Monday, December 21, 2009


I check the msg log and call duration each and every time I unlock my cellphone without any purpose.Sometimes I do it twice or thrice after I've spoken to someone or sent a text.I like to keep a track but 70% of the time I do so - is because I'm simply addicted!

Reading newspaper is must for me wherein it certainly doesn't matter what section of News I read , but I have to scan the front page + read the 3 cartoons on second page .Those are amusingly witty.Popeye is plain stupid but that's one thing which doesn't annoy me respite all the grammar tangles and the spelling loops.My day feels incomplete w/o it.And yes reading reviews on Sats is a must too.

No matter how cold it is - I cannot sleep w/o the fan on.
I'll put three blankets over me if required , but I won't ever turn off the fan.

I have a habit of asking "Where did you get that from?" every single time I see a friend/cousin in a b'ful outfit! I cannot resist asking that nor can I stop pestering until I am given a proper answer ! So many of the ones I know keep their shopping destinations a big secret.At the end , it wouldn't even matter to me because I never seem to make a plan 'Ah yes..I will go there now' . I just like to know what place on earth contains the good stuff since I'm almost always jinxed when it comes to shopping.
And not just in case of outfits - my jaws & vocal cords react spontaneously after seeing great shoes , bags , junk jewellery and watches too !

I laugh a little too much at times.Even when there's nothing funny about what is being said.On top of that ,  I'm quite a tubelight because I laugh a bit late.

Few ( selective ) people I meet or have met for a short while or have been with for a long time have a strange influence on me.I get a hangover of their style of speaking or body language.Not that I try copying them..but I involuntarily start talking like them , for a few mins to be precise.
Dunno what kind of rare IN-FLU-ENCE it is.


  1. hmm. the unreasonables.. I am trying to reason out why you want to square a circle. That comes under the list too eh? :P

  2. nice unreasonables..

    & merry christmas in advance :)

  3. Well..Those are confessions of a sugary sweet heart!!:)

  4. You are one helluva IN-FLU-ENCED bright tubelight :D

  5. I copy accents, sleep wid one blanket & 3 pillows (at least), check my phone every 5 mins, wink 1t least 20 times a day and sing loudly all of a sudden and frighten people around me :P

    it's is rare too :D

  6. Influence is very powerful! true to the core.

    Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to ya Suga! Stay 'sweet' like u always r :)


  7. i do the fan thing just like you..
    may be without the sound, its so silent i can't take it..


  8. hahahahahahaha !! u dunno how much we have in common.

    the fan bit, i do it too. involuntarily picking up the speaking style of any place i am in. cannot brush without reading a nwspaper. dt cartoons rock.... its like a frikkin ritual. have a habit of saying " aur kya chal raha hai" i say it so much that people say it for me when they see me approaching :D

  9. yayy! 1,3 and 5 apply to me too :P

  10. those were some interesting addictions.

  11. hmm.... iam addicted to my phone too..
    i prefer to callit habit :)
    sounds better that way!!

  12. - Parth
    lol :)..yes that's in the list too :D

    - Rahil
    To you too , thx!

    - Jaunty
    Not confessions really.Just those habitual things bout me that I do not find weird.
    And I must do something bout my blogger name.It is deceptive.
    I'm not sweet!

    - Karan
    Haha! Thx thx :)

    - Peter
    3 pillows! and winking ?! :D
    sahi hai
    LOL @ sing loudly all of a sudden and scare people ! Ye toh ekdum hee sahi hai ! :P

    - Keshi
    Thank you so much Keshi! Wish you the same! Keep rocking!

    - Princess
    Haha! Bingo! Now I guess I've found a reason as to why I cannot sleep w/o the fan on.

    - Sentenced
    lol.. Toh Aur kya chal raha hai ? :P
    Hehe yeah looks like we do have a lot in common.
    Am so glad about the cartoon part :P Hi-5 mate!

    - Orange
    Oh is it ? 1-3-5 same pinch then :P

    - Ria
    Hmm these are not addictions.
    Only obsessions.

    - Sorcerer
    There's hardly anyone I have come to know who is not addicted to their cell phone. And yes..its true , it turns out to be more of a habit.
    Checking msg log and call duration isn't exactly an addiction for me..more of a consistent habit :P

  13. hhehehehhehe..God u r sooooo cute...muah...hugs :)

    u r just too innocent and sweet

  14. !

    Cell phones! hehe!

    Hmm. newspaper reading is gud in any case!

    Sleeping with fans is okay but thats because where you live! :)

    You are a girl. It's Okay!

    hmmm.. but atleast not to mock them! At least in front of them!


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