Friday, May 8, 2009

Systematic FRAUD

Now this is funny.Zee tried to coax me into investing money into a chain of investments which I know is totally Fraud.The factor on which it multiplies is greed.Although I still don't understand how it works & how someone falls into it - I've been badly emotinally challenged.

Its like I'm suppose to invest 750 bucks.I gotta have two more people under me and so on.With every new person added under my chain , will bring me some amount of profit , i.e they return the sum invested with profit depending on the no. of people being added. Confused ? So am I ! So am I!

One of my distant relative's son got trapped into this.In his case , the chain started off from abroad.He was to 'buy' some coins which were of no use.No antique peices or anything.But what they buy or not is not what mattered.The point was , he was supposed to invest 20k & increase the chain.He earned in return for a while..more than what he had invested.Greed clicked off there.In the end , he put about Rs 1 Lakh ( out of which his money was only about 20k ) & the person with whom this money was RAN away.Its a SYSTEMATIC FRAUD.The thing is nobody really quite knows to whom the money is actually reaching :S
And of course it was not just his money ...the fraudster made a killing.

lol was funny watching him explain the process to my dad.My cousin brother must have warned him a million times but this guy was way too over-smart ;)
In their chain , they'd made it quite interesting by giving postitions to people envolved.Like the head , the supervisior..& such titles :P Lol

Zee called me & explained everything to me.I said , I shall think about it.
Then after a while I had to reply
Moi : No , I cannot arrange that much money - I was lying - Call me miser yaa!
Zee : chal na , Petrol bech de car ka..kuch toh kar :) lol
moi : Haha! ACHHA [ I bugged her a lot by saying accha accha all the time on phone) whats the deadline anyway ?
Zee : None :( but I want to get rich soon ;) tomorrow ?
Moi : Hmm ok I'll try fudging my expenses .. CA bante bante utna toh aa hee jana chahiye :P
Zee : Try try never say die :) so you're in :) yay yay yayy!
Moi : I'll see na
Zee : :):):) Should I be :):):):):):):) or :(:(:(:(
Moi : No emotonal Atyachaar pleaseee :P Koi aur bakra dhoondh ke do kya ? :D I still don't get its logic & like you said even if its fraud ..loss will be minimum but then I cannot doobofy others! Izzat ka sawal hai :D...If you want toh 3 baar Pizza treat de deti sab chor!

After few mins , she called me
'How much would that 3 pizza treat amount to ?'
Moi : Zzzzeeee ! *lol* Should get about 750 or more.What say ?
Z : Fine.Give me the treat.Par invest bhi kar le!
Moi : One of the two !
Z : Toh phir invest..
Moi : Why do ya need the money re ? You already getting stipend! 200 extra bucks won't make much of a difference.Moreover this is fraud!
Zee : I spent my stipend to get the cell phone.And stipend comes under indirect expenses.Direct expenses ke liye kuch toh karna padega na
Moi : *lol*
What do I do ?? I just can't stop laughing!
Zee : But you start finding two or more people.
AFter 5 mins
Zee : Should I tell you a joke ?
After 5 more mins
Zee : See ? I even told you a joke! Ab toh man ja !
Moi : What bout others ? How many of you all invested ?
Zee : 4 of us.Rest 5-6 gonna pay after my cheque arrives.
Moi : Lol..then be it the same for me!
Zee : And hey , should I give a nice advice ? Don't tell your parents!
moi : *lol*
Zee : Listen..if you incurr loss..I'll give you pani puri treat
Moi : For the entire year ? *lol*
Zee : Han han..but don't have more than one plate at a time!

The conversation went on upto 30 mins! I was wondering when this crazy zee ever talked to me for that long :P
Anyway after an hour , she texted me again.
'Kya socha ?'
Moi : Arree! chain se sochne toh de!!
Zee : Oh ok..sure but tell me an hour
Moi : Tu chain se so nahi payegi aaj...relax! Cheque toh aa jaye tera!
Zee : Nahi mujhe 900 kamane hai..700 nahi ;) dub gaye toh kya..I know how to swim , so no tension :D
Moi : lol but I don't know how to swim.You know what ? Its so funny ..the way you are making so much effort in cajoling me.I can't stop laughing! chal ab ek pizza treat toh pakki!
Zee :tujhe kya pata ..kya hota hai 2000 mai ? ( her pocketmoney) phone + petrol + eating + gift + movie
tu meri bebasi pe has mat :( *rofl*
btw pizza treat ke lite I'll be hazir anytime :)

lol ! Next morning , she gave me two missed calls.Then texted me again-
"How are you today Namrata ? How are things ?..hows life ?"
LOL! Haha.
Moi :I was just going to text you ..I'm great thanks :D How are you Zee ? ? :P Can you handle a bad update ? I'm not investing :D :D
Zee : Why why why why ?? :( :(

Ok she calls me up again! :S I was sure by this time she'll be tired of pestering me ..but she's trying too hard to make me fall into this. 750 bucks may not be a huge amount..moreover the risk is low at first stage..but I just don't wanna get into all this.I know if it works for once..she'll force me again!
Zee is one of the craziest , coolest friends I've ever had.She'll watch a movie twice in a row just because she did not get it the first time.She'll watch Om Shanti Om thrice in just 2 weeks ( how could she bear that ? ) only to go along with different group of friends. She'll send a letter to her apparent foe with all the kinds of swearings written which will be then read by the guy's parents :D lol
She isn't miser.Greedy for sure.We all are greedy I think!
Her dad owns an ice-cream factory ;) I still wonder what more does she need in life ?? loll!

I'm to reply her by Sat max! I do have enough savings but am just not interested in making any easy money.
And everytime I think of the conversation , I just can't stop laughing!
How are such silly little things making me so happy ? :P
I went to see P1 & P2 , my first cousins.We had a LOT of chapper chapper for about 4 hrs.At one point -
Moi : know what ?
P1 : What ??
Moi : Everyday I wake up...
even before I could finish up
P1 : to sleep again!
Ok I agree with that.But I intended to say something else.
Why doesn't anyone let me finish saying anything ? :P


  1. Hehe.. Been there done that..
    not invested, but refused! :)

    This Zee girl sounds intresting! lol!

  2. -Abhinav -
    Cool! I won't invest either!

    lol..Yeah zee's nice =)


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