Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'd Surf ..rather in wind!

Surfing looks like a lot of fun.

I caught a glimpse of the surfing adventure on TV last night and wondered if it is something I might ever try.

The answer is NO.

It may be thirilling but it is equally scary.

It may also seem easy but my guess is - it isn't.

To me it looks like as if - 10 tigers are pouncing upon u...Volcano of waves wanting to hug you to death.

I'm scared of water.But more than that..I'm scared of drowning.Sick scared!

Worst of worse ..I don't know how to swim.

I'd choose skydiving , any day.


  1. LOL.. :D

    try sky-diving in the sea.. :P I mean.. Dive from sky.. without a parachute.. straight in the sea.. that should be fun..

    btw, have you seen Cast Away?

  2. - SD!
    lol hasne ko kya tha ? :P

    Oh and..I've had an exp in sky diving into the sea.. with a parachut though :P It was fun.
    Detail mein batao ? Han toh sun..

    I was para-sailing and had to land on a wooden platform ..but I cldn't control the parachut and hence I made a soft landing into the sea :D + Ankey accompanied me in that ! :D Hum dono ko akkal nahi..we never pulled the ropes :P and blamed it on our amateur skills , lol.

    Nah I haven't seen that.But since you're mentioning..maybe I should ?? Allright I'll catch up !

  3. Wow that sounds interesting for sure. :)

  4. I would rather sit back and enjoy other people doing all these stunts!!

  5. there is somethin for u:) collect it dear...

  6. To me it looks like as if - 10 tigers are pouncing upon u...Volcano of waves wanting to hug you to death.

    Lol was for this.. :D

    and you know what.. you're way to courageous than me.. I'd think twice before attempting a para-sail.. :P

    next time try skydiving without a parachute.. you don't need one anyways.. you will need a parachute only when you want to skydive yet again.. :D

  7. Yup!@ Ria

    Well that can be fun too! But won't you like to try any of the 'stunts' ?? :P @ Peter

    Thx Tulip

    SD Ohk :D
    Haha..Arre meri bhi waat lagi thi.But I didn't think much and gave it a shot.It is fun! Do try it !
    lol thx..but am gonna skydive with a parachute :P

  8. hey i dont know how to swim but i surely wanna sky dive into the sea one day and the disappear for ever **evil laugh :)

  9. would actually like to try over skydiving too over surfing :)

    but scary che :-s

  10. this is adrenaline is only something i can dream of....given a chance why not????more than the waves i am scared of the sharks.....unse kaun bachayega?????.....i want to do the ones they do like jump from helicopters from high altitudes tandem freefall and doa hybrid formation.....

  11. I too wanna sky M scared of heights:(

  12. I'm scared of water sports too... :-s esp open seas and oceans waale, you never know what'll happen the next moment...

    Btw, check blog, something for you there :D

  13. sky-diving????????? im GAME...
    surfing??? im game!!!!

    im really fasinated by these two sprts aloottt.. im juz wonder over the adrenalin thriill t wuld have and the size f the butterflies dat wil flap in my stomach when im abut to make the big LEAp!!!!

    fr me the scariest and te most cherised moments of an adventure are the times between im getting ready for it (wearing life saving nall) and actully performing the stunt!!!

  14. both will work for me.. I wish u do what u like! surf!

  15. Just had to get it said, do try surfing. If you do it under the eye of a teacher, there's noway ye could get hurt.

  16. hi,

    ahhh sky diving, good give it a try..
    but watching the surfing itself is like being in that adventure ;)



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