Wednesday, August 29, 2012

China in India :P

OMG friends are EPIC fun!

:D I laughed excessively today so much so that my stomach is hurting badly :D

Now here's the  story :

I have small eyes. So sometimes my friends  call me Chinese. Although I don't think I look Chinese in any whichever way. But then there's a popular stereotyping , small eyes = Chinese!

We went to see expendibles. The name of the Chinese woman in the movie is Maggie.
So I have been renamed Maggie!
They all have been adressing me differently since morning - Chowmein hot soup , Noodles , Maggie etc etc :P

We were studying Retail when somewhere the concept of Chindia ( Chinese + Indian ) came up.
RS : "Namrata in India is Chindia"

This maggie woman in the movie was 'baby sitted' by Stallone.
So my other friend - Viny whom I call my Superman and sometimes even 'baby'  :D , consistently joked about baby sitting me. And every time the others called me Chinese , I put up a little drama "Babyy..look what they're calling me :(" :D
My superhero would then give a stautory warning to everyone not to tease me :P LOL

I doesn't sound funny in writing. You've gotto witness the episode live :P

And then there were some other jokes which I cannot mention :D


Oh and today was the second time in a fortnight that I 'almost' lost my phone.Almost.
It would have been an insult had I really lost it. Because I only damage gadgets ( Technology doesn't survive in my hands. Its an altogether long story! :P)
Never someone who can misplace things.
I'm  a very organized person. Ok maybe not very..but more than people normally are :P
So had I lost the phone..I would have seriously disliked myself.
I wasn't as hyper about the prospect of losing phone as much as I was about misplacing/leaving it somewhere myself. How on earth could I do so !?

I'm so systematic  about most of the things - certain unimportant stuff as well - that my friends joke that I will have specific instructions and guidelines for my guy even in bed :P

Add to it I'm so short tempered and my mood swings are so volatile ..that I might just throw him out of the bed if he doesn't comply with :D

My stomach is still hurting.


You might want to say something
No !! Don't be Afraid !
Go ahead :P