Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unique Chapter Cases

I had a good time today and in fact this entire week if I rewind back.
*Mom's supporting me to go out of town.She is in fact helping me cajole dad too.Its incredible! I was 100% sure that no matter's never going to let me go out and there was no point talking to her about it ( I had tried once a couple of months back ) but looks like my sudden interest in cooking , religiously appearing in kitchen & learning stuff w/o making faces is working like magic :P I still cannot believe mom is being so cool about this! And I also can't believe that I am actually enjoying cooking.Its easy! The problem with anything that appears easy to me is that I want to do so much in one day that which I wldn't otherwise for an entire year.I just cannot wait to learn to cook different cuisines! Mind blowing , on my part.I'm surprising myself a lot these days.

*I watched a good movie after a long time - 2012
When D-tune asked me how I found it , I said "Good good..the graphics were incredible.They could have done something with climax though...and you know.."
D-tune : You're talking about graphics ?? And you have a problem with the climax too ???

She only meant that I could answer the question in one simple word - Good or Bad.
But I cannot resist on giving a detailed account of how I find a movie :P
Actually..this is one of those things one should avoid asking me.
I remember I'd watched 300 and Awin asked me how I found it .My reply was "Oh well..Its very violent..Great though..I loved it..but you know..this and you know that.."
He too then joked/mocked/teased ( whichever of the three it was ) that why couldn't I simply answer good or bad ?? Watchable or not ??
Now How do I explain everyone that I simply suck at answering 'How was the movie?'
Even worse ..I find it difficult to tell my top most Fav movies ! I never have an answer for that :| Mind blowing! And all I was planning was to join a Film Institute :P They'll chase me out of there the moment I tell them I don't know what to answer to fav movie! Chapter case.

*As for today , I went out with Tez ..where a temple :P She had asked for some mannat relating to her health or exams and as far as I know you are never really supposed to tell what you've asked for in return of what as in the mannat , isn't it ?? I don't know much.All I was asked was to accompany her to temple.My focus majorly remained on the food.What we are going to eat and where.So although I insisted her on going to Bistro to have sizzlers ..we finally ended up in an okyaish restaurant just next to the Bistro.And then began the great journey of deciding what to order.I told her that we could still move out of there and go next and binge on sizzlers.But she said that since we have already taken seats and drank water , we sld order something.I thought..this girl thinks so much - so much for the restaurant owner/manager and waiters.How much was it going to matter if we walk out anyway ? Talk about being polite.

So then we ordered Tea.I first said Tea , then coffee and then tea again.After 15 mins..I asked her if it was better to order something here itself and not change our destination ? Both of us were confused.Both of us were OK with whatever the other one said.And so none of us could decide what to do.I found that entire confusion so funny :D Then finally , we both settled for the same place.As it is I didn't carry much cash and Bistro would have cost me 5 ccd cold coffees.
What we ordered next and ate has definitely turned into a sizzler in my stomach.South Indian ( Dosa ) + Amercian Choupsey followed by tea and then pani puri. What a combination! Mind blowing :P

But all this is nothing compared to the talks we had.I laughed crazily and I love it and miss it.While laughing ..I spilled the tea over me :P which only assured me that I drop or break things I get my hands on! Amazing! I do it as a ritual.
Ritual reminds me ..I asked her if she said/asked for something when she prayed in the temple and she gave me a look as if inquiring if I had been to a temple for the first time.Yes , she said and asked me Why , very skeptically.
And we have another chapter case.
I don't usually ask for anything.I go BLANK , I told her.

lol ..we must have laughed so much on that :D But its true..I really go blank.
I completely forget my sole purpose of praying - to transfer my list of wants and needs mentally and spiritually to the one who is listening.But its not like I don't have any recorded message playing in my head.
I join my hands , close of eyes and I chant 3-4 verses of everyday prayers almost 3-4 times.
lol...its not sounding funny now that I'm writing about it but when I told Tez about my praying techniques - She laughed like a maniac.And so did I.
I mean..seriously.What is it with me ? I'm obsessed with repeating verses.Simple ones.
"Tvame-va Mata" Or "Vakratund Mahakaya"
I have this whim that if I don't repeat those chants..I will be cursed.It happens automatically.I just cannot stop myself from being a tape recorder.And I don't mind it + I don't think its a problem to God if you go on saying the same verse again and again instead of practically praying for something.

I loved every bit of the time I spent today.Was fun.The best thing about Tez and my friendship is that we NEVER run out of things to talk about.When we used to go gym together , someone once said to me "both of you seem to be here only to work your JAWS out" :P
Sometimes we happen to discuss the same things if neither of us have anything fresh to mention but I never get bored , nor does she.
Its the same with D-tune and me.In fact , with D-tune I have a unique equation.Our tastes in reading , movies , songs are almost similar.Mind blowing :D
These two people have been helpful in keeping me Sane.Tankoo Tez and D-tune :P


  1. Weldone!

    learn some mast cooking.. I am coming for a party!

    2012 is gud? ahh i mean watchable?
    will go on sunday!

    hehe. u can laugh in gum but u shudnt laugh in temples!

    Keep smiling!

  2. no wonder!!
    i have been really thinking y u getting all hyper for learning brownie????? (NO)wonder-gal!!!

    *D-tune*!! adore her!!!
    well i guess what she smply wantede to ask was how did u find the THEME the movie revolved over... and not just a good-or-bad-done-with-it answer!! and definately not a hows-the-grapihic question.... :P :P

    TEZ!!! ausumn fun!!!
    shez honestly a big CHAPPAR CHAPPAR!!! caught me off when she was al so considerate over d waiter\manager.... :P

    keep sane gurl!! smile and enjoy!!!

  3. Common,girls dnt need gym to work out their jaws :P
    And this let it rock song playing on ur blog is awesome!

  4. - Abhinav
    :) sure sure!
    lol yes its GOOD watch it!
    Arre wasn't laughing in temple ..was laughing in the restro while discussing the praying methods :P

    - Donna
    Brownie ..I wanted to learn since a long time..much b4 I started developing taste for cooking :)
    lol..theme - Good :D
    Oh yeah Tez talks a lot.She just can't keep quiet.

    - Karan
    lol haha :) Yeah that's right!
    Check out the other songs in the playlist too. Equally awesome :)

  5. Mind blowing
    wll cooking->is esy!!!!

    u shud be a Film Critic in nr future why wastng tme in othr course:)(seriously..)

    btw blogger provides u a good platform to express all d girlish activitis coz u r master in those.

    so keep it up.
    PS: tum bahut batuni(Sorry) lagti ho jo ki tumhe hona bhi chahiye isliye Hymn Chanting allowed fr u.

  6. i m yet to see 2012 :( anyways, good good learn cooking. I wonder when will i learn it though!? :P

  7. - Ranvindra Merthi
    lol..yes I think I should be one :D hehe
    I'm not very talkative though.Blogs pe I just nag a lot :)
    Hmm chanting

    - Ria
    Oh don't miss 2012!
    Cooking is easy , trust me! Quick to learn.

  8. you are surprising me a lot these days :)

    really really!


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