Wednesday, August 29, 2012

China in India :P

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OMG friends are EPIC fun!

:D I laughed excessively today so much so that my stomach is hurting badly :D

Now here's the  story :

I have small eyes. So sometimes my friends  call me Chinese. Although I don't think I look Chinese in any whichever way. But then there's a popular stereotyping , small eyes = Chinese!

We went to see expendibles. The name of the Chinese woman in the movie is Maggie.
So I have been renamed Maggie!
They all have been adressing me differently since morning - Chowmein hot soup , Noodles , Maggie etc etc :P

We were studying Retail when somewhere the concept of Chindia ( Chinese + Indian ) came up.
RS : "Namrata in India is Chindia"

This maggie woman in the movie was 'baby sitted' by Stallone.
So my other friend - Viny whom I call my Superman and sometimes even 'baby'  :D , consistently joked about baby sitting me. And every time the others called me Chinese , I put up a little drama "Babyy..look what they're calling me :(" :D
My superhero would then give a stautory warning to everyone not to tease me :P LOL

I doesn't sound funny in writing. You've gotto witness the episode live :P

And then there were some other jokes which I cannot mention :D


Oh and today was the second time in a fortnight that I 'almost' lost my phone.Almost.
It would have been an insult had I really lost it. Because I only damage gadgets ( Technology doesn't survive in my hands. Its an altogether long story! :P)
Never someone who can misplace things.
I'm  a very organized person. Ok maybe not very..but more than people normally are :P
So had I lost the phone..I would have seriously disliked myself.
I wasn't as hyper about the prospect of losing phone as much as I was about misplacing/leaving it somewhere myself. How on earth could I do so !?

I'm so systematic  about most of the things - certain unimportant stuff as well - that my friends joke that I will have specific instructions and guidelines for my guy even in bed :P

Add to it I'm so short tempered and my mood swings are so volatile ..that I might just throw him out of the bed if he doesn't comply with :D

My stomach is still hurting.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Disco 82!

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Fresher party!
Our theme for the party was Disco 82. 

The most interesting part of the party was the Mr & Miss freshers round.

round 1 : Introduce yourself and exaggerate.
Almost everyone did well.

 Round 2 : Role play.
 > Monjolika act with Sunny deol :D
> Dolly Brinda fighting with Nana Patekar
> Proposing in 70/80s style with the girl rejecting.
> Daya ( from Tarak Mehta ) & ACP Pradyuman conversation.
> Dharmendra suicide scene from Sholay in Rajnikant style , while Basanti as Pooja Mishra ( spare me !! :D )

Super amazing juniors. Each of them rocked the roleplaying session.

And the third round was the usual questions & answer round.
One guy was asked what would he first look in a girl ?
Now  now now..thats a controversial question. No guy is going to answer that straight face in all honesty. He said eye and sandals. :P
Another guy was asked what superpower he'd like to have.
He said 'scanner' if am not wrong.

Suddenly all creativity seemed to have swiped away in the third round. :|

I head-banged crazy on powerful tracks. I was aware of the disapproving glares and little bitching sessions...but who gives a damn ?! Nothing comes between me and dance :D

Also I think the best part is the superawesome gang of friends I have. I can be myself 200% :P
I danced like a maniac ( need not be mentioned ) if I were drunk And it was fun.
Its always fun to be crazy ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Scanning into the emptyness.

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I have dug desperately to find something in everything.

Every memory. Every moment.  

Every relation. Every expectation.

And I found nothing.

Today , as I look for nothing

Maybe I'd find everything ?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


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And then who knows
running away so blindly
  might only hurtle down into a dark ally.

So considerate about being non considerate
might become the prey of her own bate

maybe there were no questions raised
to be answered.
 maybe all questions were really the answers

two sides of a coin
conflicting opinions ; they will never conjoin

 picking a side is a fickle choice
 the heart doesn't know of the veritable voice

 And then who knows 
running away so blindly
might only mislead self to the elixir