Thursday, July 10, 2008

Uh huh

I'm lazy & have been lazying around.I cannot give one valid reason why I don't do any household work that which I really should.So the atmosphere is all up against me.The stupidest part is that in spite of realising my duties, I never act for them. "Uh, what's the use now ?" I'm like such a jackass.

Someone : Don't you have any responsibility ?? Shouldn't you learn household work ?? When I tell you to do them , you say "later".When is that later going to come ? I'm telling for your own good.You will face lot of problem in your life , if you don't do as I say.

'Lot of problem in your life'...'you will'.Future tense.I know what that indicates. 'Someone' meant to say that after I get married in-laws are going to make me do lot of work . I will have to do all those crappy things at home that I can actually get done by other people by paying them. I hate this future broadcast of my life regarding marriage & all that oh-so-after-you-get-married-jazz. I'm so damn young dammit!

Meanwhile , I stared & clutched my claws for I had to tolerate this loathsome lecture which is in a way an eye-opener but I don't wanna listen anyway!

Someone : Just eat , sleep , watch TV , surf net !! That's all you do! Just studying & attending tutions isn't everything.You are a girl & you have to learn all the household work. You never even step inside kitchen .Have you ever offered to make tea for me ??? Let one thing be crystal clear in your mind ..even if you have 10 servants at home , you will still have to work !! Understand ???

Limits ! I'm blamed for not entering the kitchen & the fact is that I not only step in kitchen but also raid it. And about learning the household chores , I'm gonna do that ..but... gimme a break ! Please .

Also, if I have 10 servants to do all the household chores for me & I still have to work , then technically speaking , I'd be the poorest person on this earth! Huh
I need a glass of water.Chilled one.And a cuppa cold coffee.

Next few days after this episode , went well.Flew my RC chopper & my stupid cousin flew it so high , that he had to eventually drop it over a rooftop.Earlier it so happened that another cousin of mine didn't stop pulling the trigger & we lost our chopper.So I desperately asked him not to do any such thing & simply pull off the trigger.The chopper crashed , broke & we cannot fly it anymore .But we at least have the dead body this time! I enjoyed flying it , so I didn't do anything to my cousin.No slapping , no punching ..just few taunts for such non-physical blows have a long lasting effect.Not that he is going to buy me a new chopper , but I can get a lot in return by teasing & bullying him every time.

I'm no jackass , I just know how to be the Jack of all kind of benefits. :P

I want a new chopper. [ my dear cousin , are you listening ? ]

And I want to study too.Or else I'll lag behind as always , followed by offering prayers , crying , 11th hour tension , "what-do-i-do??" kind of questions to every living being I know , asking them such things more for a miracle to occur which never occur & then the history repeats - bad scores.

Having my coffee now , which is hot , cold coffee is passe as I have a terrible head ache anyway.

No prize for guessing who 'someone' is!


  1. lol..i alwayz use 2 think u talk bout RIDIN chopper bcz CHOPPER is actually a bike..dunno, i guess itz kinda flyin toy yeah, all mums desperately want deir daughters to learn how to mum too tried to drag me to kitchen sometimes..but m lucky enough bcz i have an elder she can cater to emergencies :D...Hey, I did not type mum knowingly..but look, it comes so obvious for us daughters dat for each torture mum is responsible :P .. So, did i Guess it ryt? .. "som1" is yr mum, yeh? :D..hahaa, sry 4 bein irksome !

  2. Lol ! Oh hell , its NOT a toy..thats actually written over that Rc chopper in Red Bold letters :P Yes its a flying object.

    You guessed it right !


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