Sunday, November 7, 2010

How does festival and guilt taste ?

I really loathe it when discussions at home within extended family turn to studies and careers.
 I mean , of course that's bound to happen since the most talked about topics are - the stock market and other business related stuff - But I seriously dislike it.

Its like my guilt syrup.

I don't know what's happening.Where life is moving.What's going to happen. Of course nobody knows that...but the point is I'm tired of all my questions. Not a single one is being answered. Not a single road is unblocked. Not a single step has been made. Either I backtrack or I simply don't turn up. Either I'm a coward or I'm pushing away the opportunities  ( that's a big word for whatever came knocking at my door )
Or I'm just a loser.

Whatever it is...all I know is 'waiting' for something good to happen won't happen at all , after- all.
Worse is I don't even have wild ideas. Crazy I mean.Something I'd just take up for a revolution and do it , come rain or shine.As for the routine non-crazy ideas ...I don't have enough conviction.

Basically I feel the part of my brain which is supposed to generate ideas is rusted.

What the hell! :O

-*-*-* Diwali *-*-*

Food food food! That's all I can say of this Diwali. Ate a lot!
Please note :  all mouth watering dishes eaten at one meal never count. Its so unfair! You cannot decide which one you should invest more on :P

Diwali night was fun.Feeded my bro's  mind [ 5.5 yrs old ] with all the pollution and 'you are destroying our planet' lecture. He wanted to give up firing crackers! He was so moved :P
" I won't fire crackers on Diwali "
Then whats the point if you plan to fire them later ? :S
" No on diwali..the entire world must be firing crackers nooo! So I won't add to the pollution. I'll fire crackers the next day. "
Very smart , lol :)
The tactic kinda worked though.He doesn't want to buy too many crackers next year :D

I'm not much into crackers myself. Not that I'm scared. I'm just not into it. And yeah the amount of pollution a handful of crackers can bring about - is definitely a turn off.
This year however a lot of crackers were burnt in my colony unlike last year.Made up for the 'festival' feel. Then lots of sweets!! And also lot of neighbours came down to wish unlike before.I didn't step into the house of single one though. There were too many things that kept me occupied. Plus , I don't even have to mention how much fun my cousins are to be with =)

Summing up : enjoyable! Time flied ~~~~~~ which it does , when you are having a good time!


  1. Wishing u a happy diwali and a prosperous new year :)

    I absolutely hate diwali crackers..excessive noise pollution and air pollution...

    Yeah..these discussions r bound to happen..marus n their obsession with stock market and business :P and of course

    unanswered questns r hardly ever answered..i guess our subconscious has the soln to all our problems..turn to ur subconscious mind..

    God bls u!

  2. Happy Diwali dear! Yes i have always seen that the good times pass real quick, and here i am at work to today....had to drag myself out of the bed. :|

    I have stopped bursting crackers from the past 8 yrs or so. Seriously dont like the amount of pollution that it leads to.

  3. Happy Diwali!! I am also recovering from the food and sweets I ate on diwali!!

  4. Happy Diwali.. i ate a lotta sweets n burst so many crackers does that make me a rebel @ ya place?;)

  5. heyyy...yeahhh!!!
    belated happy diwali!!!

    Had a lotta fun too....n green diwali....uhhh....I'm guilty of polluting air big tym....!!


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