Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'Last'...Get Lost!

I do not like anything that has got to do with being LAST.
They say , all good things come to an END.I don't like that either.I'd rather put them on hold than end.But its not always feasible & am the kind of person who gets easily attached to minute things/emotional activities specially when am having a lot of fun.
I loath to hear ' So this is my last day with you' even if its a person I've hardly known ( but I connect with ) or 'Last time I'm talking to you' or 'Last day at school/coll' , although nobody really likes to face the very last day at school/coll.

My heart beats faster.I feel like am losing something.Something huge.To quote the dialogue from the movie Jab we met " Aisa lag raha tha mano koi train chhot rahi ho" I feel as if I not only missed my train but everything in life.I missed catching up my life.I missed something so precious that I don't even remember what it was.
As if I misplaced tickets to a grand fiesta & am the only person who couldn't turn up.
As if I walked into the theatre after the last show is over & hopelessly wonder where everybody is ?
As if my watch stopped ticking & am not even aware of that!
As if someone ransacked my entire room & stole the repository of my lovely memories.
As if I lost my identity.
As if not my watch , but TIME froze.
As if a professional photographer just clicked a blurry picture of what would be the world's most beautiful picture.
As if I'll never be able to spend great time again!
( I could be so dark headed at times )

That particular set of juggling emotions sway me for little time.Then I get back to my normal life.
Enjoying the fiesta with the ones I love to be with!
Punctually reaching a fully packed show.
Repairing my frozen watch.
Re-collecting old stuff.
Spending a much more wonderful time than I did before.

I cannot help but make things too complicated for myself.
I over-analyze almost everything in life.
Some things should be better accepted to remain where they are instead of crying over them for being where they are! Even if it is at its LAST.
Right now all I want to tell myself is "Lets get Lost"
( First heard that on Nat Geo & completely love that liner :P )

Whenever I remember of the last days at school , I'm reminded of one of these dumbo class mates who on our farewell said ( after we were made to bow a 100 teachers & every student's parents ..what back aches , ask me !! )
"Hey what if we flunk even after all these blessings ?"
Lol! As if he was just relying on the blessings.
I'm still grinning ! :D


  1. very expressive :)

    even i cant help slipping into the 'over analysis' mode..i love to complicate my life like u :P

  2. I could have been again the first one to comment but I wanted to be the LAST one to comment for a change but after reading I decided that LAST is not what you like!


    I think it shud not!
    wrt to the comment on last post

  4. Same pinch :(
    And it hurts LAST post says it all !
    I loved those wonderful metaphors !

  5. - Swats -
    I knew it! :P
    We don't just walk fast ..we complicate things fast as well :P

    - Abhinav -
    You're on super serious mode these days ?!
    It doesn't matter that only few people comment here.But its always nice to hear from more people.
    My reply on last post was rather on a light mode.Where did all your humor go to ? :P

    Btw , you haven't yet told me what Zoozoo cut is :D

  6. - Peter -
    Aw yes it hurts a lot! You last/recent post was emotionally painful to read :(

  7. Wonderful metaphors those were..
    U reminded me of my long lost wonderful school days..Wish I could go back in time..Sigh!
    Anyways u've beautifully expressed urself..Kudos.. :)

  8. OOOHHH i know its been said already but im not gonna be a miser... YOU USED SO GOOD METAPHORS... now now..i really liked it.. you remind me of my good ol scool days.. the fun we used to have.. they were the golden days...

    and yah.. juz so you know.. i wouldnt mind saying the word last fr all my wrongs.. but to u n my frnds theres never a LAST thet will cme btn us!!! :S


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