Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Win win won.

Whoever said winning isn't everything or winning isn't important.

They're fooling you.

Competing is important - agreed  , but mind you ..winning is everything.

And you wouldn't realize that until you take part and win!

I won second prize in another business idea competition and Kotler's Yard.

We're through the first round of confluence as well.

Pretty fantastic week it has been.

Now for the Kotler's Yard ..we had to bid for certain materials like cotton balls , ice cream sticks , straw , playing cards etc , make products from them and sell it off to the non participants ( who btw were given ONE RUPEE only per head )

We bid for cotton balls.

And while all others indulged in some high creativity , we focused on our marketing part. As it is we didn't have much of an option to create anything extraordinary out of the colorful cotton balls.

So we made rings , necklace and bracelets :D

Our team was probably the only team with the highest number of items to sell. Almost 40 rings! All other teams with their really fantastic creative products had only about 10-15 items. Plus they priced them high. We sold our rings for one rupee each :D

Although each team was given 2 mins to convince all the customers wherein we marketed pretty well - with all the humor and nonsense :P - at the actual time of selling we were in a virtual fish market.
Screamed our lungs out to sell our product : which was the most fun part of the entire competition.

The team that won first prize were amazing. They marketed stylishly. And they made the maximum use of all the things they had their hands on. Plastic bottles! - Created a hukah pot ,  pen stand , small lanterns ( our of the funnel of the bottles ) also made use of the bottle caps!

If it were a creativity competition - we wouldn't have even grabbed the last spot :P
 But then we're smart no ?  :P
Never lose the entire POINT of doing anything.

And trust me - winning certainly is important. It boosts you so much.

My feet was above the ground.

I was almost flying that day. Almost.

And here's something for a friend who was a lil mad at me  : Akshay! A cuppa coffe ??? :D

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