Saturday, May 30, 2009

In my NEXT life...

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I'm not one of those who forms a firm opinion about certain controversial / unbelievable / superstitious facts but do like to view them in different lights.Re-birth is one of 'em.
I don't know if it ever 'happens' or not.
But I somehow believe in the cycle on birth & death.
And so , I also think that some people are able to recollect memories from previous births.

Almost 4 years back , I watched a documentary on discovery channel where strange cases from different parts of the world ( yup , not just India ..unlike few people who think that only Indians believe in such 'crap' ) were given an account of.
I was thrilled.
There was this 15 yr old girl from Sri Lanka who for many years had been telling her parents that they are not her actual parents. She used to tell 'em of how she died by drowning in a river.Used to talk of weird places her parents had never heard of.She was scolded , beaten by her parents.When in spite of all their efforts in making the girl 'normal' failed , her parents decided to do some research. With the help of newspapers , they got few responses.
Out of the 17 strange things told by the girl , most were found to be true.
They located the place she used to talk about.Even met her parents from previous birth.
She cried & stumbled on the feet of her soul parents.

Second case was that of a 4 yr old boy probably from Canada who had a hole in his heart.His mother's father was a policeman who was shot in his heart many years before his birth.The boy told the names of the pet cats to her mother , the names her father used to call out , something that was never mentioned to him.Her mother strongly believes its her father who has come to see her.

I am not too sure how reliable discovery channel can be but somehow i just trust everything they have to tell me :-)
Facts & figures state that most of such cases are found in Sri Lanka where a lot of people believe in re-incarnation/re-births. ( as told by Discovery )

There are such cases in India as well but I haven't personally known or met a single person who knows of his past life.All I know is , if it is possible then I can at the most plan my future births ;-)
I'm never bogged down when people tell me am short. 5'1 is nothing.I know that!
I always tell myself " In my next life..."
With anything that I do not have in this life
Too many friends ?
" Ah , my next life..maybe"
killer looks ( beautiful beautiful )
" In my next life..."

There are certain things that no matter how much I pray , am not going to be able to gain/change in this life like my height / looks / hair more recently :P
So I pray for them to be there in my next life.
And just in case there's no next life..then well am praying for a next life to live exactly the way I want to.Not that am not happy the way I'm now but who doesn't want more ??
No shortcomings.At least in one of the lives :P

Why doesn't discovery channel air such shows anymore ?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The week that was

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I ate so much & so many items in last three days that I landed up falling sick.I'd still blame the ice cream.Minor fever! But the last three days , I had so much fun that it all seems to compensate.

I'm not much of a cricket buff but I did watch the IPL finals.That too at a swanky pub :P

I wasn't supporting any team as such & just in case I would have , I'm sure I'd have a nervous breakdown.The match was nail-bitingly interesting.At least to me.Avi thought it was nothing compared to the KKR matches.

I cheered whether it was a six or a four or a wicket :D

Just been going out for lunch or dinner either outside or at cousin's place.

Laughed crazily.On the most silly things ever.

Got a treat from a cousin.A good one!

Pronounced 'banquet' as to rhyme with blanket , accidentally! Told Arv bro I always make pronunciation mistakes while I talk to him :P Probably because am too conscious.

The investment chain thing that had me on fritz since I couldn't figure out how it worked was explained to me in simple words.Its known as the Great Fool Theory where you become a fool & then make a bigger fool :D I'm to tell that to Zee ! Will be so much fun :D

My cousins made a very short stay unlike usually but thats fine as I had a really nice weekend overall after a LONG time.

Strangely though , I'm not at all hyper :S

But I was extremely happy when P1 & P2 complimented me on my new haircut :P lol

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'Last'...Get Lost!

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I do not like anything that has got to do with being LAST.
They say , all good things come to an END.I don't like that either.I'd rather put them on hold than end.But its not always feasible & am the kind of person who gets easily attached to minute things/emotional activities specially when am having a lot of fun.
I loath to hear ' So this is my last day with you' even if its a person I've hardly known ( but I connect with ) or 'Last time I'm talking to you' or 'Last day at school/coll' , although nobody really likes to face the very last day at school/coll.

My heart beats faster.I feel like am losing something.Something huge.To quote the dialogue from the movie Jab we met " Aisa lag raha tha mano koi train chhot rahi ho" I feel as if I not only missed my train but everything in life.I missed catching up my life.I missed something so precious that I don't even remember what it was.
As if I misplaced tickets to a grand fiesta & am the only person who couldn't turn up.
As if I walked into the theatre after the last show is over & hopelessly wonder where everybody is ?
As if my watch stopped ticking & am not even aware of that!
As if someone ransacked my entire room & stole the repository of my lovely memories.
As if I lost my identity.
As if not my watch , but TIME froze.
As if a professional photographer just clicked a blurry picture of what would be the world's most beautiful picture.
As if I'll never be able to spend great time again!
( I could be so dark headed at times )

That particular set of juggling emotions sway me for little time.Then I get back to my normal life.
Enjoying the fiesta with the ones I love to be with!
Punctually reaching a fully packed show.
Repairing my frozen watch.
Re-collecting old stuff.
Spending a much more wonderful time than I did before.

I cannot help but make things too complicated for myself.
I over-analyze almost everything in life.
Some things should be better accepted to remain where they are instead of crying over them for being where they are! Even if it is at its LAST.
Right now all I want to tell myself is "Lets get Lost"
( First heard that on Nat Geo & completely love that liner :P )

Whenever I remember of the last days at school , I'm reminded of one of these dumbo class mates who on our farewell said ( after we were made to bow a 100 teachers & every student's parents ..what back aches , ask me !! )
"Hey what if we flunk even after all these blessings ?"
Lol! As if he was just relying on the blessings.
I'm still grinning ! :D

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute cut ? Alien cut!

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Last week wasn't great at all.My stupid mistakes.My highly untrustworthy temper & friends who give a little hint like you could skip a paper and re-attempt in few months.
Scolding from parents.Terrible one! Horrible!
My mind was on catastrophe.Thank god I didn't took time out to blog 'bout it! :D
I mean really THANK GOD I did not.
I understand blogging is an addiction of sort.If not for writing a post , at least for signing in again & again to see blog updates , reading listed & unlisted blogs , comments etc.
But once again , Thank god!

I like the fact that I actually believe in 'whatever happens - happens for the good'
Old dull saying to excuse ourselves from reality. ( we only say it during tough times ) But I like it.Specially because it has been a kind of blessing in disguise.I'm not getting in details.Thank god!! :D

The only case to point out where I do not comply with the old saying is when I got a haircut!
I mean a bad haircut cannot do anybody good!!
Although I had a haircut just two months back ( when I took Madonna's pic of her blond layered haircut which is too sexy only if you have such hair ) , I decided to trim 'em again.My hair has started falling rapidly again.Its been more than 6 months I recovered from typhoid , after which my hair was literally DISSOLVING.I took homeopathic treatment which did wonders but only for a while.My hair's getting thinner day by day & I have no idea what to do bout it!
At least no sane person would wash her hair with 3 shampoos together ?! I used to do that.Cut short to two shampoos presently :P

Anyway so I got a haircut (not at all worthy ) which is not even anything great.I just couldn't decide if I wanted to trim my hair or experiment something again.In the end , like always , I was tempted to experiment which had me asking for Fringes.Why did the bloody b u t c h e r not suggest me not to get fringes ??!! with that thin lifeless hair ??!! WHY !?!
I thought it wasn't that bad either anyway and so I spared her my anger.

For three days , dad's been watching my hairdo carefully making me very uncomfortable.Finally he said , " What kind of hairstyle is that ? Looks like an ALIEN cut"
I was like O M G! I had almost started thinking it was rather cute but cut = alien ???! :

I'm obviously mad.Whatever happens with a haircut never happens for the good.Why do I always land up with an unusual or boring haircut ? The Madonna type haircut wasn't a disaster as such but to get my hair look like that way , it would have been a daily exercise of blow dry which I wasn't going to do anyway.I've spoiled my hair in all these years.Earlier I used to wash them with herbs :( shampoo is so my foe now :((

Exam's over.But that's not a relief yet.
I want some nice summer holidays which do not require me to get back to some actual studies while scraping surfing & movies.
I cannot live w/o watching movies!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Systematic FRAUD

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Now this is funny.Zee tried to coax me into investing money into a chain of investments which I know is totally Fraud.The factor on which it multiplies is greed.Although I still don't understand how it works & how someone falls into it - I've been badly emotinally challenged.

Its like I'm suppose to invest 750 bucks.I gotta have two more people under me and so on.With every new person added under my chain , will bring me some amount of profit , i.e they return the sum invested with profit depending on the no. of people being added. Confused ? So am I ! So am I!

One of my distant relative's son got trapped into this.In his case , the chain started off from abroad.He was to 'buy' some coins which were of no use.No antique peices or anything.But what they buy or not is not what mattered.The point was , he was supposed to invest 20k & increase the chain.He earned in return for a while..more than what he had invested.Greed clicked off there.In the end , he put about Rs 1 Lakh ( out of which his money was only about 20k ) & the person with whom this money was RAN away.Its a SYSTEMATIC FRAUD.The thing is nobody really quite knows to whom the money is actually reaching :S
And of course it was not just his money ...the fraudster made a killing.

lol was funny watching him explain the process to my dad.My cousin brother must have warned him a million times but this guy was way too over-smart ;)
In their chain , they'd made it quite interesting by giving postitions to people envolved.Like the head , the supervisior..& such titles :P Lol

Zee called me & explained everything to me.I said , I shall think about it.
Then after a while I had to reply
Moi : No , I cannot arrange that much money - I was lying - Call me miser yaa!
Zee : chal na , Petrol bech de car ka..kuch toh kar :) lol
moi : Haha! ACHHA [ I bugged her a lot by saying accha accha all the time on phone) whats the deadline anyway ?
Zee : None :( but I want to get rich soon ;) tomorrow ?
Moi : Hmm ok I'll try fudging my expenses .. CA bante bante utna toh aa hee jana chahiye :P
Zee : Try try never say die :) so you're in :) yay yay yayy!
Moi : I'll see na
Zee : :):):) Should I be :):):):):):):) or :(:(:(:(
Moi : No emotonal Atyachaar pleaseee :P Koi aur bakra dhoondh ke do kya ? :D I still don't get its logic & like you said even if its fraud ..loss will be minimum but then I cannot doobofy others! Izzat ka sawal hai :D...If you want toh 3 baar Pizza treat de deti sab chor!

After few mins , she called me
'How much would that 3 pizza treat amount to ?'
Moi : Zzzzeeee ! *lol* Should get about 750 or more.What say ?
Z : Fine.Give me the treat.Par invest bhi kar le!
Moi : One of the two !
Z : Toh phir invest..
Moi : Why do ya need the money re ? You already getting stipend! 200 extra bucks won't make much of a difference.Moreover this is fraud!
Zee : I spent my stipend to get the cell phone.And stipend comes under indirect expenses.Direct expenses ke liye kuch toh karna padega na
Moi : *lol*
What do I do ?? I just can't stop laughing!
Zee : But you start finding two or more people.
AFter 5 mins
Zee : Should I tell you a joke ?
After 5 more mins
Zee : See ? I even told you a joke! Ab toh man ja !
Moi : What bout others ? How many of you all invested ?
Zee : 4 of us.Rest 5-6 gonna pay after my cheque arrives.
Moi : Lol..then be it the same for me!
Zee : And hey , should I give a nice advice ? Don't tell your parents!
moi : *lol*
Zee : Listen..if you incurr loss..I'll give you pani puri treat
Moi : For the entire year ? *lol*
Zee : Han han..but don't have more than one plate at a time!

The conversation went on upto 30 mins! I was wondering when this crazy zee ever talked to me for that long :P
Anyway after an hour , she texted me again.
'Kya socha ?'
Moi : Arree! chain se sochne toh de!!
Zee : Oh ok..sure but tell me an hour
Moi : Tu chain se so nahi payegi aaj...relax! Cheque toh aa jaye tera!
Zee : Nahi mujhe 900 kamane hai..700 nahi ;) dub gaye toh kya..I know how to swim , so no tension :D
Moi : lol but I don't know how to swim.You know what ? Its so funny ..the way you are making so much effort in cajoling me.I can't stop laughing! chal ab ek pizza treat toh pakki!
Zee :tujhe kya pata ..kya hota hai 2000 mai ? ( her pocketmoney) phone + petrol + eating + gift + movie
tu meri bebasi pe has mat :( *rofl*
btw pizza treat ke lite I'll be hazir anytime :)

lol ! Next morning , she gave me two missed calls.Then texted me again-
"How are you today Namrata ? How are things ?..hows life ?"
LOL! Haha.
Moi :I was just going to text you ..I'm great thanks :D How are you Zee ? ? :P Can you handle a bad update ? I'm not investing :D :D
Zee : Why why why why ?? :( :(

Ok she calls me up again! :S I was sure by this time she'll be tired of pestering me ..but she's trying too hard to make me fall into this. 750 bucks may not be a huge amount..moreover the risk is low at first stage..but I just don't wanna get into all this.I know if it works for once..she'll force me again!
Zee is one of the craziest , coolest friends I've ever had.She'll watch a movie twice in a row just because she did not get it the first time.She'll watch Om Shanti Om thrice in just 2 weeks ( how could she bear that ? ) only to go along with different group of friends. She'll send a letter to her apparent foe with all the kinds of swearings written which will be then read by the guy's parents :D lol
She isn't miser.Greedy for sure.We all are greedy I think!
Her dad owns an ice-cream factory ;) I still wonder what more does she need in life ?? loll!

I'm to reply her by Sat max! I do have enough savings but am just not interested in making any easy money.
And everytime I think of the conversation , I just can't stop laughing!
How are such silly little things making me so happy ? :P
I went to see P1 & P2 , my first cousins.We had a LOT of chapper chapper for about 4 hrs.At one point -
Moi : know what ?
P1 : What ??
Moi : Everyday I wake up...
even before I could finish up
P1 : to sleep again!
Ok I agree with that.But I intended to say something else.
Why doesn't anyone let me finish saying anything ? :P

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


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I was trying to get emoticons work on my blog.Published the post on the wrong one.
Trial & error :(

Btw , I want to change my blog url .Powerdrunk thing is getting a little too much for me to handle ! :S

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Restless Soul

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  • I'd been restless because of as you know of the last post.Everything's OK now!Few days back , Dad bought me Philips DVD player with a 16:9 screen.I don't like it at all.It doesn't store movies.Its doesn't have a USB port!! I had longed for a creative zen but didn't have the courage to ask him to get me one..& now I regert because it would have been anytime better if he'd have got me the Zen which btw is the sexiest gadget till date.I'm ready to trade my dvd player > get back the cash > put in some more > buy the zen!! I'm restless because the player is such a waste of money! My stomach churns :(
  • I have to actually 'work hard' for fucking bcom exams which are good for nothing.The fact that few people I know , put in just 1/10th effort in studying compared to me & yet score 2 times better than what I do - kills me! How can my soul , mind , energy , brain cells be in place ? The restlessness moves like a current in my body.I do get frustrated thinking that my actual hard work won't bring fruitful results.Its my FEAR > Restlessness at its peak!
  • Never never never ever listen to songs 4 times a day ( same songs that too ) during exams.I've been humming songs & the music between the lyrics like crazy.I eat ♪ kya hua tera wada ♪--- I try to sleep ♪You're my angel ♪ ---- I begin to study ♪Love mera hit hit♪ ---- I try to recollect some formula ♪Viva la Vida's opening instrumental music♪ awfully random songs ! Love mera hit hit ?? I don't actually listen to it.I play it to dance.Again something I do to deviate myself.Its getting highly irksome so much so that I've started to hate listening to music.HATE ? Isn't it AwwFool ? I love Kya hua Tera Wada of those old songs I can actually listen a dozen times.
  • I skipped ♪music exam this year.There are no punishments.So life is adding extra pounds of taking-things-for-granted along with the fallacy : time-is-all-I-have.I'm restless of living in certain myths.Restless of ignoring the greatest tools available to be able to transform myself into a great personality.Restless of jacketing myself with backlog. Music has taken a back -seat & there's an important confession to make here - I'm not enjoying it any more.The angel in me thinks its a very sad state of affairs. The devil believes I do not need to learn things only to give exams & earn certificates.When both of these do not speak , my passion & my honest-self says " Keep it going ..keep learning..but only what you LOVE because you confused want to do it for yourself!" I've decided to discontinue learning ♪ Rags & classical music required to give exams.I want to learn to sing , get some basics strong & learn those ♪ Rags which I find a lot of joy in playing.
  • I'm prolly going to flunk in accounts.Its a shame I know.And I have a set of excuses too but those do not justify at all. That's all I have to say!
  • Its burning hot here. 47.3°C since last 4-5 days .I have a headache almost every day.Headaches would make anybody restless !
  • Haven't had pizza for a month.Chocolate cake...2 months!! coldcoffee ? AGES! Ok bye now..before this post gets deleted by itself it was published only with the title. lol ..been pressing wrong keys.