Friday, November 19, 2010

The female & male brain!

My friend tagged me over the Indecision Nucleus ! :P
If you were to consider 'my'  brain and not just the female brain in general..the indecision nucleus would hover over most parts of my brain!

Its not too surprising to see what dominates the male brain ;)  lol and its quite funny :D


  1. haha...that brain thing is insane...but sadly, its true.....

  2. True. every bit of the second pic is true.

    ok bit of first one too ;)

  3. haan lol i had seen this. quite funny! loved dono ka!!

  4. finally back to blogging word after long time...he he he that was hilarious...

  5. LOL!!! What I found funniest in the male's brain was the "toilet aiming cell"!!

  6. lol :) female brain: i can relate o indecisive nucleus, shopping, sense of direction neuron & shoe/handbag co ordination completely!! Am however committment-phobic!!!

  7. its not that a male mind always keeps thinking of sex..!!sometimes we even think of flaunting it........!!he he he...........
    try checking out my blog and commenting on the following u for a long tym hope so someday u'll return thr favour..!!

  8. lol!! Yeah i had read this before.


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