Sunday, January 3, 2010

December Rewind

Nik : Am I looking fine ? How about my hair ? [ playing with his hair every 2 mins ]
Me : Abs fine! Your hair's fine too! Stop worrying so much!
Nik : No yaaar! Look at the pics.I don't find my hair good in the pics!
Big B : Hmm so that means your hair isn't photogenic.
I love that line :D

Nik , however , would have killed me if at all I'd asked him one more time about my hairdo.But I didn't pester him much because I kinda like my haircut this time around.( Which is quite an achievement + I've been getting compliments for my brand new 350 bucks haircut which is helping me not feel guilty about spending so much on a haircut! )

I have spent a wonderful , delightful and one of the best December ends of the decade.
> Attended Jal The Band's Live concert ..yes yes the same Dil haray and Sajini fame band and although the concert wasn't all that , I cannot stop bragging about being there :P At least to those who weren't there that Sunday night.The rest of the lot know what a pathetic concert it was.Or I must rightly blame the music system arrangements. But anyway , I had fun.So it doesn't make sense to complain.
Nothing beats the feeling of standing high in a crowd ( i.e on a chair ) and waving your hand and shouting our loud on guitar strings.

> had my recently engaged cousin sis Bubble out here for a week along with her bro Nik and the three of us spent an amazing time together along with my Set A cousins + friends.
The best part was that my friends gelled well along with both sets of my cousins.

> celebrated Cute Little Brat's 5th birthday which was simply great!
Had snow fight using snow spray! Its quite a great idea and a neat one - replacing smudging cake on each other.
Sang old songs while playing rapid fire.I should have taken notes on that because I completely forgot those liners that had everyone in splits.
And of course...amazing food that night!

> New year's ever at the city's most prominent club! Eye-delight decoration , fantastic DJ and a much more fantastic crowd :D I felt a bit weird since I do not have that little black dress and 80% of women out there wore the elegant outfit.I was surprised at the fact that there are so many good looking people in Ngp.But  facts apart , I enjoyed w/o sulking. The max. I cld crib was that my school- mates-group were dancing right next to me and I couldn't join them because they never asked me! :|
Just as a footnote : Socializing in school very imporant.
Socializing after school with school pals very very imporant!
Because friends you make at school or the time when you just enter your teens are the best AND forever kind.
Regrets.Maybe I should sulk now ?!

> Chocolate mousse , Tuscan and Triple layer chocolate are the best choc pastries I've ever had.

> Nik and I went for a walk at 11 after a heavy dinner.
Empty lanes.Cold night.Beggars on street.Whistle of the watchman.Huge trees
[ I'm trying to bring some kind of scary sentiment here , ok ? ]
Nik : Do you believe in vampires ?
Me : No. That's not going to scare me dude!
Nik : Ok..Bhoot ??  Atma ?
Me : Haha
Nik : Arre bol na..accha God ?
Me : Yeah of course
Nik : Then why don't you belive in ghosts ?
Me : Pata nahi re...tu chal abhi ghar!
After 5 mins
Nik : Hey..sun..didn't you feel a bit warm when we crossed that turn ?? And see here its cold!
Me : lame! what kind of drama is this now ? No its pretty cold at both the places.
Nik : Nooo...chal mere saath wapas.Wahan par kuch ajeeb tha..pata hai tujhe kyon ?
Me:  Am going  home.Bye
Nik : Laughing Arre chal na..
Me : I'm not going back.Not that am scared...but that beggar out there is staring us badly.
Nik : Pulling me badly and laughing. Arre chal
Me : Nooooo.  I don't know whether I was laughing or screaming :P
Nik : Ok fine
Nik : Look back..that beggar's following us
*Not looking back*
Nik : Arrre...
*Turned back...skeptically while running*
Nik : Hahaha! Koi nahi hai wahan! Darpok!

Huh.Ok am not scared of bhoot pret vampire whatever.But am sicking scared of beggars out here.They look as if they are dead corpses brought out alive.And the way they stare at seems like they are going to kill you.

*This is supposed to be an exclusive all-joy-post.I have a lot of philosophical confusion , complication/questions to add too but  I'll save that for some other time.


  1. Your bragging of a not so great concert reminded me of how we friends after watching a pathetic movie, 'Raincoat' (ajay devgan,aish), came out with all false praises and cajoled a friend to go watch it the late night show after office, with phrases like "go watch it, it will blow off ur mind, nothing of that sort has been made in bollywood yet, its a silent killer'. He rushed to catch it the same day, late night and came back the next day swearing at all of us. LOL, we loved it!!

  2. interesting n funny post i wud say. :P

  3. Happy New Year :)

    You don't like beggars and you cannot stop bragg(er)ing :)

    Yups.. school friends are the actual friends without selfishness! :)

  4. Haha... mast post ;)

    Main toh bahut badi darpok hun.. u r better ;)

    Post more often naa.. u r fun to read...

  5. hahahaa.. enjoyed your all-joy-post.. :)

    but yaar mujhe bhi lag raha hai ke you're scared of ghosts.. :P

    seems you've welcomed the new year with a bang.. ;)

    Happy New Year! :)

  6. That was Dhamakedaar December..!!

  7. Funny post...updated my blog.


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