Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Message Log 6 : Universally Applicable

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e1 ] 'FUCK' is the only word which can be used to express many feelings :
Revenge - Fuck you!
Failure    - I'm fucked!
Anxiety  - What the fuck is happening ?
Anger    - Get the fuck out of here !
Curious  - How the fuck did you do that ?
Pride     - I'm a fucking genuis!
Victory  - I have won that fucking competition!
Request - Please fuck off!
Sad        - Why the fuck does this happen to me ?!
Lust       - Oh! fuck me baby!

2 ] What is 'Love' ?
In France : Comedy
In England : Tragedy
In Germany : Drama
In India...

National game hai! Sab khelte hai ! ( National game.Everybody plays )

3 ] When you don't know about TREE
Tie a Goat to a tree and explain about GOAT.
That's how we attempt questions.
COMMERCE students! :-)

4 ] Whenever you think life is boring , just call me...
I will come there and hold your hands and we will go for a walk on a big river bridge.
There I will show you

5 ] Socrates was once asked -
What is the cure for 'Love at first sight' ?
The philosopher replied -
" Take a close second look.It helps"

6 ] It seems the great word STUDYING was derived from the two words :
Students + Dying

7 ] At marriage fuctions ..old people used to pull my cheeks and say "You are NEXT"
Now they stopped.
Because I started doing the same thing to them at

8 ] Most relationships fail not because of the absence of love.
Love is always present
Its just that..
One Loves
and Other Loves

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stupid + Kickass = Fun

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Before the hangover dawns over me & I sulk...I'd better scribble things with the exact amount of bottle full of excitement ,  hyper-ness , happiness and having fun -  right as I drank it moments ago.

It was my friend Kunal's bday yesterday [ 11th Jan ] and am only going to talk about the bday gift.
Never in my life have I spend so much time and effort in arranging a b'day gift.

It all began in morning.20th Birthday.So Rads , RT and myself decided to gift him 20 different things.
Since we were tight on budget ..we decided to gift him 20 stupid things.
Smart , aren't we ? :P

- Rads made a bag out of handmade paper and just because we cldn't find all 20 things in time that we had  listed  - we tagged the bag as a part of gift.
See I said we are smart.

- Kunal has a habit of calling anyone randomly Zandu
I guess he uses that as a substitute for tube light or dumbo.
So there we had it.Zamdu balm for him :D An actual one.
With every gift we added a caption/tag line.
For this we wrote the advertisement song of the product. :D

-  he says tube light a bit too often , so we added a bunch of fibre bulbs to the bag
Tag Line : Do you know you are combination of tiny tubelights ? :P

- Rads told me he showed off his electronic brush to her once which he got from London.
So she suggested that we give him an Indian brush :D
Colgate toothbrush.
Tag line : Indian brush for Indian stay.
He gave a colgate smile after seeing that =)

- He recently said he doesn't comb his hair.Dunno why : |
Tag line : Atleast comb your hair now! ( If you have any :P )

- He could drink tea all day.
A small pack of Tea
Tag Line : OMG! You have an addiction!
[ His reaction to this was simply great.Proudly approved ]

- Loves Ferro Rochers.
A small pack again.
Tag Line : Unche log , unchi pasand
[ He always comments dramatically..." big people" .
So there we made it even with the tag :P ]

- The 4 of us happened to talk about bournvita/horlicks/boost etc few days back and as it came out he seemed to like bournvita just too much
A pack of Bournvita
Tag Line : Bournvita Boy!!

Kellogg's Chocos.
[ We got him something else instead of the chocos that he usually eats ]
Tag Line : Koi nahi...kha le kha le.

- A black belt
Tag Line : Its high time you stop using the red one.
lol the funny part is he was wearing the red belt during the bday celebration.

- He grew a beard few weeks back though he usually doesn't do that.But anyway..we got another point :D 
Shaving cream
Tag Line : Please shave and help us recognize you!

- A scrapbook with its cover reading :  
 Kool Knucklehead
 Uniquely stupid
 Naturally dumb
 Adorably devil
 Legendary Fool

- Pickle
Tag Line : Aao banaye..Khakre aur Theple behter :P

-Red Rose
Tag Line : Don't forward it to any of your girlfriends!

- A Pillow.
This was Radz and RT's idea.
Rads told me that RT got a pillow instead of soft toy and that the pillow was of cow's shape :O
Then when he unwrapped the looked like a tortoise.But RT still claimed that it was a cow since  there were horns on the head.Lol
Tag Line : We decided to do something great on your birthday.So we are having you put to sleep :P

- A coffee mug with his sun sign embossed.
Tag Line : Ahh finally a gift.We aren't that bad afterall!

- Since its the season of Kite flying..we gave him 3 Kites and wrote our entire list of gifts over it , warned him never ever to tear that off and also asked to keep it as a souvenir :P

 - 3 things were still on balance.So we wrote over the kites :
Oye! What are you still looking for ? Why do you have such three wonderful friends for ?  :D
Quick stick idea.

On such short notice..I mean all of this was decided , bought and arranged yest itself - we did a good job.Sure we could have added a lot more stuff that could have been of more use but overall , giving to his likes /dislikes and all that we know about him - the gifts were perfect! :D

Thing we couldn't find on time were -  those chocolates in the form of cigarettes to tease him [ since he abhors the idea of smoking ] A can of red bull.
He's too much into planes and we aren't experts to design planes and create models like him ..therefore we had thought of giving him a toy aeroplane.

The most amazing part was to shop for all of these things and add tags to them.I mean the heights of stupidity was discovered when we were debating over the taglines!
I was explaining something to RT about how the messages are to be added/not to be added in the scrapbook.When I stopped explaining , she said "Ok we'll do it" At the same time I said " that's not the way we have to do it"
I could write a book on her.She is that much of a character =) A really funny one.

Stupid gifts idea is FUN- Kisi ki kheechni ho toh:D
Kunal is lucky to have friends like us.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Culture Vulture

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My parents say Slumber parties are 'not in our culture'
I'd like to know if there's anything AT ALL* in our culture ?

*favorable to me.

I'm eager to adopt any other culture that allows me freedom for convenient camaraderie.

My clan needs to be taught about what FRIENDSHIP means.A brand new detailed definition.
That goes in my list of things to do before I die.

I'll animate like one of those Yahoo audibles
Badabing Badaboom Baadabong  ...Sucker!
@ Culture

Sunday, January 3, 2010

December Rewind

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Nik : Am I looking fine ? How about my hair ? [ playing with his hair every 2 mins ]
Me : Abs fine! Your hair's fine too! Stop worrying so much!
Nik : No yaaar! Look at the pics.I don't find my hair good in the pics!
Big B : Hmm so that means your hair isn't photogenic.
I love that line :D

Nik , however , would have killed me if at all I'd asked him one more time about my hairdo.But I didn't pester him much because I kinda like my haircut this time around.( Which is quite an achievement + I've been getting compliments for my brand new 350 bucks haircut which is helping me not feel guilty about spending so much on a haircut! )

I have spent a wonderful , delightful and one of the best December ends of the decade.
> Attended Jal The Band's Live concert ..yes yes the same Dil haray and Sajini fame band and although the concert wasn't all that , I cannot stop bragging about being there :P At least to those who weren't there that Sunday night.The rest of the lot know what a pathetic concert it was.Or I must rightly blame the music system arrangements. But anyway , I had fun.So it doesn't make sense to complain.
Nothing beats the feeling of standing high in a crowd ( i.e on a chair ) and waving your hand and shouting our loud on guitar strings.

> had my recently engaged cousin sis Bubble out here for a week along with her bro Nik and the three of us spent an amazing time together along with my Set A cousins + friends.
The best part was that my friends gelled well along with both sets of my cousins.

> celebrated Cute Little Brat's 5th birthday which was simply great!
Had snow fight using snow spray! Its quite a great idea and a neat one - replacing smudging cake on each other.
Sang old songs while playing rapid fire.I should have taken notes on that because I completely forgot those liners that had everyone in splits.
And of course...amazing food that night!

> New year's ever at the city's most prominent club! Eye-delight decoration , fantastic DJ and a much more fantastic crowd :D I felt a bit weird since I do not have that little black dress and 80% of women out there wore the elegant outfit.I was surprised at the fact that there are so many good looking people in Ngp.But  facts apart , I enjoyed w/o sulking. The max. I cld crib was that my school- mates-group were dancing right next to me and I couldn't join them because they never asked me! :|
Just as a footnote : Socializing in school very imporant.
Socializing after school with school pals very very imporant!
Because friends you make at school or the time when you just enter your teens are the best AND forever kind.
Regrets.Maybe I should sulk now ?!

> Chocolate mousse , Tuscan and Triple layer chocolate are the best choc pastries I've ever had.

> Nik and I went for a walk at 11 after a heavy dinner.
Empty lanes.Cold night.Beggars on street.Whistle of the watchman.Huge trees
[ I'm trying to bring some kind of scary sentiment here , ok ? ]
Nik : Do you believe in vampires ?
Me : No. That's not going to scare me dude!
Nik : Ok..Bhoot ??  Atma ?
Me : Haha
Nik : Arre bol na..accha God ?
Me : Yeah of course
Nik : Then why don't you belive in ghosts ?
Me : Pata nahi re...tu chal abhi ghar!
After 5 mins
Nik : Hey..sun..didn't you feel a bit warm when we crossed that turn ?? And see here its cold!
Me : lame! what kind of drama is this now ? No its pretty cold at both the places.
Nik : Nooo...chal mere saath wapas.Wahan par kuch ajeeb tha..pata hai tujhe kyon ?
Me:  Am going  home.Bye
Nik : Laughing Arre chal na..
Me : I'm not going back.Not that am scared...but that beggar out there is staring us badly.
Nik : Pulling me badly and laughing. Arre chal
Me : Nooooo.  I don't know whether I was laughing or screaming :P
Nik : Ok fine
Nik : Look back..that beggar's following us
*Not looking back*
Nik : Arrre...
*Turned back...skeptically while running*
Nik : Hahaha! Koi nahi hai wahan! Darpok!

Huh.Ok am not scared of bhoot pret vampire whatever.But am sicking scared of beggars out here.They look as if they are dead corpses brought out alive.And the way they stare at seems like they are going to kill you.

*This is supposed to be an exclusive all-joy-post.I have a lot of philosophical confusion , complication/questions to add too but  I'll save that for some other time.