Saturday, December 5, 2009

How we compare cell phones.

So  miss-looking-for-the-best-cell-phone-since-4-months once again pops up the question as to which cell should she buy ?

Her confusion is LG cookie Vs samsung star.Most of us are against LG.She's supporting LG.

The point discussed apart from  music , touch sensitivity and wi-fi was this  -

The point raised : look...the samsung's got this dice playing thing.Just shake the cell.

 Miss cell confused : So what ??...LG'S got snake and ladder too.Can you beat that ?


So this is what we have come to.Deciding which cell to buy on the basis of a snake and ladder game :P

I , by bad luck had the fevicol cake again .Kinda ruined the evening! + this time bb said it smelled like benadryl.And I had to agree - it really did.Yuck!


We watched the dance video of my relative's cousin where I danced which was the basis of my entire I-dance-bad  whining . I had the courage to watch myself dancing  and I reached to a conclusion that I'm not so bad :P It was just the way I looked that bothered me and still does.Less sleep had my cheeks swollen.My body system is in a bloody mess ! It happens often and it was making me look fat.I kept asking everyone if I look just the same even now ?! Thankfully..I don't  ( they said.. maybe to keep my heart )..respite gaining half the weight I had lost.

I bloody need to work out again.Nothing turns me off more than knowing I'm not fit to wear my fav clothes : or even the normal casual ones!

And yes..I'm getting all looks obsessed , yet again! Crap.
I find myself better off in the mirror than in the pics.
So I keep avoiding looking at my pictures.
But Mirror too is a cheater sometimes.
Crap crap crap!

Anyway , cutting all the crap apart..I spent a great evening yesterday.
Cell phone , dance , humor , my bro , cousins and of course the delicious food (minus the disaster cake)
All smiles I am :-)


  1. oh shit seriously!
    im obsessed with the mirror! and yeah it sucks when u look better in the mirror than in pics

  2. :-)

    I would refrain away to buy a LG or a Samsung phone!
    and er.. when are you sharing your dance videos? WE want some tips!

  3. i agree !! getting dance tips from beautiful women should be a fundamental right !!!!!

  4. snakes n ladder is tempting no...!!

    But still I'd prefer Nokia anyday!!
    N how can cakes smell like fevicol or benadryl...Yuck..!!

  5. I got a new phone \:D/ Nokia 6303 kisi bhi Samsung and LG se better hai... :) but yeah, I didn't check the games... still haven't! for that matter... :-s

    I prefer mirrors... I come out horrrible in pics... :(

    Aha.. wedding season full on, nahi? :D

    P.S. HOW did you guess I am in ramdevbaba??? :O

  6. hehe... am in 3rd yr. Electronics. :) How about you vaise? which college are you in? :-w

  7. amongst the two i wud say Samsung. :)

  8. i ve been told east or west nokia is the best though samsung always gets my attention :(

  9. i guess from what i have made out u should go for a phone that has to get used to being is the best among ,nokia leagues ahead of the wise sony ericsson but other cons make it worthless.... why do they send pics when they try to arrange marriages????to scare away or to come see and get scared???

  10. I downloaded all the games for my cell and then deleted most of them coz they took all the memory space ..and yeah i have samsung ..and i cud have downloaded snakes and ladder or ludo or chess tell this ur miss confused !!

    and as abhinav asked...i too want some dancing that i learn to dance like human beings at ;east

  11. DO NOT BUY LG! Sony all the way, baby!
    But Nokia's really durable, Sony doesn't last if you drop it some million times, like I have. But it works really well :)

  12. :)

    comparison of cellfones is funny...

    As for looks... I am myself a not-so good looker so cannot comment...


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