Saturday, December 26, 2009

X'mas '09

After going to the Church  , we all headed to this restaurant called Mustard.
While we were going though the usual  "You say" game of deciding what is to be ordered , one my friend's suggested we'd play Dare & Stare.
 I was busy talking to Tez who was telling me some of the things Chetan Bhagat said in the speech in their coll yesterday itself.It was funny.
Like one was where he was asked  why he always had the couples in his novel making out before marriage to which he said that there are two types of couples - one who make out before marriage and one who make out after marriage and that his novels only contained the latter ones.
Quite simple , huh ? lol

Then he mentioned how he was once asked something on similar lines "Aapko ye sab shobha deta hai ?" to which he said " Han shobha toh mujhe hee degi na "
lol .. He cracked a lot of double meaning jokes.

Anyway , so the bottle hit my direction and I chose dare after much manipulation.
And what did they ask me to do ?
Take order for a large group of old-looking people sitting at the other end.
I refused.No amount of 'coward' remarks could make me do that.
how lame.I mean it wasn't that big a deal.I was threatened I'd be expelled from our recently made group that we I named Sizzlers.As if I could be expelled :P All jokes.And number of taunts + harmless insults.I actually didn't feel bad for me.
Then a friend of mine did it on by behalf and I excused myself by saying that she's a hostelite and quite used to such things.

I need to be sporty.That kept buzzing in my head.But then it wasn't important and it didn't matter.To hell with everyone , I'm never consciously  going to do anything stupid in a crowd.Although when everyone started telling me  their tales of real adventurous dares , I felt a bit guilty.
Its OK , ok ? All guilt absorbed by Chinese food.Amen

While commuting ..we played out the music loudly , pulled down the windows , sang as loudly as we could and danced like maniacs.I hadn't laughed so much in last one month or so as much I did yesterday.


  1. Ooh...that was a dare!!!
    Seems u had gr8 fun too!!:)

  2. In truth and dare ..always choose Truth..always always, coz when u say somethng u only know if u are saying the truth or not :P

    I have started realizing lately that Chetan Bhagat is a Jazbaati aadmi !!

  3. hahahah gud 1.hav a nice nd masti wala new year eve tooo.

  4. Chetan Bhagat knows that Sex sells!

    Dare and stare is a new thing I've heard. :)

    gud to hv fun! :)

    keep enjoying!

  5. talking abt pure fun dare is ur choice

  6. interesting encounter....chinese food makes me drool!! :P

  7. *sigh* Frenz and the fun we have when we are with them...

    :) Great to knw u had fun... I think, u cud have give the dare bit a lil try... *winks*

  8. isnt truth easier than dare?

    or am i dreamin?


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