Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to get rejected.

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My parents are giving me a killer time even as they only utter the 'S' word. ( Shaadi!)
I was pretty much casual about it all these days but now that they have gone 'official' - what with the bio-data crap and my relatives constantly poking me with that annoying word over and again..I'm having sleepless nights!

Not only am I totally against arranged marraiges but the unfortunate part is I haven't found anyone either. Had I been able to find someone - in all probabality I would have NOT approached my parents with my found proposal because I'm a coward and because in all probability they would have rejected :P
'Love' is a word we madus don't understand. Its equivalent to committing a crime in our community.

So my idle mind has been doing the devilish workshop and here's a list of killer twists I imagine to throw off at the guy to ensure I remain single for as long as I want to be.
And for what I've observed little statements have a huge impact.

- "I don't want kids." ( which is really true. :p but I'm guessing he wouldn't buy that!)
- Modification : "I cannot conceive. "( :p )
- "Movies every weekend. Dining out every weekend. 3 abroad trips an year" :P 
- "I want to work out of family business." ( Business family not liketh that!)
- "I want to date for at least 6 months even before engagement." A live-in demo won't be bad :p
- "I talk in my sleep. And my mood swings are pretty occassional. I'm VERY short tempered."
- "Traditional wear doesn't suit me."
- "I can cook. But I can't do it for the rest of my life."
"Mai apne baap ki bhi nahi sunti" ( true story. This dialogue acted as  a catalyst for a girl to get rejected by my cousin :P)
- One more that I thought of - to dress not so well. But I wouldn't do that because I like to be presentable no matter what :p

lol..I wonder if I have the guts and how many of them am I capable of practically using.
I'm definitely gonna put across the cooking and clothing part.

My parents would be quite miffed if I attempt any other approach :P They still treat me like a teen! I might as well get 'punished' for offending their choice. :|


This whole arrange marriage process is sooooooo irritating.
I mean seriously..who can be excited for it?! :\
I've been crying just by the thought of marraige to a complete stranger.

But my devilish mind also runs the idea of doing something crazy & saying yes out of that :p

God save me!