Friday, May 24, 2013

Fast & Furious 6

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Fast & furious 6 is as good as watching any other of the FnF movies. 
When you see Dominic Toretto ( Van Diesel ) & roaring cars on the screen.. its like deja vu. 
The magic is so infectious.

 If you think of the plotting & planning..Fast five  was way better , rather smarter.
However , the opposition's snazzy car-power makes the action a lot more fun balancing for the lack of novelty in the plot.
.The switching of a character and typical hostage situation is predictable. But at least that comes as a respite just when you're bewildered how easily they managed to capture the villain.
Action was awesome. Loved the climax sequence entirely which this time not only involved cars but also an aeroplane!

Don't think this would count as a spoiler -  Letty is back! She was never dead!
Only you would see her working on the other side.

And even when FnF 6 finishes off..they leave you with something more to look forward to. A teaser for the next one to come!

Dont miss it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is it the weather dammit ?

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There's so much to say , to yell , to vent out. And yet I won't speak a word.
I'm finding no listeners. I've been muted.

I'll draw a story I believe in the most in my head. And I will keep working around it.
 I won't let others fill in their colors as they wish. I'll only allow colors to be filled in partially to justify my colors.

I'll sob like a kid for nothing which is actually a cocktail of everything.
I'll laugh on nothing , which really is nothing. I'll make it look like its everything!

I'll type words I can make of on this qwerty. And it will not change any minds. Or break any ice. But I'll still write in no hope to be read anytime.

I'll not look in the eye and talk now onwards. It will make me unwillingly smile . And I can't let that smile takeover & turn it all futile.

Its all over - I'm dead serious. I will say a hundred times. And yet turn the pages back in a while.
I've closed the book now. And nobody heard me saying "I'm dead serious - this is over at last. Dont want to hold on anymore."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Never a failure. Always a lesson.

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 You can't share your best friend. 
Its like keeping half your heart with someone else.

At one point of time , treating two people special 
WILL create a mess.

Rationalizing feelings is futile.
Rationalizing events is necessary.

Moving away is better , wiser both for heart and head.
It becomes easier to squeeze the blame game.

Forgiving and forgetting is relative.
As long as it justifies everything.