Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ajab Gajab : Life and movie

Some things in life are so ajab gajab.
I'm not mad/ angry or upset with my friends for not understanding me when the least I want them to do is - understand, if not support.
But if there's anything that sucks even more - it is how I fail to explain.
And some times..its really very important to explain.Nobody's clairvoyant - not with emotions.

I cannot believe I have to face this situation yet again! The key to all these weird problems is with my parents.Man! They need to get liberal now.Its so annoying to be subdued with so many fucking restrictions.Or maybe just this very restriction which always proves to be a big hindrance in making friends.

Its not fair.I'm losing friends.I always did because of this in-house stupidity.Somehow..the feeling of having lost a friend doesn't bother me so much than the feeling of currently-losing-a-friend.

To top it all - My mom can get so unreasonable at times.Who am I talking to on phone ? What did I talk ?
What the hell! Why doesn't she simply ask me if I have any bf.I'll nicely tell her that I DON'T.She can ask me that a hundred times and I swear I won't answer back.But what's with ..who and why and what ??? Be clear cannot live with so many haunting questions.Just be direct in your words.

I cannot afford the feeling of friend abandonment.It costs me all my powers of keeping myself calm , collected , GOOD and positive which again isn't an easy earning for me.

Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani :

This one's not bad.No , actually its kinda good in spite of the stupidity here and there.
I'll always remember this movies for Ranbir Kapoor and specially for his dance act!
It was superb ! Made me laugh! But more than that..the act was so damn Creative and flamboyant + its amazing how he manged to do it so naturally.( Must watch !)
This dude has it all in his nerves / ..DNA! I'm quite in awe.*Admirer seal*
Ranbir's gonna go a long way.

The best small scene was where you hear a gunshot , followed by the song 'Race hai .. ' to which a character in the movie responds " ye ring tone change kar pehle"
( It will make you laugh when you actually see the scene and the background on which the dialogue fits )

lol..How do these ppl think of such things ?? Its all about timing and I so love the smartness!

Tp movie , btw.Eagerly looking forward to watching 2012!


  1. ah... the "Coming of Age" paradox..

    the older a child gets, more concerned his/her parents become, especially in case of a girl. Logically it should be opposite... but so is the human mentality... my advice : Run away from home.

  2. Parents will always be the way they r. Wht u need to learn is a work around. Or like ur friend sadi, runaway from home. :P

    Anyways, jokes apart, i agree with u on the movive bit. I actually laughed a lot during the movie. It was silly yet cute in a way!!

    Wonder what ppl were expecting from it coz i can everybody bashing up the movie left right and centre.

  3. Same case here, ditto !
    I scream at my mom, when she asks me who was there, what was he/she saying and i hate it, coz i dun talk about my parents in front of my friends and vice versa.. may be i am a lil weird but the world gotta respect my weirdness ...Period !

    generation gap, that's it !

    and APKGK is due, i saw is worth 3 stars !

  4. LOL @ run away from home advice :P
    Ranbeer is gonna be next Big thing, khans and bachhans all rolled into one.
    And parents, they are a peculiar species. Handle with care :)
    Do watch 2012, i think it would be awesome.

  5. not boasting .. boast karke milega bhi kya

    :) APKGK's screenplay was written by Rajkumar Santoshi and My foofa ji :P

  6. Parents will be parents...!!N tatz d extraordinary fact:P..N if one fine day..they don't restrict us at all...we'd question,"Tabiyat to thik hai na??"That's the way it is!!

    N abt the movie..ahh..wat a movie re!!!Watched first day first show...n what an experience...Ranbir's d upcoming Superstar!!

  7. it always feels sad when a friend abandons/leaves you.

    haha my mom was like that too but somehow she has cooled down now ( coz even she has realised that uski daughte ka koi chance nahi )

    ps- i liked the dance scene too, esp. where katrina is walking and he is dancing side by side :D

  8. - Sentenced for Life
    LMAO! Haha! I like your advice :P Already planning my escape! :D

    - Ria
    lol..ya the movie has its charm inspite of a not-so-exciting storyline.And even I was supposed to bash the movie :P but since it made me laugh - I'm not bothering much to point out the flaws :P

    - Peter
    I find it weird too, to talk to my friends when my parents are around.
    There's more than gen gap..idiotic social norms..senseless self-made traditions etc etc :P
    Hmm I'll catch up with Jail sometime.

    - Karan patience is on a toss.Cannot handle anymore.
    Yep..I'd def watch 2012.

    - Abhinav
    Oh wow ! That's great! The movie's screenplay is what makes it worth watching :)
    Cool..toh you got filmi ties eh ? :P

    - Jaunty Anima
    Haha..yeah that's one hell of an extraordinary fact !
    But hey..I would never question if they stop restricting :P

    :) @ the movie feedback.

    - I'll try to be trutthful
    lol :P Looks like 90% mums are like that.
    And yes..I loved that one too :)
    Was such a delight to watch :)

  9. Same story everywhere :|

    Moms na... mine won't ask about every phone call... but you tell her you want to go out, and there'll be thousand questions following, with whom, when, where, why... blah blah blah... give her a small opportunity, and there she is, full on with her lectures... :| And even I have lost friends this way... :(

    Grow up people... :|

    Haven't seen the movie yet... :-s


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