Saturday, December 26, 2009

X'mas '09

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After going to the Church  , we all headed to this restaurant called Mustard.
While we were going though the usual  "You say" game of deciding what is to be ordered , one my friend's suggested we'd play Dare & Stare.
 I was busy talking to Tez who was telling me some of the things Chetan Bhagat said in the speech in their coll yesterday itself.It was funny.
Like one was where he was asked  why he always had the couples in his novel making out before marriage to which he said that there are two types of couples - one who make out before marriage and one who make out after marriage and that his novels only contained the latter ones.
Quite simple , huh ? lol

Then he mentioned how he was once asked something on similar lines "Aapko ye sab shobha deta hai ?" to which he said " Han shobha toh mujhe hee degi na "
lol .. He cracked a lot of double meaning jokes.

Anyway , so the bottle hit my direction and I chose dare after much manipulation.
And what did they ask me to do ?
Take order for a large group of old-looking people sitting at the other end.
I refused.No amount of 'coward' remarks could make me do that.
how lame.I mean it wasn't that big a deal.I was threatened I'd be expelled from our recently made group that we I named Sizzlers.As if I could be expelled :P All jokes.And number of taunts + harmless insults.I actually didn't feel bad for me.
Then a friend of mine did it on by behalf and I excused myself by saying that she's a hostelite and quite used to such things.

I need to be sporty.That kept buzzing in my head.But then it wasn't important and it didn't matter.To hell with everyone , I'm never consciously  going to do anything stupid in a crowd.Although when everyone started telling me  their tales of real adventurous dares , I felt a bit guilty.
Its OK , ok ? All guilt absorbed by Chinese food.Amen

While commuting ..we played out the music loudly , pulled down the windows , sang as loudly as we could and danced like maniacs.I hadn't laughed so much in last one month or so as much I did yesterday.

Monday, December 21, 2009


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I check the msg log and call duration each and every time I unlock my cellphone without any purpose.Sometimes I do it twice or thrice after I've spoken to someone or sent a text.I like to keep a track but 70% of the time I do so - is because I'm simply addicted!

Reading newspaper is must for me wherein it certainly doesn't matter what section of News I read , but I have to scan the front page + read the 3 cartoons on second page .Those are amusingly witty.Popeye is plain stupid but that's one thing which doesn't annoy me respite all the grammar tangles and the spelling loops.My day feels incomplete w/o it.And yes reading reviews on Sats is a must too.

No matter how cold it is - I cannot sleep w/o the fan on.
I'll put three blankets over me if required , but I won't ever turn off the fan.

I have a habit of asking "Where did you get that from?" every single time I see a friend/cousin in a b'ful outfit! I cannot resist asking that nor can I stop pestering until I am given a proper answer ! So many of the ones I know keep their shopping destinations a big secret.At the end , it wouldn't even matter to me because I never seem to make a plan 'Ah yes..I will go there now' . I just like to know what place on earth contains the good stuff since I'm almost always jinxed when it comes to shopping.
And not just in case of outfits - my jaws & vocal cords react spontaneously after seeing great shoes , bags , junk jewellery and watches too !

I laugh a little too much at times.Even when there's nothing funny about what is being said.On top of that ,  I'm quite a tubelight because I laugh a bit late.

Few ( selective ) people I meet or have met for a short while or have been with for a long time have a strange influence on me.I get a hangover of their style of speaking or body language.Not that I try copying them..but I involuntarily start talking like them , for a few mins to be precise.
Dunno what kind of rare IN-FLU-ENCE it is.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whiter than White!

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I saw Amavasya today ( ridiculous movie title translation I've heard in years ) ..Yes ..New moon - second of the twilight series.And I watched it even before I saw Twilight.

Lets begin the movie bashing.

Firstly , I wld personally write a mail to the make-up artist.The director's and the make up artist's point must be that vampires are supposed to look pale white.My point is - why do you need to do anything to make goras look goras when they are already pretty much goraa ??!!
A little bit of pale foundation would have been OK.Edward Cullen in the movie looked no less than a Joker.
My first and last impression.And a sad one on that.

Someone said to me that Jacob Black or Jake ( werewolf ) in the movie is handsome.
Are you kidding me ? Seriously..are you ?!?!
Yeah.. He was supposed to be handsome if you go by the book..but I don't think it was important to cast a really wolf lookalike guy.
Thankfully he was bearable after the hair cut and the show off of his chiseled hot body!

Bella Swan was digestible.I marked her expressions in particular scenes.She had to play an awfully drained out girl and she did it just fine.

But I don't like how Bella's character is sketched in the movie.Here she makes best friends with a werewolf and as soon as she finds a sister-vampire back into her life - tevaar hee badal gaye uske!
I overheard ppl laughing - kaam go gaya..bhaaga diya :P
They could have dealt with that much better.Like in the book.

If I had to choose a fav scene - it would be where Jake tries to avoid Bella and asks her to leave him.Its shot in rain.And was something where I felt like finally I'm glued in the movie.I was almost liking the one where Bella encounters Laurent , but sadly the scene's a bit messed up since its paced up.

Disappointed with Cullen.What the hell is wrong with the director ? Someone should request the director to read the novels properly and understand what the lovable Vampire is all about!
The movie couldn't have been any better.But Edward should have been.
I'm dreaded to watch Twilight now.It will be the horror show-of-disappointments.

* Of all the things - to watch a movie where vampires are referred as Pisaach is definitely a torture.Plus to watch movie with someone who again hadn't seen twilight NOR read the novel was a much more pain.I was more busy solving the confusion and guiding through than watching the movie.Grrrr!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Can you define ?

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 And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

These are the lyrics of a song.And I can so fit them @ how I feel right now.
I'd been to my college few days back with some of my 11th 12th grade friends ( who were with me in the same coll back then ) And it felt weird - Not nostalgic or that sense of deja vu..since I rarely ever missed my coll -  but something strange.

Being together at a place with the same people I'd once been with - felt odd.
Like I said..I never missed my coll but these strange feelings were making me sappy and yet I did not cry.Not even after coming back home. 
And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming.

And although so far I've never really said that I 'enjoyed' my to-be-called-high-school-days , I cannot deny I had an amazing time.Only that I never wanted to agree that my coll & coll friends weren't that bad.. 
Or ( Can't fight ) the moment of truth in your lies

So many 'events' flashed by my eyes as I strolled in the corridor.Plus when my friend added..."Ah this our coll ?" I could actually feel myself virtually fainting.Yes this is dramatic.But you know how it they shoot in movies ? The scene where the camera angle rolls round or goes slow into a direction..showing shades of sepia or black and white and the sound of the voices are suppressed and echoed - the kind which you hear when your ears are blocked.I was experiencing almost the same.
 When everything seems like the movies

I remembered everything.
French class.Exams.Gossips.Scandals.Friends.Canteen! My debacles at chem lab.
Bunking practical for auditioning at Radio Mirchi where of course I never got selected. 
Tutions.And tution mates.Rain! Accident.
Oh so many things! Important or not.Just so many goddamn things!

Its amazing how brain works sometimes.It never lets you forget things that are going to bitterly twist the insides of your stomach and heart only to emotionally paralyze you for few hours.
It hurt me.All these things..
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

Heck.I cldn't belive I never looked back and thought about these things.It was as if I let it all go after waking up from a long dream.Not done!
Maybe now I understand why I feel odd every time  -
I see an empty campus ( meomory associated with my exam centre )
Or when I hear some particular song .( Memory associated with the times when I used to hear those songs)

Weird weird weird!
Can someone define something which is not nostalgia OR Deja Vu..but is very much inclusive of re-visiting old memories and at the same time not badly-missing-those-days / moments ..but still being hurt just by remembering them ?!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

How we compare cell phones.

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So  miss-looking-for-the-best-cell-phone-since-4-months once again pops up the question as to which cell should she buy ?

Her confusion is LG cookie Vs samsung star.Most of us are against LG.She's supporting LG.

The point discussed apart from  music , touch sensitivity and wi-fi was this  -

The point raised : look...the samsung's got this dice playing thing.Just shake the cell.

 Miss cell confused : So what ??...LG'S got snake and ladder too.Can you beat that ?


So this is what we have come to.Deciding which cell to buy on the basis of a snake and ladder game :P

I , by bad luck had the fevicol cake again .Kinda ruined the evening! + this time bb said it smelled like benadryl.And I had to agree - it really did.Yuck!


We watched the dance video of my relative's cousin where I danced which was the basis of my entire I-dance-bad  whining . I had the courage to watch myself dancing  and I reached to a conclusion that I'm not so bad :P It was just the way I looked that bothered me and still does.Less sleep had my cheeks swollen.My body system is in a bloody mess ! It happens often and it was making me look fat.I kept asking everyone if I look just the same even now ?! Thankfully..I don't  ( they said.. maybe to keep my heart )..respite gaining half the weight I had lost.

I bloody need to work out again.Nothing turns me off more than knowing I'm not fit to wear my fav clothes : or even the normal casual ones!

And yes..I'm getting all looks obsessed , yet again! Crap.
I find myself better off in the mirror than in the pics.
So I keep avoiding looking at my pictures.
But Mirror too is a cheater sometimes.
Crap crap crap!

Anyway , cutting all the crap apart..I spent a great evening yesterday.
Cell phone , dance , humor , my bro , cousins and of course the delicious food (minus the disaster cake)
All smiles I am :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Message Log 5 : Deadly!

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As the title suggests - Deadly messages/jokes ahead!
Don't kill me after reading these!

1] Santa : Mujhe to ankhe band karne par bhi dikhai deta hai
Banta : Accha! Kya dikahi deta hai ?
Santa : Andhera!

2] Santa - sitting roadside for a long time
Banta : Why are you wasting your time ?
Santa : I'm taking revenge
Banta : How ?
Santa : WAQT ne mujhe barbaad kiya..ab mai waqt ko barbaad kar raha hoon!

3] Banta : ' I love you' kya hota hai ?
Girl : Mai tumse pyaar karti hoon!
Banta : Leh! Ek question kya poocha tu toh mujhse pyaar kar baithi! :D

4] Santa : Do you know what an adult joke means ?
Banta : Yea..any joke which is more than 18 yrs old!

5] Madhumakkhi ke ghutne ko kya bolenge ?

BIKINI ( Bee-Ki-Knee )

Haathi Ke ghutne ko Kya bolenge ?

GHAJINI ( Gaj-Knee)

6] Insaniyar ko bread pe laga ke Khaa jao...



Aakhir insaniyaat naam ki bhi koi 'cheese' hoti hai ! ;)

7] Arz kiya hai...

Arz kiya hai..

Limca ka flavour hota hai lime

Limca ka flavour hota hai lime..

Speeed is equal to distance upon time

Wah wah! :P

8] Zindagi mein agar kuch banna ho
Kuch hasil karna ho..
toh hamesha apne dimag ki suno!

Agar dimag se koi jawab na aaye to ankhein band kar ke socho

"Kya mere pass dimag hai ?" :P

9] Man receives telegram : Wife dead - Should be burried or cremated ?
Man : Don't take any chances!
Burn the body and Bury the ash!

10 ] Santa : Jab mai chhota tha , charminar gir gaya tha.
Banta : Fir tu mar gaya ya bach gaya ?
Santa : Mujhe yaad mai chhota tha!

11] Santa [ praying ] : Bhagwan please Punjab nu Amercia di capital bana de! Please please please please please please please...
Bhagwan : Par kyon ?
Santa : Kyon ki mai exam wich likh aaya hun!

12] Thristy crow story in Hinglish
Once upon a kawla.. Sitting on a Dadga
He was very Pyaasa
Here there bhatka
He saw a matka
Sum patthar patka
Little water gatka
And satka ! :D