat , how much they eat ..they always maintain their weight.And none of them is into rigorous sports.They have great appetite. Not the kind who would starve themselves up.These girls can have a chocolate cake EVERY single day & yet they won't put on! This is so very much envious for a foodie like me.I feel guilty even if I gulp down a molecule of sugar the day I work out & look at these girls ! tsk tsk. So I'd rather ask for such body type than wishing to be slim all my life because I seriously cannot give up eating delicious food just to avoid putting on.And if I have such body type , half the battle is already won , no actually the entire battle is won - I can eat anything & everything , I can stay slim !

From girls to food envy.. to guys.. to girls envy...

A friend speaks -
"Did I tell you about that blue-eyed guy , the fair one."
me : "Yup , what's cooking ?"
"I talked to him."
"And ? "
"I fancy him."
"Of course you do , I know."
"No I mean I never had such a serious crush ever in my life."
"Oh I see "
"So you know..talking to him felt like wow."
"Yup , you must have felt like you've won the battle of Panipat."
"Love isn't war"
"Someones talking love ?? Crush is crush , its like ciggy ..will glow for sometime & die into ashes in some more time."
"How do you relate winning battle & all that ? Are you in your senses ?"
"The euphoria I was talking of ."
"Put your your brains into correct gears so that you have better examples of display of euphoria."
"Its in reverse gear right now. So you think he likes you ?"
"He's committed."
"I so desperately want to see his girl."
"I understand."
"What ? What's there to understand ?"
"See there are too possibilities. If you find that girl so-so'll be like 'ah he could have better had me'.If she turns out to be pretty , you'd be like ' B**** where did she come from ? How can she be so gorgeous?"
"Haha !There you go ! Perfect gear ! you do understand."
" Lets eat pizza to celebrate your first talk with the blue-eyed guy...quick."
"You think I'm gonna pay for few more treats like this ? the ones celebrated in the joy of my little talks with him ?"
"Not probable enough."
"Why not ?"
"You remember the 2 possibilities ? A fair handsome guy with blue eyes ...obviously
must be having a gorgeous gal."
"Kill you !"
"Pizza first !!"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Review ( scrapped )

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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na ˜˜
Meow = Genelia = Aditi
Rats = Imran = Jai

One of my pathetic attempts at writing a movie review.I would have let this one stay up here as a reminder to the fact that I'm really bad at this ! But the response from my blog readers ( who never commented here ) made me scrap the very little review.
'Not so good yaar'

Ctrl + A --- Delete

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Tale of 2 Movies

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Sarkaar Raj. ˜ ˜ ˜

I was told that Aish kills Abhi in this movie.So I watched the entire movie with that mind-set. Yeah , she's gonna kill now ! Oh hell , mannnn , she's gonna kill.Bloody hell , she shouldn't! In fact , when Abhi was shot , I was wondering if I was dreaming or something because I didn't watch Aish killing him. But I patiently waited.Then when , Sarkaar was detailing as to what happened & how , I thought he's gonna take Aish's name. But he didn't.
When I came back home , the first thing I did was to call Nik, a cousin [ Gosh , I have a hell lot of cousins ] & told him that I watched SR. He laughed & said "Liked it ?" I was so mad but his laugh made me roll on floor laughing. I was like " What the hell , I was waiting all the while to watch Aish kill Abhi , & you loser ..what did you tell me ??" He laughed & he just laughed.Idiot!!

Anyway , the movie was good.Few people have thrown their entire frustration on this movie yelling out loudly that the movie was crap.I don't think so.I mean what do you want ?? To be watching this movie from the director of "Aag" , I think was quite ok.RGV's fav style of close-ups , dark backgrounds , in fact only black backgrounds was flaunted in this movie as much as it could have been.But since it was a political plot , I think it was fine.The story-line was fine too , only because it made sense by the end , something rare to find in movies these days! The background music went well with the theme of the movie. The one dialogue that I particularly liked was by Sarkaar - ' Killing is crime.Killing at the right time is politics.' It sounds better in Hindi actually. Acting wise , all were up to the mark.There wasn't much for Aish to do , but I still think she was nice. And , To all those who find this movie over-rated should be made to direct a political movie.I bet , they wouldn't even have people to rate their movies.

Hancock ˜ ˜
Superheroes have become a part & parcel of our lives.But then there are superheroes & then there we have Hancock , an all together diff superhero.I don't know if he even should be called a Hero.He destructed things more than he made people adore him for his supernatural powers.Its a short movie with one big twist leaving you awestruck. Pre-interval , its all you could have summarized watching the promos , people hating Hancock. Lots of Will Smith close-ups watching which is NO delight ! The actual drama takes place post-interval.The big twist ! I loved the scene where Mary ( Charlize Theron ) flings Hancock out of her home via her kitchen , & of course our destructive superhero making dents in several cars & also breaking the kitchen wall is dumbstruck. So we have a superwoman !!! The rest of the movie looked interesting to watch but then it turned out to be lame. I had to watch this one in dubbed version as the English show wasn't available at the time I went to the theater.It just sucks to watch an English movie in Hindi.I mean to hell with the ones who dubbed it.Why can't they be a little literal while translating the dialogues ?? "Mamu" thing is such a turn off.Imagine Will Smith saying that ! Jeez !

I'd also want to share something funny.I texted Nik today in the morning saying - ' Watch Hancock.The leading actress of the movie is also a superhero & she kills the hero . Go kid , watch it ! ' ...whereas the fact is that she doesn't kill the hero! Lol..Nik giving you some doze of anxiety& disappointment. Just now , I got his msg . He says - " Tu churail hai !" [ You are a witch ! ]
Haha ! He also added that he's gonna take revenge for this! Poor chap , as if I'm gonna listen to him when he tells me the story of any movie now onwards.And basically he laughs so much on the phone , making me laugh too , & so he double-laughs ..that he won't even be able to narrate me any story in future.

I wish he was here right now.I'm in a kid-mode wanting to throw a Bronx-cheer at him & giving a witchy chuckle.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Uh huh

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I'm lazy & have been lazying around.I cannot give one valid reason why I don't do any household work that which I really should.So the atmosphere is all up against me.The stupidest part is that in spite of realising my duties, I never act for them. "Uh, what's the use now ?" I'm like such a jackass.

Someone : Don't you have any responsibility ?? Shouldn't you learn household work ?? When I tell you to do them , you say "later".When is that later going to come ? I'm telling for your own good.You will face lot of problem in your life , if you don't do as I say.

'Lot of problem in your life'...'you will'.Future tense.I know what that indicates. 'Someone' meant to say that after I get married in-laws are going to make me do lot of work . I will have to do all those crappy things at home that I can actually get done by other people by paying them. I hate this future broadcast of my life regarding marriage & all that oh-so-after-you-get-married-jazz. I'm so damn young dammit!

Meanwhile , I stared & clutched my claws for I had to tolerate this loathsome lecture which is in a way an eye-opener but I don't wanna listen anyway!

Someone : Just eat , sleep , watch TV , surf net !! That's all you do! Just studying & attending tutions isn't everything.You are a girl & you have to learn all the household work. You never even step inside kitchen .Have you ever offered to make tea for me ??? Let one thing be crystal clear in your mind ..even if you have 10 servants at home , you will still have to work !! Understand ???

Limits ! I'm blamed for not entering the kitchen & the fact is that I not only step in kitchen but also raid it. And about learning the household chores , I'm gonna do that ..but... gimme a break ! Please .

Also, if I have 10 servants to do all the household chores for me & I still have to work , then technically speaking , I'd be the poorest person on this earth! Huh
I need a glass of water.Chilled one.And a cuppa cold coffee.

Next few days after this episode , went well.Flew my RC chopper & my stupid cousin flew it so high , that he had to eventually drop it over a rooftop.Earlier it so happened that another cousin of mine didn't stop pulling the trigger & we lost our chopper.So I desperately asked him not to do any such thing & simply pull off the trigger.The chopper crashed , broke & we cannot fly it anymore .But we at least have the dead body this time! I enjoyed flying it , so I didn't do anything to my cousin.No slapping , no punching ..just few taunts for such non-physical blows have a long lasting effect.Not that he is going to buy me a new chopper , but I can get a lot in return by teasing & bullying him every time.

I'm no jackass , I just know how to be the Jack of all kind of benefits. :P

I want a new chopper. [ my dear cousin , are you listening ? ]

And I want to study too.Or else I'll lag behind as always , followed by offering prayers , crying , 11th hour tension , "what-do-i-do??" kind of questions to every living being I know , asking them such things more for a miracle to occur which never occur & then the history repeats - bad scores.

Having my coffee now , which is hot , cold coffee is passe as I have a terrible head ache anyway.

No prize for guessing who 'someone' is!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


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<--- Was 10 times beautiful when seen with naked eyes.

The lions I walked with >>

<--- Belgium Boy ! I bet you thought the kid's a girl :P

Waiting for another plate of hot French fries to arriv
e , I happened to take this snap.

We were taken to this lovely island after being soaked in water. There was a restaurant just as we stepped on the sand.The only one , I guess.
Smart people ..this is how they plan - make people wet after sea walk , take them here , let them shiver & make them eat expensive French fries.