Monday, November 30, 2009

Multi Avtar

Ok ..this is weird! I haven't written/posted since last 10 days which is the longest break I've had in updating my blog in last few months.

There's not much happening to mention as it is.

Been out with cousins for movie.
Had a mini get-together where we all talked non-stop.
Consoled my friend ..over some difficult to understand situation of hers.Painting morale for someone else which I don't myself have at the moment!
Its so contradictory to tell someone not to worry or think too much or feel low - when you yourself are going through the same - in a diff situation alltogether - but feelings remaining exactly that way.

I wasn't completely sure of the gyaan I gave to my friend who herself added "Mai paagal hoon" as a footnote after she explained me the complication going in her head.
I tried making sense or tried not losing my mind.Whichever.I tried.
And then I recd a msg - "Thx for your enduring words.Lucky to have a friend like you"
I did make sense , afterall!
That made my day - to make someone else's day!

But I have also been losing my mind.I'm wicked these days.

I felt like Big B had a point.I do have a multi-personality or something close to it.Maybe.

Or maybe I'm plain cinical to think of it.

But then ..Its terrible when I have enough proofs to prove my multi-Avatar.

And then I cry Because
> I feel heartless.
> Sometimes Because I THINK that my brother hates me ( lol but I FEEL my lil sibling loves me!)
> I see no direction in life.
> Am tired of begging people to help me out.

Amongst everything - I've realized Nobody is going to help me out anymore.I've to make a decision for myself.It could be as if jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire - but I should take a chance for I'll at least get to JUMP! lol
Or it could turn into something great.Which I'm hoping praying dying for.

P2 said to me quite teasingly that I pull out all my frustration over my blog.That made me laugh and yes it is true.But partly- because I do not vent out ALL of my frustration.Just in pieces.


  1. ur Bro hates u ->this is weird
    u r mistakn lady...he just cant do tht ....just cant

    Sisters are like Mothers for Brothers

    For direction go for some good GPS device OR join some Adhyatmic Classes

    u shd nt beg coz u hav d signs of entrepreneurship (remember Rage Club idea) so just implemnt tht n mak d entry paid.

    Believe me u can earn a lot n u can waste tht money in ur shopping lik watches n shampoos^-^

    PS:Thanks a lot 4 showing etiquette.
    There's nt a Give-n-Take session n u surprisd m a lot.I comments here coz the Posts deserve tht....okkkkk

  2. Well gal!!All I can tell u is move ahead..It's better than just shuffling ur feet going nowhere..N that's what u've mentioned too...U have the right attitude..So what's holding u for so long????Get going!!
    Besteez dear!!

  3. Now tht u hav the right kinda attitude, move on hun!!

  4. Your post surprised me because it had so many conflicting emotions. Take it easy on yourself and hope you get back to blogging like your old self.

  5. jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire - but I should take a chance for I'll at least get to JUMP!

    That could go as a quote into pages of wisdom :P

  6. Hey Sugar ...sweets just relax.. vent out.. this is YOUR blog :)

  7. i took 3 weeks ka break,now beat that !

    after reading this, i conclude that u are as normal as normal as me or i am as abnormal as u are ...!
    makes sense ?


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