Monday, November 30, 2009

Multi Avtar

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Ok ..this is weird! I haven't written/posted since last 10 days which is the longest break I've had in updating my blog in last few months.

There's not much happening to mention as it is.

Been out with cousins for movie.
Had a mini get-together where we all talked non-stop.
Consoled my friend ..over some difficult to understand situation of hers.Painting morale for someone else which I don't myself have at the moment!
Its so contradictory to tell someone not to worry or think too much or feel low - when you yourself are going through the same - in a diff situation alltogether - but feelings remaining exactly that way.

I wasn't completely sure of the gyaan I gave to my friend who herself added "Mai paagal hoon" as a footnote after she explained me the complication going in her head.
I tried making sense or tried not losing my mind.Whichever.I tried.
And then I recd a msg - "Thx for your enduring words.Lucky to have a friend like you"
I did make sense , afterall!
That made my day - to make someone else's day!

But I have also been losing my mind.I'm wicked these days.

I felt like Big B had a point.I do have a multi-personality or something close to it.Maybe.

Or maybe I'm plain cinical to think of it.

But then ..Its terrible when I have enough proofs to prove my multi-Avatar.

And then I cry Because
> I feel heartless.
> Sometimes Because I THINK that my brother hates me ( lol but I FEEL my lil sibling loves me!)
> I see no direction in life.
> Am tired of begging people to help me out.

Amongst everything - I've realized Nobody is going to help me out anymore.I've to make a decision for myself.It could be as if jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire - but I should take a chance for I'll at least get to JUMP! lol
Or it could turn into something great.Which I'm hoping praying dying for.

P2 said to me quite teasingly that I pull out all my frustration over my blog.That made me laugh and yes it is true.But partly- because I do not vent out ALL of my frustration.Just in pieces.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unique Chapter Cases

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I had a good time today and in fact this entire week if I rewind back.
*Mom's supporting me to go out of town.She is in fact helping me cajole dad too.Its incredible! I was 100% sure that no matter's never going to let me go out and there was no point talking to her about it ( I had tried once a couple of months back ) but looks like my sudden interest in cooking , religiously appearing in kitchen & learning stuff w/o making faces is working like magic :P I still cannot believe mom is being so cool about this! And I also can't believe that I am actually enjoying cooking.Its easy! The problem with anything that appears easy to me is that I want to do so much in one day that which I wldn't otherwise for an entire year.I just cannot wait to learn to cook different cuisines! Mind blowing , on my part.I'm surprising myself a lot these days.

*I watched a good movie after a long time - 2012
When D-tune asked me how I found it , I said "Good good..the graphics were incredible.They could have done something with climax though...and you know.."
D-tune : You're talking about graphics ?? And you have a problem with the climax too ???

She only meant that I could answer the question in one simple word - Good or Bad.
But I cannot resist on giving a detailed account of how I find a movie :P
Actually..this is one of those things one should avoid asking me.
I remember I'd watched 300 and Awin asked me how I found it .My reply was "Oh well..Its very violent..Great though..I loved it..but you know..this and you know that.."
He too then joked/mocked/teased ( whichever of the three it was ) that why couldn't I simply answer good or bad ?? Watchable or not ??
Now How do I explain everyone that I simply suck at answering 'How was the movie?'
Even worse ..I find it difficult to tell my top most Fav movies ! I never have an answer for that :| Mind blowing! And all I was planning was to join a Film Institute :P They'll chase me out of there the moment I tell them I don't know what to answer to fav movie! Chapter case.

*As for today , I went out with Tez ..where a temple :P She had asked for some mannat relating to her health or exams and as far as I know you are never really supposed to tell what you've asked for in return of what as in the mannat , isn't it ?? I don't know much.All I was asked was to accompany her to temple.My focus majorly remained on the food.What we are going to eat and where.So although I insisted her on going to Bistro to have sizzlers ..we finally ended up in an okyaish restaurant just next to the Bistro.And then began the great journey of deciding what to order.I told her that we could still move out of there and go next and binge on sizzlers.But she said that since we have already taken seats and drank water , we sld order something.I thought..this girl thinks so much - so much for the restaurant owner/manager and waiters.How much was it going to matter if we walk out anyway ? Talk about being polite.

So then we ordered Tea.I first said Tea , then coffee and then tea again.After 15 mins..I asked her if it was better to order something here itself and not change our destination ? Both of us were confused.Both of us were OK with whatever the other one said.And so none of us could decide what to do.I found that entire confusion so funny :D Then finally , we both settled for the same place.As it is I didn't carry much cash and Bistro would have cost me 5 ccd cold coffees.
What we ordered next and ate has definitely turned into a sizzler in my stomach.South Indian ( Dosa ) + Amercian Choupsey followed by tea and then pani puri. What a combination! Mind blowing :P

But all this is nothing compared to the talks we had.I laughed crazily and I love it and miss it.While laughing ..I spilled the tea over me :P which only assured me that I drop or break things I get my hands on! Amazing! I do it as a ritual.
Ritual reminds me ..I asked her if she said/asked for something when she prayed in the temple and she gave me a look as if inquiring if I had been to a temple for the first time.Yes , she said and asked me Why , very skeptically.
And we have another chapter case.
I don't usually ask for anything.I go BLANK , I told her.

lol ..we must have laughed so much on that :D But its true..I really go blank.
I completely forget my sole purpose of praying - to transfer my list of wants and needs mentally and spiritually to the one who is listening.But its not like I don't have any recorded message playing in my head.
I join my hands , close of eyes and I chant 3-4 verses of everyday prayers almost 3-4 times.
lol...its not sounding funny now that I'm writing about it but when I told Tez about my praying techniques - She laughed like a maniac.And so did I.
I mean..seriously.What is it with me ? I'm obsessed with repeating verses.Simple ones.
"Tvame-va Mata" Or "Vakratund Mahakaya"
I have this whim that if I don't repeat those chants..I will be cursed.It happens automatically.I just cannot stop myself from being a tape recorder.And I don't mind it + I don't think its a problem to God if you go on saying the same verse again and again instead of practically praying for something.

I loved every bit of the time I spent today.Was fun.The best thing about Tez and my friendship is that we NEVER run out of things to talk about.When we used to go gym together , someone once said to me "both of you seem to be here only to work your JAWS out" :P
Sometimes we happen to discuss the same things if neither of us have anything fresh to mention but I never get bored , nor does she.
Its the same with D-tune and me.In fact , with D-tune I have a unique equation.Our tastes in reading , movies , songs are almost similar.Mind blowing :D
These two people have been helpful in keeping me Sane.Tankoo Tez and D-tune :P

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tu Jaane Na...

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How could I miss mentioning this song ?? Its awesome! Also , its been pictured BEAUTIFULLY!

Its been shot in Turkey.The feel of the song increases ten folds with the video.Now this is the kind of thing I call 'superb' - Amazing choice of location , great angels ..a goddess like actress (Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous as always..but the point I wanted to make is that her outfit in the song is equally gorgeous :P ) , a smoking hot actor + a heart-tugging soul stirring song.
What more can you ask for a visual treat ?!

Kaise batayein..
Kyon tujhko chahein

Yaara bata na payee..

Batein dilo ki
dekho jo baki

ankhein tujhe samjhaye..

Tu Jaane Na..

The song has a Sufi touch to it , making it my fav.The lyrics are good too :)
And of course , I have resumed liking listening to Atif Aslam.

** Bubble got engaged.I'm so excited for her.No I guess I'm just excited about having another wedding in family :D Its gonna be a lot of fun!
I wish though..I could attend the luncheon party tomorrow.I really wanted to be there for her.
Don't wanna get melo dramatic.She doesn't need me at the moment. Nobody on earth who's just engaged needs anyone in their life till the craze settles to normality :P But she certainly wants me there!! I'm the first one to whom she broke the news of her engagement.

Argh! I feel a little bad.I've been extremely mean to her.And here..during the most happiest moment of her life - she's been cajoling me to no end to come down when she sld have actually spent that time in deciding what she has to wear :P
I thought I could make up for at least one of those mean times by attending the small function tomorrow.But I cannot go.Crap crap crap!
Just wishing I turn up for the formal engagement ceremony and of course the wedding!

I still cannot believe the girl who's been getting wedding proposals since she was 15 -is finally getting married!! :D On a funny note - I wonder what ppl are left to talk about , now that miss cynosure is going to tie the knot :P
Ankey's already getting the jitters."Its my no. after hers..damn!" haha! I couldn't stop laughing when she texted that.

And although I had unofficially taken an oath that I'm never going to dance on stage - I've decided to put that resolution on hold. I don't mind making a fool of myself again - its Bubble's wedding afterall.

My jeeju is very handsome , I heard.Bubble deserved someone very good looking as it is and everything else too seems to have fallen into place.Perfect!
Bubble gum! Congratulations ..very happy for you !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ajab Gajab : Life and movie

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Some things in life are so ajab gajab.
I'm not mad/ angry or upset with my friends for not understanding me when the least I want them to do is - understand, if not support.
But if there's anything that sucks even more - it is how I fail to explain.
And some times..its really very important to explain.Nobody's clairvoyant - not with emotions.

I cannot believe I have to face this situation yet again! The key to all these weird problems is with my parents.Man! They need to get liberal now.Its so annoying to be subdued with so many fucking restrictions.Or maybe just this very restriction which always proves to be a big hindrance in making friends.

Its not fair.I'm losing friends.I always did because of this in-house stupidity.Somehow..the feeling of having lost a friend doesn't bother me so much than the feeling of currently-losing-a-friend.

To top it all - My mom can get so unreasonable at times.Who am I talking to on phone ? What did I talk ?
What the hell! Why doesn't she simply ask me if I have any bf.I'll nicely tell her that I DON'T.She can ask me that a hundred times and I swear I won't answer back.But what's with ..who and why and what ??? Be clear cannot live with so many haunting questions.Just be direct in your words.

I cannot afford the feeling of friend abandonment.It costs me all my powers of keeping myself calm , collected , GOOD and positive which again isn't an easy earning for me.

Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani :

This one's not bad.No , actually its kinda good in spite of the stupidity here and there.
I'll always remember this movies for Ranbir Kapoor and specially for his dance act!
It was superb ! Made me laugh! But more than that..the act was so damn Creative and flamboyant + its amazing how he manged to do it so naturally.( Must watch !)
This dude has it all in his nerves / ..DNA! I'm quite in awe.*Admirer seal*
Ranbir's gonna go a long way.

The best small scene was where you hear a gunshot , followed by the song 'Race hai .. ' to which a character in the movie responds " ye ring tone change kar pehle"
( It will make you laugh when you actually see the scene and the background on which the dialogue fits )

lol..How do these ppl think of such things ?? Its all about timing and I so love the smartness!

Tp movie , btw.Eagerly looking forward to watching 2012!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'd Surf ..rather in wind!

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Surfing looks like a lot of fun.

I caught a glimpse of the surfing adventure on TV last night and wondered if it is something I might ever try.

The answer is NO.

It may be thirilling but it is equally scary.

It may also seem easy but my guess is - it isn't.

To me it looks like as if - 10 tigers are pouncing upon u...Volcano of waves wanting to hug you to death.

I'm scared of water.But more than that..I'm scared of drowning.Sick scared!

Worst of worse ..I don't know how to swim.

I'd choose skydiving , any day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fevicol & Jinx

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I had this chocolate pastry 2 days back that had to be mentioned here because it tasted like Fevicol.
I have never tasted fevicol.But sometimes you just happen to figure out from the smell of an edible item how it must taste like.I somehow am able to 'imagine' the taste of other non-edible items too.

Fevicol's one of them.
It smells strong.It just easy to consider how it would taste like.

Now accordingly , I should have known what that choc cake would taste like ( going by the smell which again must be the smell of fevicol > > since it tasted like fevicol ) But that didn't work.It smelled heaven : just what normal choc cake/pastry must smell and taste like.
So I had it all but of course it tasted fevicol :|

I think I also know what a chalk tastes like.And same goes for sand.
The smell tells you so much.
When I was young , I used to not eat veggie , curries or whatever the healthy food stuff I was supposed to eat.And if I happened to be at a relative's place , I would smell the food before eating it.I wonder if I was a cat in my previous birth but that's ironical since I'm cat-o-phobic.So whatever I was and am..I smell food before eating , unconsciously I guess.Most of the times ..its just too tempting.
The smell of the food in itself has my stomach and tongue demons rolling , dancing :P apart from the Ravenous Rats jumping ;)
I somehow , don't find it odd.And I still like myself , even If I WAS a cat.


My friend VD used to always scold me for playing with my cell phone and she still does.
I would never let my cell phone rest in place.Flip it up and down , use it like an empty bottle and roll it round the table , drop it minimum 5 times a week somewhere or the other, etc.
I just have to do something to my cell phone.Now VD almost cursed me ..that I will break my cell into pieces if I continue making my cell dance to my tunes.
She loves her cell.I mean even I do but only to the limits of how a biscuit phone ( that's how Awin nicked my cell ) is to be loved.She keeps it like its a diamond ring.Has it laminated , always in cover and always neatly kept on the desk unlike me.
NOW..the jinx seems to have done its job , totally reverse.

Her cell was pieces :D I couldn't stop laughing when I first heard that.I actually wondered if laughing was the right thing since we were supposed to mourn for the death of her cell :P
But she couldn't hide her laughter either. In fact she was embarrassed while breaking the news to me.
So well the lesson is : Don't be super possessive about your cell phone.Let it breath , man! Give it space and mostly Make it DANCE! like I do :D

Since she always had the cell in the cover , the other day she didn't realize which side was sealed and bang on : the cell slipped off the open side , lol + it had to fell and crash with the edge of the glass table ..ultimately breaking the screen.Poor lamination charges :P
Her cell might get repaired.I hope it does.

Lesson 2 : Never curse or even imagine of something bad happening to somebody else.You never know , you see :P