Friday, November 26, 2010


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=> Why do you give a rat ass about WHY 'someone' did or said something ? Someone whom you just  know.Not even a friend! As long as it doesn't affect you directly or even indirectly ..why do you give a damn ?! Stop stupidifying others ( that's not even  a word , I know ) .
Just because you tag somebody fool , it doesn't make you any bit smarter. You're smart because you're smart and not because someone else is a fool! There's a difference  for crying out loud! :X

=> The only time I swear REAL BAD and am not at all shamed is when I drive.
The traffic is !@$%^&* and the commuters are  !@#$%^&*
Together the traffic sense is horrific !@#$%^&*

=> I was such a cry baby earlier.I went over my diary entries written five years back and I have no idea what the F is all that about! :X  Crap. Real crap.

=>  I've been working out..not consistently but working out nevertheless! Doing yoga too. I would have felt a lil bad if I were to know that I haven't lost any weight. But the fact that I've put on despite all my efforts is driving me crazy! Nothing on earth can be more annoying!!

=> I don't find The Secret applicable to my life. Whatever I've tried attracting - I've only found results to be poles apart.
Ok. . . . the truth is - I have Zero patience.

That's the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The female & male brain!

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My friend tagged me over the Indecision Nucleus ! :P
If you were to consider 'my'  brain and not just the female brain in general..the indecision nucleus would hover over most parts of my brain!

Its not too surprising to see what dominates the male brain ;)  lol and its quite funny :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tales to tell

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My friend's friend soberly claimed that he has eaten tortoise. Another one added that turtles are tasty.Then the tortoise eater argued that turtles are never eaten.Whatever ...why were they even discussing this ?!  I was already disgusted.
Ok , I've heard all kinds of things being eaten..but tortoise ?? WTF!

And there's more. This tortoise eater guy had a friend from Nepal who used to eat dogs. The dog-eater guy told the tortoise eater about this when he was at the latter's home , playing with his pet dog :P lol

We rolled on floor laughing when we got to know that the tortoise eater's pet dog was bitten by another dog :D Hahaa! Lol..the guy sounds fun.I mean his stories does. I should talk to him more.As long as he avoids telling what all he has eaten :-|

If there's anything tortoise reminds me of ..its that when I was a kid - I used to say 'tor-to-toise'  :D Funny memory.And now am so gonna hate  the word tortoise even being mentioned because my brain will process pictures of it being served as meal :S WTF!

* more on brain. Next time.

Friday, November 12, 2010


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Singh Is King
All the Best

I haven't seen all that crap.
I would rather watch an old movie twice ( the one I like ) than spending over such bullshit. But then , I went to see Golmaal 3 ( and previously dabangg as well - for which I didn't pay :P so I don't count it )
The first half bored me. The second half made me laugh in instalments at the stupidity. No real humor! No wise cracks. Bekar! [ I was told the movie is awesome !! ]

The funny part about these movies isn't that they are ridiculous -- its that somebody on earth could even think of it!!  

Note : You can still watch golmaal 3. I just can't take that kind of stuff. Maybe you won't find it bad.

--- I spent 600 bucks in two days on movie , popcorn , diet coke , subway sandwich , chilli paneer and fuel :P Its not a good thing!! What happened to being miser ?? :P
I'm running out of my saved money ( Saved is all that I was given for shopping - over few months! - or income earned from several wonderful Indian traditions  :D  ..all of that which I never spent )

I'm waiting for Due date & The Social Network to release.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How does festival and guilt taste ?

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I really loathe it when discussions at home within extended family turn to studies and careers.
 I mean , of course that's bound to happen since the most talked about topics are - the stock market and other business related stuff - But I seriously dislike it.

Its like my guilt syrup.

I don't know what's happening.Where life is moving.What's going to happen. Of course nobody knows that...but the point is I'm tired of all my questions. Not a single one is being answered. Not a single road is unblocked. Not a single step has been made. Either I backtrack or I simply don't turn up. Either I'm a coward or I'm pushing away the opportunities  ( that's a big word for whatever came knocking at my door )
Or I'm just a loser.

Whatever it is...all I know is 'waiting' for something good to happen won't happen at all , after- all.
Worse is I don't even have wild ideas. Crazy I mean.Something I'd just take up for a revolution and do it , come rain or shine.As for the routine non-crazy ideas ...I don't have enough conviction.

Basically I feel the part of my brain which is supposed to generate ideas is rusted.

What the hell! :O

-*-*-* Diwali *-*-*

Food food food! That's all I can say of this Diwali. Ate a lot!
Please note :  all mouth watering dishes eaten at one meal never count. Its so unfair! You cannot decide which one you should invest more on :P

Diwali night was fun.Feeded my bro's  mind [ 5.5 yrs old ] with all the pollution and 'you are destroying our planet' lecture. He wanted to give up firing crackers! He was so moved :P
" I won't fire crackers on Diwali "
Then whats the point if you plan to fire them later ? :S
" No on diwali..the entire world must be firing crackers nooo! So I won't add to the pollution. I'll fire crackers the next day. "
Very smart , lol :)
The tactic kinda worked though.He doesn't want to buy too many crackers next year :D

I'm not much into crackers myself. Not that I'm scared. I'm just not into it. And yeah the amount of pollution a handful of crackers can bring about - is definitely a turn off.
This year however a lot of crackers were burnt in my colony unlike last year.Made up for the 'festival' feel. Then lots of sweets!! And also lot of neighbours came down to wish unlike before.I didn't step into the house of single one though. There were too many things that kept me occupied. Plus , I don't even have to mention how much fun my cousins are to be with =)

Summing up : enjoyable! Time flied ~~~~~~ which it does , when you are having a good time!